1. I found 1 at tent in woods first time i checked, which is the only time i checked. Also found in pc's in the car on customs by boilerside, checked 2 times.

  2. reserve filing cabinets. there are tons of them. Hit knights buildings and etc. with just a rig and then run manhole. Rinse and repeat

  3. I found one at the front of the tent in between Attachment Cabin and Sawmill on Woods (known in my circles, funnily enough, as "Flash Drive Tent"). But that's the only one I've seen this wipe so far.

  4. Shoreline Pier, 2 safes and 25 filing cabinets, ALSO 5 (ish) stashes along the beach and scav island.

  5. 3 safes if you hit the gas station. You can get in and out without taking damage now. I've never seen it looted this wipe.

  6. Ive checked 10 safes or so, and at least 60ish drawers in file cabinets, Ive only seen 2 so far, and got killed both times. Sad. The rate its going I might as well just rush intel 2 just to craft them at level 24

  7. filing cabinets - go scav on Reserve - White Knight, Black Knight, Bunker.. etc. there are like 100 of them.

  8. Custom safes. Do the doc case trade and buy the keys. 5 safes in a few mins. Rinse and repeat. I have found like 12+ flash drives so far this wipe in those safes alone.

  9. reserve scav runs, just loot ALL filing cabs you see and youll eventually find one, do it well and youll expect atleast 1flashdrive per 2 runs

  10. I found both my mine in stashes. Level 15. Checked a whole heap of filing cabinets and done a few safe runs and never found one there. Best of luck.

  11. Prob found at least 8 this wipe. Filling cabinets and locked safes. Customs has at least 4 easy safes to hit at dorms and lots of filling cabinets. If you’re worried about beating ppl there/fighting, you can wait 10ish minutes and pray those items haven’t been hit and then go. Do the same with your scav. It’s truly not hard to find them

  12. Seconding reserve filing cabinets, I found both of mine pretty early just with some scav runs on Knight buildings.

  13. Filing cabinets are absolutely juiced this wipe. Go dorms and hit cabinets. Fewer people there early wipe. Though you might have missed that train already. Still filing cabinets are rarely touched in dorms.

  14. found mine doing stash runs on customs feel like you can hit those stashes so fast and easy and get in and out with minimal fuss. end up finding plenty of other things i need along the way.

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