1. F1 2022 and t150 wheel not registering... I have done everything possible to make it work... fireware updates, steam controller (not read by steam), disconnect reconnected... Help! thanks

  2. Hey guys, can somebody help me with the F1 2021 game crashing on Windows 11. Every time I launch a session or go into Item Shop, it goes to ego dumper and crashes.

  3. Idk if I’m dumb but if I chose the simulation mode in FP1 I can then for FP2 chose between on track or simulation. But if I do on track for FP1 I haven’t found a way to simulate FP2 and FP3. Does somebody know?

  4. I only run FP1 and skip 2/3 so I select FP1 at the bottom of the screen then when I'm done I fast forward to the end of practice. I don't end it manually. This should bring you back to the main workstation and you can then skip ahead to qualy/race.

  5. I've seen some comments about AI being inconsistent again. I thought Codies were implementing adaptive AI. I'm guessing that's not the case?

  6. I'm running 90 AI with the newcomer MyTeam on expert settings and I'm making into Q3 easily with the 3rd worst car on the grid. Then get into the race and the other cars blast past me on the straights.

  7. Yes, definitely. The F1 games are fantastic with controllers. If you play without the traction assist, there's a steep learning curve, but it's doable!

  8. Is the pit box turn in "mini game" not working for anyone else? Whether I turn my wheel or press the button prompt (mapped to flashback somehow and I can't find how to change it) it always says late and I get a slow pitstop

  9. I managed to get optimal when pressing the button displayed on the screen (no turning or so) a bit before it went to 0. So like 0,5 or something. Try early and see if it works.

  10. Everyone Else has the feeling that traction is so much More difficult?. I play with Controller and Played on medium in 21 but in 22 i have to Go with full- the difference is brutal

  11. How do I access the 10 hour trial? I’m an EA Play member and I preordered but my game is still locked. Anyone else have this issue?

  12. Graphics look really bad on series s. There’s like a constant blur popping up in the middle of the race track while driving and generally just doesn’t look clean like any other games. Anyone else notice this on series s?

  13. If you're on Steam, you have to verify the integrity of the game files (Steam > Library > Right Click F1 2022 > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of game files).

  14. So pleased this sub exists, I pre 9rder f1 21 and on Xbox series X never managed more than 11 multiplayer games in the whole year due to connection issues, you'll stupid AF, sitting here saying exactly the same ish u did last year lmao the game is trash and EA have made it worst AS EXPECTED

  15. Is anyone else having a difficult time driving steering wheel and pedals on this new game, or is it just me? On f1/21 it was fine, this one is so difficult and I can’t make corners and turns as fast as I want, pls help

  16. I have a small question, I play on an xbox series x and I've just gone to purchase game there are 2 option, £54 and £72 the lower amount does not state if the game is boosted for X/S series but the 72 does, can anyone confirm that this is accurate pls as I sont care about the extra pit coins or legends edition but I would like the game for the new system

  17. Are you guys already playing 2022 version? I'm taking a look at the sub today, in anticipation of what I thought was the release date (tomorrow).

  18. Loving the game so far but having trouble nailing down the difficulty. On 21 I played between 90-102 and the first season I struggled to get points but by season 2-3 I was fighting for wins. Started 22 MyTeam on 90 and made it into Q3 in the 1st 3 races so far and finished 4th in Jeddah (gearbox died after only 5 laps in Bahrain). Feel like I need to up the AI Because I shouldn't be qualifying that high (my car is 3rd worst on the grid) but if I did I'd get absolutely rolled in the race because the stock MyTeam car is draggy.

  19. When starting a race or un-pausing after a pause, there is no FFB for a few seconds. Anyone else experience this and/or find a fix? It’s making manual starts even more difficult

  20. At round three and now at round 4, I got eliminated from Q1 even though I was in top 5. When it shows the results of Q1 I was in top 5, and then pushed "advance" to proceed to Q2. It then jumps into a loading screen for Q3 and then jumps back to the screen where you get your XP and so on.

  21. I had a weird issue on jeddah in myteam where on the first corner my rewind reset itself and couldn't rewind more than like a second, even after doing a warm up lap in practice myself. Anyone else having this issue?

  22. Anyone else feel like the difficulty became easier? I struggled against 87 in 2021, so I put it to 84 for 22 since handling is new, but then did Bahrain quali, put it back to 87 for the race, finished p5 (crazy race, put p5 was still too high IMO), and now I put it to 90 for Jeddah. In 2021, 90 was too high for me

  23. Not really. Im struggling to get out of the slow corners without spinning, so I'm losing a lot of time there and drop down on the grid. Also the ai straight line speed is always higher than mine, so it's almost impossible to catch up again.

