1. Heard him as a guest on a podcast for CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) not too long ago. He came across well - wants to to prove himself, has overcome a lot and has the experience and attitude to be a great positive influence within a team. Excited to see what he can bring this season

  2. Would rather have someone like him who's dedicated and hungry, but slightly less talented, then someone who's better but can't be arsed. Go on Andros

  3. I gained a lot of respect for Townsend after that game. Not very often you see a blokes hair look exhausted.

  4. I didn’t think he should have been the first off. Glad it worked out, but he was driving down the field and whipping in passes, plus he got the assist on Richy’s goal.

  5. Might be wrong but the vibe I got is that he's 30 years old and he can't run 90 minutes every game. Rafa then on Iwobi and inject some speed into the game, which resulted in a goal via an assist and townsend is ready to go next week.

  6. I want to see how him and Gray are against good opposition, but I definitely liked what I saw from them in our first game.

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