1. This is my second wipe and I didn't even think of cheaters once, probably I'm just too bad to realize lol

  2. Yeah, there is one dude on my and my friends discord who posted yesterday that his account got perma banned and im same sentance he said "i wrote to BSG support but i dont think they will help so i need to think about spoofing or hardware change" and that was sus af

  3. I have a buddy who played 4 raids last wipe, that’s it. Booted up tarkov yesterday and he was perma banned. Put a sour taste in his mouth for tarkov.

  4. one of my proudest moments in this game is killing a “friend” who i didnt know was cheating until he screenshared for the first time. he said “i bet youll survive this raid with a shitton of loot” and shared his screen to reveal walls and aimbot, so i dropped a shell of flechette in his face

  5. Most of the guys I know that have admitted to having it just use it to make money early wipe so they don't have to grind out gear or money. rather than using it just to clear a lobby and ruin people's day. Believe it or not, it is actually expensive. I'm not sure if they're actually even playing at all this wipe. cheating definitely does take the fun out of it for them, probably why I haven't seen them online.

  6. Loot vacuum definitely still be a thing. Flea market reps are already in the 30+, I made a post about flea rep and majority of the comments were “me and my squad found X many X already, it’s possible!!” Yeah ok cheaters

  7. Finding a gpu in a 25 min raid and exploding 4 seconds after by a silent nade head eyes out of nowhere and then hearing laughter over voip is the worst part for me..

  8. There's cheaters in every game, and it's annoying. Every other game I could care less if I get aimbotted, but in tarkov I wish pain upon their human bodies and they deserve every bit of punishment. The amount of effort that goes into surviving a raid successfully is completely and effortlessly ruined by a random player with hacks. That and the fact that most hack, not to say "get gud bub" like many other games, but purely to wipe the server, take all valuables, sell and repeat for RMT.

  9. I completely agree. Cheaters in this game are the worst. Although for some reason I get less infuriated when I die to a cheater.

  10. Bro, your buddy was cheating and lieing to you about it. Sorry to break the news to you the homie told you an outright lie

  11. "Banned for playing with a cheater" yeah thats not possible. his buddy was using cheats and didnt want to admit it.

  12. i wish this game would have a kill cam, i could learn so much more than dying over and over without knowing why.

  13. I got shunned from a friend group I played EFT with for reporting one of the cunts for using wireframe cheats. We were in a raid one day, a few of us died and he was broadcasting on Discord. Once I saw his cheats I recorded it and reported him. He got banned so it was worth it.

  14. He was boosted hard by those dudes, basically cheating the game. It takes certain personality traits to cheat.. mostly toxic. Bro, set him straight hard if you care about him, otherwise cut him cold turkey. It’s not “just video games”, that’s deep personality flaw

  15. If you play with cheaters youre a cheater. Plain and simple. There is no middle road here. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  16. Yes. Taking unfair advantage that is not meant to be is cheating. So using others that cheat, still is cheating.

  17. The amount of cheaters I've encountered this wipe alone is really disheartening. I'm glad to see that BSG is at least targeting people who are conspiring with cheaters, but it really doesn't feel like it's enough right now.

  18. I have screencaps of a guy I messaged after he killed my team through the wall 5 seconds into a raid, telling me he makes like 1-2k usd per week doing it. They also don't pay full price for the game, as they buy stolen accounts/keys for like $10 each.

  19. None. Because they buy them with stolen credit cards and then get charged back eventually. Which is a liability for BSG and it is costing them tens of thousands , potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not to mention throwing a wrench in the relationship with their payment providers.

  20. In my opinion; If you cheat in a multiplayer game, you deserve to get banned. Help from cheaters, or cheating yourself is the same for me!

  21. I got a friend of mine to try EFT last wipe a few weeks and he stop playing I asked him what happened he told me that he bought currency five dollars worth instantly perma banned so they definitely do catch people, great news

  22. They do not ban people for playing with cheaters. It doesnt even matter how blatant they are. He was cheating by himself for sure or at least had something installed. You dont have to use it to get banned, having it installed is often enough.

