1. Honestly the thing that stood out the most for me was how good the audio was, and how easy it was to pinpoint exactly where an incoming hostile was and when they would come ripping around the corner. I couldn't keep up with the zoomers running around like ferrets on bath salts, but I could still play tactically and pre-fire on a doorway I could hear them sprinting towards from a mile away.

  2. Cod seems to be targeting the slower, more methodical gameplay over the fast mechanically driven gameplay, I like both styles but for cod it’s strange they’ve gone this route

  3. Audio was great in terms of directionality and pinpointing, but was absolutely awful in terms of consistency and reliability.

  4. I had the exact opposite experience. I could NEVER hear enemies coming up on me. I got shot at point blank by people that ran right up behind me all the time and I never heard them. I never have that issue on EFT except for the occasional sneaky scav

  5. Really? I struggled a lot with hearing where movement was. Also I had a feeling almost every kill looked so much different in the kill cam. People who's guns weren't aimed at me who seemingly missed me 3 times before shooting me in the chest. In general, it felt very awkward and frustrating to me...

  6. People have been complaining about EFT's audio for some time and I knew it was bad, but the other day I really experienced fucking me over.

  7. As a long time cod fan that's one of the things that pissed me off the most in this game, I wish eft had mw2 kinda audio (bc i agree it's great to track people) but I just want my dead silence as a perk in cod lmao

  8. EFTs positional audio is really good, you must have a shit perception level or have the audio set up incorrectly. I use a 7.1 surround headset or stereo headset mainly and works great with both. You just clearly haven’t attuned yourself to Tarkov sounds.

  9. Interesting, I absolutely hated that in the beta. Mostly because the supposed soldier can't run and reload at the same time.

  10. MW had none of those reloads though. I hated that you couldn't reload whilst sprinting or cancelling a reload. Got used to tarkov too much..

  11. It's sad that every post critiquing Tarkov requires this disclaimer so as to not get downvoted into oblivion.

  12. This is the biggest problem. I've played EFT with multiple people who haven't played a different game in YEARS. I always wonder how they don't lose their minds... But like you said, they have nothing else to compare it to. I play a lot of different shooters. I don't hardly even play EFT anymore because the issues are so glaring when playing other games that function how they're supposed to. It's really sad because I love the concept but the development is just garbage.

  13. I would really like for EFT to add vaulting sooner than later and tone down jump height a bit more, COD also has a much better recoil system imo. Hopefully DMZ mode is compelling and makes BSG step up and hopefully improve EFT.

  14. Yeah fun and games when you think about vaulting, but the implementation by BSG, with regards on camera recoil, makes me think that they will add some stupid barrel roll to you Display to make it “realistic”.

  15. This is such a overlooked feature in my opinion. I just want to climb stuff and get to unique positions. Would open up pvp movement in so many areas while remaining tactical and slow.

  16. i really need DMZ to be very good so i can finally unistall escape from tarkov, man, i only play this game because it is unique, because its a bag of shit with all the bugs/optimization it have.

  17. Same. The biggest thing about DMZ is I think it'll bridge the gap for fps players. My friends have always played console cod and apex, but now they'll understand the thrill of the extraction genre. I'm just hoping 4 years of development allowed IW to really make this something worth grinding.

  18. Same. Tarkov scratches a certain itch but when you factor in 30+ mins to load in to a raid and die I'm six seconds you start to reevaluate if you really like the game. COD beta hooked me and it scratches that itch with fast spawn times and straight forward but customizable gunsmith. Even the MP will be enough for me and DMZ will likely just be icing on the cake

  19. Ah yea gun building with ten thousand parts to choose from but only one or two make the weapon perform decently. You can have an all red AK! It recoils to the sun on the second shot but it looks cool! The gun building in this game is destroyed by attachment stat disparity. 20 grips to choose from, several suppressors, 30 stocks… better grab the literal only viable option again. Not sure why the rest even exist.

  20. That’s what cod has mostly always been, smooth game solid gameplay etc. gameplay is usually solid but after cod 4 and original mw2 not much has really changed. Yea the customization has gotten better but for me it’s just gotten stale. Not much different in gameplay though, team deathmatch, search and destroy, etc. for some reason pistols are better then most guns and quick scoping with a bolt action rifle from 10 feet away is more effective than an smg. All that kind of stuff keeps me away from cod now but it’s all personal opinion. I’m not good at tarkov, but I don’t see what everyone dislikes about it but it does need work like most games. Remember cod has has like 20 years plus to perfect their game

  21. I played all of them but noticed MW 2019 had alot of issues and then they dropped Cold War a year later and had pretty much the same if not more issues. I stopped playing cause of this I’m like you drop a game every year and have done this for about 20years like clock work how do you fuck this up so bad.

  22. This mw feels more "realistic" than any other before it. If dmz mode has a good looting and gun building system, will more than likely be playing it over tarkov. It is what it is

  23. Honestly I think the Arena mode is going to bring Tarkov back into my life. I love the survival loot aspect of Tarkov but it seems like every patch they make it more and more difficult or tedious to enjoy that part of the game.

