1. No recognized striker on the bench means this is Moise Kean’s match to impress. I bet he never imagined playing a midweek game in West Yorkshire lol

  2. I'm on board with Nkounkou transition to LW and not LB. His best work is the bombing and the cross in and overlaps. Defense.....meh.

  3. He’s just come off a decent PSG season and he’s back to 3 min sub appearances and league cup games no wonder he fucking hates us lol

  4. Holgate captain over Keane seems a strange one not that its a big deal. Love to see minutes for Branthwaite and Nkounkou!

  5. He’s far too good for Blackpool. Also, I don’t think he’s going on loan at all; he’s shown himself to be a good option off the bench as a wide midfielder.

  6. Imagine spending last season playing with Mbappe and a few months later starting against Huddersfield.

  7. I am concerned about this. No way should he still be in isolation/quarantining. Has there been any word from the club? Rafa didn't mention him by name in the press conference, did he?

  8. Moise Kean starting against Huddersfield in a cup game gives me joy, because I know he's like "Last season I was starting next to Neymar..."

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