  24. Really varies from track to track for me. Bahrain I ran 95, Jeddah 100 and I had good races in both. Struggled with 95 for Australia, Imola and Spain.

  25. Twitter and reddit gamers keep posting shots of the silly supercars and My Life features. For your own karma you are doing the opposite of what should be done. EA gets more media coverage for a feature which people hate. You want them to drop such features, ghost it. Don't even talk about it. Don't give it so much prominence on the feeds.

  26. Just went from 11th to dead last during a broadcast mode sc period for no reason..... and my teammate inexplicably DNF'ed during it as well

  27. Anyone knows if physical copy of F1 22 will have code possible to redeem in steam? Last year there was that option but i heard that in this year this code will be only for origin.

  28. How are you supposed to beat the target times in my team practice programs? I've started with a complete Backmarker car and I'm nowhere near the times they demand of you???

  29. Sorry if this has been asked loads of times already, but what time does it release on the 1st July? (I'm in the UK)

  30. With the new game I've decided to learn playing without assists. Right now I'm still using medium TC, ABS and automatic gears. Would you recommend turning them all off at once, or turning them off one by one (and if so, in what order)? Thanks in advance :)

  31. F2 starting grid is not transferring from qualifying. It just randomizes everyone. Anyone else having this issue?

  32. I didn’t connect my EA with Steam when it popped up on first launch, and even though I signed in to Origin with steam I still can’t play online multiplayer - i can see the lobbies but it fails to join the session every time. I have no problem with coop career though

  33. This game makes me lose my mind. I cannot finish the first race of the season in my team. Constantly spinning out, seemingly out of nowhere. AI is mega aggressive and has some sort of magic traction. I don't get it

  34. you should pbly lower your ai difficulty. It happens with every new title launch, and you can tune it up after you get used to the new physics.

  35. Does anybody know if we can actually do something with the tyre allocation screen in career mode? It says «go to tyre allocation» before every weekend, but I cant actually change anything?

  36. It's a leftover from previous titles when you could choose your own tyre allocation for a weekend, until FIA irl changed the rules so they choose the tyre allocation for weekends.

  37. So a few things. Audio names. No reason 4 yesrs of having those, should we still have the same minimal amount. Especially when EA has other games with names already done.

  38. Anyone having issues with a quest 2 freezing once you’re in the cockpit? I have a gtx 3070 and a I7 so I run VR just fine but every time I’m in the cockpit, the quest freezes and stutters with the hour glass symbol flashing. I’m running air link and have had the same issues wired and wirelessly

  39. Exactly the same issue with link cable, works via airlink and virtual desktop but a terrible head lag movement that isnt there in the menus.

  40. This isn’t my first time playing one of the F1 games but it is my first time doing so with a wheel setup as opposed to controller. I’m playing on the series x and I got a Thrustmaster TMX and I’ve been using the standard in game settings for it. I know to some extent I think I just need to retrain my brain a bit just from not having used one before (like braking with my foot) but are there any settings I should change or tweak? Or do I just need to put in the practice time to get used to it?

  41. I would say for the most part just use it. Make sure the rotation is set correctly (360 degrees for F1). All the linearity and deadzone settings should be left alone (should be perfectly linear with zero deadzones). It's normal to tweak the force feedback to your taste though, if you find certain effects are too heavy or too light.

  42. Hey yo, I got the game F1 22 I'm having really bad performance issues like low frames and lots and lots of stuttering I have the game on low, running an RTX 2080 with 32 GB of ram on a 2560 x 1080 monitor at 160 HZ and I'm still getting low fps like 50 frames on the menu and like 10-30 fps on the actual game when I try to run a circuit. I also have the game on fullscreen but I'm still getting low fps... any help?

  43. Hi everyone, I am new to the F1 franchise and I will be playing with a couple of friends when the game releases officially on July 1st. Are there leagues where each player can have their own team or something similar? Thanks.

  44. You can have leagues with Player created cars, but you cannot include AI with them, it’d just be humans. If you want AI you have to pick the official teams’ cars. At least that’s how it’s worked previously.