  23. I was killed by a cheater today. Planting a marker in customs and hear bullets bouncing off the other side of the truck... Nades popping off. He walks up and asks me if I'm friendly and proceeds to headshot me and my friend that was in a position there was no way he could see or hear him

  24. Well using an unfair advantage that is not meant to be is cheating, so having a cheater in your team tell you Intel you couldn't have is cheating.

  25. To answer your question which your friend basically answered with “it’s cheats bro no worries”, I also had level 26 2 days ago, and now I’m at 30. Never cheated in any multiplayer game in my life, nor do I know anyone who cheats in tarkov.

  26. The fun of tarkov is to actually play it though. It’s what I don’t understand about cheaters they are robbing themselves of playing the game

  27. Exactly man, that's what I told him. What makes Tarkov Tarkov is the hardcore progression of it.

  28. If they are running a “large” amount of raids with cheaters they are eligible to be banned, this was literally from Nikita. Just like purchasing rmt is bannable and buying in raid carry services is bannable.

  29. He was a cheater too he just did not admit it in front of you, i am from a country where "selling online goods" its very common "job" and i know a lot of people and i've never heard "clients" being banned and those mother fuckers are blatant not fucking around they get shit done in a raid, they get banned really often sometimes 2-3 days sometimes 2-3 weeks (when you are blatant you get banned quite "fast" for what is normal in this game).

  30. We've changed so much of the game for these fucks. It's only effected the legit players. I allow the other Tarkov in my community but we have an absolute zero tolerance policy on cheating. It's honestly crazy between my community and others we play with how often some new person joins and how quickly they start asking about cheats or being sus as fuck.

  31. Imagine playing all these years and wanted to cheat after that… or… he’s being “cheating” from the start…

  32. Nothing really related but it reminds me a little story like that, 6-7 years ago I think. I was playing csgo a lot with a friend because we wanted to climb the rank ladder. Another friend came for a couple games too with another guy, saying he was quite good.

  33. I just died to a cheater and hopped on the sub to share the grief of cheaters, and it makes me happy seeing this. Last wipe, a friend of mine said he played with some gigachads that got him to dummy high levels real fast and gave him free gear (hex's, slicks, etc) and then in the same wipe he got banned, and he never fessed up but I know he was playing with cheaters because he's ass at the game and nobody would take in a rando and give them a full stash worth of other players' gear. He insists he didn't RMT, and maybe he didn't, but one of those "gigachads" were cheating, and he went down with them for it. I have no sympathy

  34. Fucking clown, me and my friends already level 28 and we not even good players, at least in terms of PvP. Imagine playing with cheaters and be just slightly ahead in terms of game progression comparing to group of rats who always extracts at red timer. What a fucking pathetic little creature, he got what he deserved, this game is just to difficult for him and he refuse to admit that playing with cheating subhumans, trying to comensate his small penis size.

  35. You'll never know that your friend wasn't cheating since you aren't with them all the time. To say that you certainly know he wasn't cheating, just sounds dumb.

  36. Tarkov is fucking hard, which makes it super rewarding when you put the time in, get good etc

  37. Rust is the only game where it hurts worse to get killed by a hacker and I feel like it’s more common to run into rust hackers , I honestly can’t remember too many times I was obv killed by a hacker in EFT but rust I can’t COUNT the quad AK headshot spray from across a field

  38. That's the thing. Anyone that one taps you while you full sprint in eft is sus. Or lucky, we all got lucky now and then.

  39. In theory this is good, but what happens if someone genuinely doesn’t know their friend is cheating? You might say ‘well you’d have to be dumb to not know’, but wall hacks and rmt might be more subtle.

  40. Sue your 'friend' for tricking you into taking part in illegal (cheating is forbidden by the buyers contract) activities. It's his fault that the company dissolved the contract with you.

  41. Just by knowingly playing with a cheater you are cheating. If your teammate has a massive advantage then so do you obviously

  42. Yeah, last wipe I had some wild, frustrating, blatant shit happen. So since this wipe brought nothing significant I'm skipping this one.