  24. Been a CoD main my whole life until recently and you’d be correct. The core community will and has lose their minds if they got rid of the bunny hopping etc… it’s just a part of the fast paced CoD experience. 0 movement mechanics in a game with that fast of a TTK and easy to shoot weapons would be a nightmare. That games made for people that enjoy that stuff.

  25. I am 54 and have 5000+ hours on eft but no time time on any other co-op except 3 years of day of defeat when it came out around 2000. I tried mw2 and battlefield but it was just too quirky for me tarkov fits my personality and I have always been drawn to hardcore games

  26. I think the model-making team was pretty passionate and talented, knowledgeable about guns but not the general game technology

  27. The thing is they’ve sold enough copies of EFT to HAVE THE BANKROLL to fund the games development like a AAA studio develops their games. They just choose to invest in themselves(personal wages, bonuses, etc) instead of their product. The game supposedly still under development but they’ve already expressed interest in developing a new IP. They’ve got our money already. They lose nothing.

  28. Yeah the MW2 beta made me realise if a big studio took on Tarkov, it'd be amazing. The DMZ mode which is meant to be Tarkov esque is going to be free as well... so I might check that out

  29. It’s a big time developer Vs BSG. Call of duty has lots of issues (even from the opinion of players who enjoy arcade shooters/cod community). However, the issues aren’t anything close to the ones tarkov has (like you mentioned).

  30. Lmao, posted something similar praising mw2 on their smooth and realistic recoil and all the fanboys started commenting how sad it is that I compared cod to Tarkov. Some people need to open their eyes and see that this game is a shell of what it could be.

  31. All of that performance comes at the expense of simulation. Call of Duty is a very simple game, mechanically. It isn't simulating real bullets (that all have unique characteristics) in real magazines that are depleted one by one. When you shoot someone, you're just subtracting from what is really a very simple health pool with bullets that subtract X damage. In Tarkov, every bullet undergoes a complex calculation for penetration, fragmentation, and each body part reacts in separate ways, all also affected by the victim's own stress resistance levels, state of drug use, etc.

  32. I didn’t know this game was simulating real bullets. Typically someone who gets shot in the femur can’t sew themselves back up.

  33. This is a poor take. Tarkovs issues do not stem from “complexity”. It’s due to horrible optimization, server issues, technical design flaws, etc…

  34. Sorry friend, nothing you listed is somehow super complex, especially in an engine like Unity where it is trivial to setup triggers for different limbs and areas of your body to run calculations for damage, penetration, and fragmentation. The fact that we still have such fundamental bugs with things like fragmentation or hit registration showcases the amount of spaghetti code and technical debt that exists in Tarkov.

  35. Ehhh that is all half baked as fuck and mostly not true. Speaking from experience as a software engineer in the industry.

  36. Man, i wish I could pull the fucking wool over my eyes like this. "Aw man, the game runs and looks like dogshit, but at least its providing me with soo much simulation and immersion 🤪"

  37. This is so not true though. The desync and performance issues are a direct result of Nikita and BSG being an awful dev team, whether they actually suck or are just lazy/incompetent I couldn’t tell you. Look at dayz for example. There’s infinitely more going on, on a MASSIVE map, or even a smaller one. You have hundreds of zombies, much better bullet physics, over 100 players depending on the server. Yet the desync is minimal and the fps is absolutely incredible. I get 150+ consistently, even in the 200’s in a remote area.

  38. Bullet have a damage stat, subtract from damage based on distance, check pen chance, check fragmentation chance (still bugged hard tho), subtract from hp pool with modifiers. That's not something a modern pc has any issue with, and tarkov is not the only modern game with damage drop off, ammo types and damage resistance. Hell, fucking planetside 2 can do it with 300 players in the same gunfight

  39. CoD4 is so special because of the community ran servers. I played COD4 on a black ops map, using MW2 guns, playing a custom game mode called "freeze tag" That's when gaming peaked for me.

  40. 'I've lowered my expectations of what BSG is capable of, and I've been able to enjoy the game a lot more. For me, the depth and immersion is what makes tarkov so special. Not the gunplay or stability. Their will never be a game as immersive and original as Tarkov with AAA development."

  41. I also think the model-making team was pretty passionate and talented, knowledgeable about guns but not the general game technology department

  42. You’re an idiot if you think 10k people worked on MW2. You’re also an idiot if you think Battlestate is worth only 2 million. Nikita himself is worth much more than that.

  43. I don't understand why everyone compares EFT to COD. They are entirely different games, and the new DMZ game mode won't likely change that either.

  44. It just shows how much more polished a game that isn’t even released is compared to tarkov. BSG are actively killing and neglecting their game and it shows.

  45. We need to go through a new version of the genre like we did back in the day with GR, MoH, CoD, BF, ect. Each had thier own flavor, tempo and style. It will help the industry find the best mix of features. By carrying our legacy titles forward we carry too much baggage.