  45. Nothing is in that price range except for some of the Thrustmasters. You can get a g29 and get an F1 wheel for it

  46. Is anyone else unable to change the fuel mode? I can't change the mix mid race. I tried using the MFD and the shortcut buttons I configured. On the MFD the option to change them is disables (you can't select it so then you can't change it)

  47. I am actually not seeing this on PS5 MyTeam. I've been seeing ppl going from softs to mediums or mediums to hards, and not everyone uses the same setup either.

  48. FFB on the wheel is awful. I can’t feel the tyres at all. In 21 I could easily tell when I was starting to lock up or slide. This game has absolutely no feeing other than rumble strips and the weight.

  49. anybody else have no traction when accelerating (out of corners) with a gamepad on PC (PS5 controller)? played f1 21 with no assists or tc (only automatic gearbox) and was good at it but now I cant accelerate (out of corners) without spinning even if my life depended on it.

  50. I struggled so so much with this yesterday, so I decided it was time to learn the one thing that can actually fix this (apart from just getting better); setups

  51. I can’t get any drive off the corner in slow/medium speed turns. It’s really frustrating watching AI drive off from you in difficulties lower than what you’re used to.

  52. I am seeing the same thing even with TC set to Medium on PS5. It's now actually pretty easy to spin out even in 5th gear in this gen. To me, low speed corners feels worse and high speed corners feels a little bit better.

  53. I’m having trouble getting my g920 to work properly. I’ve got the wheel rotation set to the highest setting and it still doesn’t rotate enough. Anyone got any idea how to fix this? (I’m on PC btw)

  54. What rotation are you expecting and what are you getting? And did you set it in-game or in the Logitech control panel thing?

  55. Personally on PS5, it's not really shit, cars feels a bit more slippery exiting corners. i.e. spinning out in 5th gear. The worst issue I've seen ppl encounter is the Baku collision:

  56. Can’t get past Bahrain on ps4, it crashes the ps4 system. Q and Practice was fine, same as online. Does anyone have the same?

  57. Bruh, I’m just mad that ONCE AGAIN we can’t rotate helmets when customizing them, but we sure as hell can when buying them. Smfh

  58. Has anyone played on last gen consoles yet like Xbox one? I want to get it but don’t know how well it’ll run.

  59. You can at least at the very start. You go through creating a driver including the helmet. I haven’t tried editing it mid season though if that’s what you’re asking.

  60. Am I right in saying that interviews have gone? Haven’t seen Claire in 4 races, not that I’m complaining

  61. I'm a complete rookie to this game and f1 in general but so far I'm licking it. Well everything except Jeddha which can piss off. But I've improved from crashing out every lap to setting a decent time for myself. I've learnt to look at the top end of the racing line which helps me predict turns. But even then everything from turn 4 to 10 can piss off

  62. Same with my g920. I thought it was my Fanatec pedals, because that's a thing too, apparently, so I broke out the old logi ones. Can't fucking turn, just slide like I'm on ice.

  63. Just qualified 10th in Bahrain, in the race I'm 3 seconds a lap slower than the last placed car and get left for dead. That's annoying, just had to retire because what's the point

  64. Anyone know if they've added support for dual clutch paddles? You couldn't have an independent bite point on the second paddle work properly in 20/21.

  65. Anyone else feeling like the throttle linearity setting doesnt seem to be working properly? Smacked it up to 100 and the throttle still feels as touchy as it does on 0. Constantly spinning out…

  66. During MyTeam, does anyone know if there is a way to have 'Dry Races' only in the customization setup, or is the weather for the race still forced to be Dynamic?

  67. Aside from the crashes I’ve been really enjoying it, feels like the AI are more like actual drivers compared to last year

  68. I have been unable to get VR to launch. Keeps saying "Steam VR is unavailable" and then a message saying I need a HTC or oculus (I am using a quest 2 with link cable). I have the Nvidia drivers up to date and the headset up to date. Any suggestions on how to fix this would be appreciated.

  69. I’ve tried 3 times to do the Saudi GP, 50% race. And all 3 times my game crashed at the exact same spot, lap 12 in the second DRS zone down the back straight. Gotta love it. Guess I’ll pray for that day one patch to fix things

  70. Started playing MyTeam on F12022, are the personnel upgrades not working for anyone else? My second driver isn’t showing any boosts to stats

  71. So back in 2021, I decided to learn how to drive with no TC and no anti-lock, and loved it. I would know how far I can push the car because of feedback on the controller's triggers. In 22, it has no feedback. I don't know how much throttle I can give the car without losing time and spinning. Any way to enable it?

