1. Eh I was only excited because the comboscope was gonna be added. In other news, the RD-704 is amazing, super low recoil unmodded. Haven't been able to fully mod one but it feels like it could be mutant level

  2. Yeah it's pretty good, just wish the prices of some of the new weapons were better. Like the 2 new singleshot 5.45 carbines should not cost 100k

  3. yeah great ...another mutant meta and 556 still being borderline dogshit ...great ...just what we wanted and needed

  4. I actually hit the top of the target holder at the ceiling the first time I fired a G36k in full auto irl. So 10/10 realism lol. Although it had the stubby stock with length of pull for ants, so it was difficult to get a good shoulder mount.

  5. I suppose only things I've shot full auto were an m70 and a galil, both never really had a lot of muzzle climb as long as you leaned forward pretty good.

  6. Haven’t played with one of those yet, but Dude that little dinky m18 breechloader rifle has been so much fun already.

  7. Spawned with the rifle as a scav on reserve last night and ran into Gluhar and his guards. I got lucky an hit 2 headshots and a bodyshot and killed them all before running to extract. That gun has come on handy a few times already and somehow headshots have been pretty easy to hit

  8. I picked one out of a weapon box on Reserve; it's not just me and the 1x/alternate sight on that thing is just plain unusable, right? (Which may well be true IRL as well, I have no idea)

  9. Honestly, the game needs to go back to recoil from 2 wipes ago. Say what you will about the full auto meta, but at least most players were on a level playing field with gun recoil. Even if they were unevenly matched with calibers, ammo type, what have you.

  10. It wasn't really a myth lmao. There was no punishment to keeping your gun on full auto, going for a low ergo max recoil reduction build, slapping in a drum, and just hosing downrange. Guns didn't jam or overheat, there was minimal if any bloom, and if you needed to fine tune your aim, you'd just drag your mouse like it was counter strike.

  11. The wiki is reporting they knocked 10 off the vertical recoil 12 hours before you made this post

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