  46. A major game company won’t design a game like Tarkov because it’s not a game designed to maximize profits. Be thankful indie studios are still making interesting games.

  47. Sorry man but you sound like you should just play destiny...EFT is as close as realistic as a FPS so far can get and tjey still working on more...COD is just cancer, all about just the gameplay feeling super smooth aaaand sliiide arouund surfing like a sucker. Thats no warfare thats playing war. And thats why its only played by kids and totally stoned hangovers. Yes desync sucks. But mostly because your latency does too or the server you chose. And yes it still has bugs, because its a beta. There are loads of people that wont accept this...heard lots complaining about the beta Status...some are playing Till the start...but maybe thats the problem of these people, they have nothing else and are wo far limited

  48. Sounds more like you have a problem with the player base more than the actual game so this is a pretty pointless opinion about the performance of the game bud

  49. No one actually knows anything really other than it being an extraction shooter with in raid tasks, looting and PvPvE. No one knows what the actual gameplay mechanics of it will be or how or if loot is stored etc…

  50. I grew up playing cod but these last few years I just haven’t touched it. Other than destiny I haven’t really playing an fps game until tarkov lately and I just fell in love with all the systems that tarkov has

  51. I logged into MW2. Loaded into an Invasion map. Instantly got headtapped. Loaded in again a guy was flying around in sniper position just head tapping everyone spawning in. Uninstalled. Went back to tarkov 🤣…died to Knight 3:34 into the raid

  52. CoD also isn't doing anything revolutionary. BSG are doing things that game developers haven't done before.

  53. Have nothing against Cod, but watching footage with all the killstreaks etc on the screen made it look like some kind of arcade game. I'd potentially try the Tarkov-inspiration if it is indeed is F2P as I seem to have picked up.

  54. I jumped into the beta expecting a different game but like you said corner jumping and running round like headless chickens reaffirmed COD just is and always will be an arcade shooter to me

  55. Similar experience here. I played Battlefield and CSS in the early days on online FPS gaming and in the last 15 years only occasionally Black Ops or battlefield on my Xbox that I mainly had for Forza and Netflix. 2 years in to Tarkov and I played MWF2 this weekend and was surprised by it.

  56. I am not 50 but just 43 and I have played my fair share of FPS back in the day beginning with CS beta, some battlefields and CoDs in between.

  57. One thing that really gets to me is how nice they make the games run. If I simply turn the graphics to normal/high, any modern cod will run flawlessly on my i510400F 1660S gaming rig. Why the hell can’t a game that was out since 2016 do the same?

  58. Although I like the game very much the devs are killing it super fast. The problem is that most people who still play the game despite it’s problems (includes me) we are the reason Tarkov will never get better

  59. I think it's pretty normal you feel this way. Tarkov is long from a good game, the survive aspect and hardcore-ness is what made it popular, also lack of other titles in the same genre.

  60. Honestly the biggest thing that Tarkov should take from CoD in terms ofigunplay is that in CoD weapons that have 0 mods are usable. In Tarkov a base M4 kicks like a mule compared to a super modded one.

  61. Tarkov in his complexity wouldnt run on a cod engine. Waaaay too complex. Thats also the maib problem regarding the clunkyness I feel like

  62. There are only 2 posts on the front page related to CoD though. Not surprising since the beta just ended. People like to talk about what is popular/current.

  63. Played it too, and after 3 days I returned to tarkov, after leaving it 2 mnths ago becauce can not finnish last quest for kappa. And the eft feels more smooth to me, but it might be my specs tho. At 1440p with 3080 5800x3d and 32bg of ram the cod was runing at ≈150fps at max setrings while tarkov runs 140-160 at "my best settings" but yeah, back to grind I guess

  64. So funny you say this I had an entirely different experience, I kept experiencing a crazy amount of packet burst and lag. I typically rubber banded everywhere though out a match. I do not experience this in EFT any other game I’ve played on either of my pc builds. My build 3060 I9 32 ram 130-144 fps 1080p. If anyone has some insight I’d enjoy. My ping typically stayed 24-50 occasionally spiked but usually the top 5best on map.

  65. You got to remember you are comparing what is essentially a small mom and pop shop (BSG) to a giant mega Corpe like Disney (COD). COD has a giant team with what seems like unlimited funding.

  66. Yeye...always like this...also Battlefield alphas and betas were great lag-wise and Hitpoint wise...then the full game came out and things broke like shit

  67. Just a reminder to all you salty bastards. EFT is not a finished product yet, there are refinements they can make but no other FPS game hits like Tarkov. I’m glad you can’t just jump across the map and when you’re heavy you become encumbered and struggle to move. Tarkov isn’t CoD and I don’t know how you can even draw comparison just because they’re both FPS games.

  68. Imagine comparing one of the most successful franchises of all time, with a massively funded team of tons of programmers/testers. To a few random Russian guys who used to make mobile Games…….

  69. everytime i feel sad and empty in my life i come back to this games reddit to be remembered that there are people suffering way more than me. glad that i quit this game 4 years ago!!!

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