1. 30s are where it drags for me too -- just farming xp to get to the next trader since I've already unlocked everything I want in hideout.

  2. I got lucky at 35 and found the RSASS I'd been looking for for 20 levels and grinded out 2.5 levels of gunsmith tasks. I also had found a REAP-IR awhile back letting me complete the last one. Came out rouble-neutral after buying and selling so many parts, but it was a MASSIVE chunk of XP.

  3. Do you find it too difficult or you get bored after level 15-20? I find myself be like a crack head for tarkov and then at some point i randomly just stop playing.... level 38

  4. Yeah this is my first wipe and since getting max traders/hideout, there’s not much keeping me around. I mostly just do loot runs to afford my PvP runs that are more often than not unsuccessful.

  5. Same here. Currently 46 and all I do is alternate between running around Factory and Labs. I'll do a weekly or daily if it sounds fun or interesting, but I don't really care for Kappa so most I just skip.

  6. Mid to late 30s become a bit of a struggle. You run out of natural quests and often have to really grind out some tasks or are reliant on simply paying for certain keys etc to progress other quest lines. Also in general the XP required between each level really starts to become noticeable. Finally, you’re at a point where available content stagnates and you’re really only waiting on Ragman lvl 4. So you’re often a little less motivated, not to mention just normal burnout.

  7. This is the issue exactly. By the late thirties, the quests that are easier to knock out have largely been completed, so you are stuck with long term grindier quests, while also hitting a particularly rough spot on the "XP to level" curve (It takes 730K XP to get from 38 to 42). So you are doing less questing, while needing to acquire the same XP as it takes to get from 1 to 27 .

  8. yeah I think the burnout is true, you spend 3-4 months playing a game every day doing the same content, this wipe being a little dry on content to doesnt help.

  9. LOL , i got the same curse past 3 wipe . In late year 2019 i do reach to lvl 54 but after that i been on and off tarkov . Past 3 wipe i burnt out to level 38 and idk why but if you used to play many wipes , it's normal you just burn out like me feeling boring doing same quest times over times

  10. Hit 42 and mostly just raid with others to help them with tasks while doing the odd remaining task or just playing for fun. Finding the shotgun pmc kills hard on customs when you run into people running meta guns.

  11. .50bmg or ap slugs with a 2x scope and 8rnd mag lay down in dorms one end of hallway pop heads off as they open the door

  12. it’s 38 because you get lvl 4 traders for several levels in a row then boom! lvl 40 mechanic. lvl 42 ragman. It always becomes stale for me at 40/41. I don’t even care for t4 ragman

  13. I just hit 41 a few days ago and I'm bored as fuck. It's such a long grind with few tasks to do and they only give like 5k when I need over 400K between the last two trader unlocks.

  14. Yeah I'm at level 38 too, I think this is where I was before prewipe events last wipe as last wipe. It definitely gets tougher around now as I usually play solo and I'm doing Setup and Silent Caliber and customs is rough when your running a shotgun and seems like all you run into is 3 man's with meta kits and BP or M61 to put through your Ushanka covered head.

  15. Thats a hard one to, A lot of my friends have already dropped of tarkov so im mostly solo now. Then when you get slapped by a geared group of people still playing it can be a downer.

  16. This is my first wipe with the goal of max traders... Today is the first day I haven't played in 6 weeks and I'm level 38. I thought about playing tarkov, realised the quests I had to do and didn't boot the game.

  17. I have EXACT same, bail at 38/39 last couple of wipes as the quests and exp progression become tedious. Currently at 39, look at the dailies once in a while and simply cant be arsed.

  18. Its also that hard thing that it feels like such a grind to get through this late, to then be wiped and done all over again. I feel as though the late game comes a little too late or is too difficult when its just going to be wiped. I cant remember stopping at 38 a couple of years ago when the flea was not as restricted if at all. But who knows maybe I never got much further

  19. I don't even do quests, they're boring and everything I need is on flea, loot or lvl 2 traders. I mostly enjoy pvp and looting

  20. I've done like 1-2 quests from each trader and sometimes daily tasks if I have the current items or kill enough scavs by an accident

  21. Tho I want a peacekeeper on 3rd level, if he has a task that is possible to do, I'll usally try to do it, need 0.5 more rep

  22. I think this would of been ok without the flea market restrictions, now the only way to get the gear I want is via traders and via quest unlocks.

  23. I also stop at around 38. Done that for 4 wipes and are almost 38 now, probably I will start with Elden Ring again soon.

  24. After peaking last wipe, I just don’t have it in me to spend time maxing out hideout, main skills, and playing rouble-record breaker. Just to have it wipe and do the same shit all over again.

  25. I usually stall out in the low to mid 40s. Once I have max traders and do a few dozen raids I get bored. Though this wipe I played a bit more and hit 46 for the first time in a few years and man the dailies and weekly change is psychotic. Clearly they should scale every 5-10 levels but they don't so the jump is nutty.

  26. I’m glad I’m not the only one stuck here. This happens a lot for me. I’m having to switch up my play style because I know I won’t get kappa. I went from very quest oriented to just loot and kill now.

  27. lvl.35-40 is usually where I do all the gunsmiths...that means I get all the stuff for cheap & not extortionate flea market prices (and I can sell all the gunsmith items I find up until that point for extra cash), and that bumps me up a level or two.

  28. Here i am first wipe and finally got max traders yesterday, although ragman 4 left a lot to be desired. The progression is super slow from 35 to 42 its actually insane

  29. My head canon for the red rebel is that once my PMC acquires it, I climb my way out of Tarkov and finally escape. Cause the last 2-3 wipes I've gotten it I lose interest and inevitably stop playing within a week lmao.

  30. 33 here. I don't even loot anymore. I just run and hunt for a fight. I'll do that until I burn all of my gear and the value of my stash goes to 0, then I play other games until the next wipe.

  31. I stop mostly at Level 50 The questst Start frustrating me. I just go for Pvp and Loos motivation

  32. Yeah I just finished Hideout, level 38 and definitely feeling the grind. It's my first wipe though, so probably not as bad as you're feeling it. But given that quest options now feel more difficult (lots of PVP which I'm a goober at) it feels like the only way I can hit max traders is to just grind and hope I win the odd fight.

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