1. So far mine have been "collect 10 grenades in 1 raid" and "kill 9 PMCs with pistols in one raid". Talk about some bullshit tasks

  2. Just like the ludicrous shit that the NPC vendors might want with the Task system that they had to rebalance.

  3. I'm sure it will be balanced, but I prefer to complain today so they know what the problem is. Better that than them thinking everything is fine

  4. Meanwhile, I have a weekly that is turn in 5 chainlets for $80K and 6K xp, I have a daily from Mechanic right now that's kill 8 PMC's on Shoreline for like 1200 xp and a pile of meds. Shit makes no sense

  5. Mine have been easy enough that I've completed them every day for 4 days now. Find 3x shotguns, find headphones, kill a pmc. They likely need to tune their madlibs quest generation parameters. Many of the quests are fine difficulty wise.

  6. I got one to kill 12 PMC on customs in 24 hours. That would be great if I got in the game before 15 minutes when PMC are still on the map, but basically impossible as is.

  7. Yeah, it appears that all the "category" tasks (Meds, Food, Weapon s, Clothing etc) are all in one raid. Ones that are a specific item or items don't need to be all in one raid

  8. I bet they are literally mad-libbing together tasks, like {objective} {number} {one/more than one raid} on {map} but without any fine-tuned limits for certain objectives. Killing multiple PMCs in one raid would already be a huge ask for a normal daily, but as a scav sounds next to impossible, especially with late-raid spawns.

  9. Tarkov doesn't respect any humans time. Their breadwinners are fulltime streamers, their input comes from people playing 6+ hours a day.

  10. Fence tasks suck, "bring 7 valuables in one raid". Traders dailies have been largely fine imo. "Kill 6 scavs" Or "bring 2 FIR D batteries" or "kill 2 scavs with thorax shots" or "bring 1 FIR hose." All tasks I have had today or yesterday btw. Super doable in a raid or two.

  11. yesterday mine was to kill 2 pmcs with a throwable... soooo I guess grenade ? and today was to extract 5x on Woods which is pretty easy

  12. My first was extract 6 times on factory. ez. but the next was kill 6 pmc's by shooting arms, legs or thorax. Even if it wasn't in one raid, it is still a bothersome task for +0.01 rep, 2k roubles and a couple dozen ps rounds.

  13. This is why we are beta testing. Just kidding, I'm tired of every new feature having problems that you can identify by looking at the details on a piece of a paper.

  14. I want screenshots of these tasks I rerolled a few times and none of them seemed absurdly impossible, the specific extracts are annoying cause I never get those extracts.

  15. Mine was “find 10 drinks in one raid” so I just stopped looking at them because I thought it was bullshit lol

  16. My daily from Fence yesterday was kill 9 PMCs from over 40m on Customs. Group I play with have had many similar totally worthless quests that would just be random time sinks.

  17. I actually bothered in the beginning when these gave XP.. Seems like the XP reward is gone and you only get ctap.

  18. For what it's worth, I had the same quest but im pretty sure it specifically says, Find 7 shotguns (mine was 5) in a single raid, and hand One in. Meaning you need to find 7 but only need to turn one over

  19. The only fence quest I’ve completed thus far is “find 10 building materials in a single raid” that felt reasonable- but also took 4 raids since “building materials” are limited to only a few items that are usually vacuumed up by PMCs and scavs alike ASAP in every raid

  20. Has anyone had a "survive X extract X times quest" i did. but i survived once and it didnt count so i gave up. yes it was a scav, i looted, scooted, and got a survived status, moved all the gear and everything. still didnt count. rip sample stims reward.

  21. I got one that asked me to take out 5 BODY ARMORS in one raid. I thought maybe helmets/armored masks count. They don't. The reward was 2 labs armbands. Feelsbad.

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