1. I dont think anyone on reddit knows that answer man. But if they are in Russia and of military age then yes there is always the possibility

  2. Bottom line is that some BSG devs probably left the country or are about to leave Russia as we speak. And then there is another batch of them who went into the military and are part of the current reserves. Some of them will be drafted.

  3. Afaik they're only mobilizing men with some kind of military history. Could still be some of them tho, since they probably have significant experience handling guns.

  4. I think Tarkov will be mobilized, next patch they will add a "Drone-Mode" and the top ten drone pilots will be put in front of a international jury and will have to defend themselves against the accusation of war crimes.

  5. I know it's just a question but it's been asked a lot since the war started, not to mention I also think there's definitely bigger concerns at stake here than game devs being drafted lol.

  6. There are rumors that they start by drafting the poor rural regions and minorities first because revolts in Moscow/St.Petersburg would be a bad rep. However I'm pretty sure that bsg will loose at least some devs in the next few months because they're the right age, some seem to be involved in the military, many support the war anyways and a general mobilization is still not off the table.

  7. There is a high possibility as i think most men served in the mandatory military service or knowing russia they will just get conscripts from small towns and villages basically poor people

  8. Under the Executive Order, citizens of the Russian Federation employed by defence companies will benefit from an exemption from the mobilisation draft for the period of their employment by these organisations

  9. From what I understand there is a 'classified' article in the Kremlins decree that allows for at least a million men to be called up (I stress though that this information has not been verified). However, mobilizing these types of numbers, training them and getting them to the front is going to be a shit show of huge proportions. If any devs in BSG were or are NCOs/Officers then for sure they will go.

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