  72. Guys, I'm a little worried of buying the game. I've been buying at launch day since 2016, and I don't want to brake the tradition, but I don't want to lose my money. What do you guys think?

  73. Well its buggy as fuck, but it's still a lot of fun. It really depends how much the money means to you, if you are broke then wait a bit

  74. Just a quick question because I haven’t bought the game yet, has the update gone out where they tweak the engine manufactures durability and power?

  75. Despite the bugs I’m having a lot of fun. the AI actually make mistakes depending on what they’re ratings are really cool Battles with different players it’s definitely not perfect but an upgrade from last year in terms of gameplay I do wish there was more done to flesh out career mode though.

  76. Played the game for about 2 hours and refunded it. The cars look super slow while watching from different cameras, had some braking assistant on that I couldnt find where to turn it off ( i know I should had google it, but I just wanted to play ), graphics were kinda meh (playing on ultra settings), wheels feels like they are not moving at all while driving, idk just my 2 cents on the matter, this is my 1st f1 game, so idk if my expectations were unrealistic. I rewatched the trailers and I noticed they intentionally dont fan out the camera to the track so we can actually see the slow movement of cars even when we are doing 330km/h. They just have quick cuts to incar and low cam on corners to get the "feel" that the game is fast. Kinda sad to be honest....

  77. I kind of agree it feels slow when looking at most external camera angles. It's like that in the previous F1 games too. But that's what cars look like when they're going that fast on a huge track. Try out Monaco if you want to feel like you're going fast. Real life F1 cars also have huge turning radii, so the "wheels barely moving" is just how it is.

  78. I have a monitor that plays in 120 frames, but I haven't been able to get F1 22 to play in the 120 frame performance mode. When I try to turn it on, it says that it can't detect a monitor that plays in 120 Hz. Is there anything I can do about this? Thanks.

  79. I'm having a bug with the qualifying in MyTeam. No matter which position do I end I start every race in last place. Does anybody else have it? Playing on Xbox series S btw.

  80. I’ve just moved from a Thrustmaster system to a new Fanatec system, so there will be things I need to adjust. However just out the box there is little to no feedback with force feedback in the game. Compared to how solid the TS-PC FFB was it feels very numb and with no feeling. Is that the same as everyone?

  81. Ok good to know I'm not alone with this, but I'm feeling a bit bad that you guys also have to deal with this. :'D

  82. Hey folks, I'm new to the series, and I'm wondering about practice. I want to maximize the research points I get, how is the best way to shorten doing practice (or perhaps simulating it? Not sure how to do that) whilst also getting a good amount of r&d points?

  83. There's a quick practice option that only takes a few minutes where as long as your luck isn't terrible you can usually get the max rewards from practice. Only thing is it wears your engine and gearbox at a faster than normal rate so usually I set aside a whole set of components just to use in practice and then swap them out before qualifying.

  84. So im playing my team mode on 79 AI difficulty, did 2nd qualy and decided to take a break, close my game, boot it back up hour later to my surprise Im doing 5 secods a lap faster than AI, I go and check the settings and my AI difficulty is greyed out on 25, and Im reading that AI difficukty is locked while Adaptive AI is set to amateur or beginner, I have not seen any adaptive ai settings nor changed them, where can I turn off adaptive AI?

  85. I wanted to see what Codies/EA f'd up this time in F1 game, and to begin with, I can't even bind my steering wheel - Thrust T300. Is it a common bug, or is there an option to bind it somewhere and I don't see it? I only see 2 keyboard layouts in options menu.

  86. Hello everyone, For the last hour I searched for any information on the damage model in F1 22. Since I play on PC and the update to the damage model last year only came to next-gen consoles, it would be really interesting to me, if the new damage model is now also on pc. Since at least the origin Players are already able to play, it would be really Kind for someone to answer the question out of their own experience.

  87. RADIO NOT WORKING? I can't ask Marc to update me on the race or box this lap or check the new strategy on the MFD, the radio button, RB, isn't even on screen?

  88. Weren't we meant to be able to swap out co-commentators this year as well as the main commentators? I can swap Crofty forAlex Jaques but there is no option to change Anthony Davidson.

  89. Crossplay coming so shouldn't league play be fine for either? I would just go PC if your specs are good, and xbox if not

  90. Is there any way to look up the relative performance of the teams in F1 2022? Starting a private online league soon and we’re trying to figure out who can drive which car. We have different driver skill levels and usually try to assign drivers to certain teams that handicap the better drivers and even the playing field.

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