  43. Man if anyone wants to know truth about this game, give me a holler. Just be prepared to be disappointed

  44. I will never understand cheating… like bro it’s a video game we are playing to kill time and have fun. Yet here are some worthless cucks breaking the game for everyone. Gatta be down bad man

  45. You're incredibly naïve to think that Nikita actually delivered on improving the anti-cheat technology to catch non-cheaters, did it in secret behind the scenes, and your friend is the only one who has ever been caught by it.

  46. Well that is not exactly the case of "i was playing with stranger". His Buddy was playing with cheaters on a Daily basis, taking advantage of their cheats for a long time. I dont know if he is cheating, or if they even ban cheaters buddies. Only stating that its different situation

  47. The other sad thing about this is that lvl 26 2 days ago is attainable without cheats, not easily but not very difficult either with efficient quest progression and a little decent RNG.

  48. Not easily but not very difficult either is the perfect way to describe someone getting lvl 26 a few days after the wipe lol

  49. Your friend might be a pos but being level 26 two days ago isn't much to think someone is cheating or getting boosted by cheaters. Most people with lots of wipes played are already level 40 working their way up to Ragman 4.

  50. What a bullshit statement. Playing multiple wipes doesn't suddenly give you the hours needed to grind to lvl 40 that fast.

  51. I’m 100% believers that if you’re “buddy” got banned he had to he using cheats as well. BSG only bans the cheater not the one who’s getting carried. My old friend carried so many with his cheats and he only got banned not other people.

  52. I think it's fair enough to ban people that play a lot with cheatiners, getting carried is a part of rmt

  53. Dude, what are you even on about. He was my duo for the duration of 12.12. We're close friends.

  54. Players regularly partying with cheaters are likely purchasing boosting services, a form of RMT, RMT being a ToS violation, it's not at all a surprise that one could be banned for regularly playing with cheaters.

  55. Thank you for sharing this. The only thing left for these scumbag cheaters is boosting to make money. Great to get this info around to fully kill their profit making.

  56. Yeah, if your friend cheats I would really question why you would ever play any games with them. Heck, if they lied about it I wouldn't even trust them with anything anymore.

  57. One of my friends got banned we got no idea what for. Dudes only a little better then, we win fights, but also eat shit a lot. Only played tarkov with me and another person. He made money in raids never said anything suspicious and we always had our streams running. We cut ties with people who had RMT’ed and had hacks. We eventually got bored of tarkov and played other games. Neither of us played for a wipe and we load up mid way through one. Same routine we load in start streams no problems next day he’s got a ban. I’ve played plenty of games with him and he doesn’t cheat so we got no idea what happened.

  58. People are ok to do raids with cheaters cuz they think nothing will ever happen since they are not actually using anything, fools, there is also tons of manual bans by BSG all the time in shady people like this.

  59. Rat Scanner is as much a third party tool as using your Browser while in raid to look up prices at tarkov-market.com. it takes a screenshot and uses image recognition to look it up in the market instead of manually typing it in. Pretty sure it even queries the same database as tarkov-market. it literally is just a specific browser with a easier input than typing. using the same API that Veritas used in his Battle Buddy app

  60. Had the most immense raid ruined by an aimbot boy last night. 3 man squad downed simultaneously by one head-eye shots. He was carrying a bunch of low levels with pilgrims.

  61. Good to hear, that people playing with cheaters also get smacked. I did run across a cheater carrying someone with Pilgrim. Happened more then once.

  62. I'm just ranting fuck tarkov lol I have died like 9 times doing deliveries from the past now and killed like 12 PMCs not meaning to. THEY WONT LEAVE ME RHE FUCK ALONE

  63. "He got banned, presumably alongside his cheating buddies. As it turns out, they also ban the cheaters' friends with suspicious data or something. He had EoD too" - this is great, i waited for this so long. I know for a fact that they did not ban people running with cheaters previous wipes.

  64. I once had a big scare moment when a buddy of mine brought a friend and he ended up admitting he was cheating.

  65. i honstly dont mind that much getting killed by an OBVIOUS aimbottig hacker. its the ones that hide it well and im thinking i got outplayed or something -- those hackers is the reason im trying to invent stabbing people in the face through a monitor

  66. Is experience shared while running a squad? Or would additional leveling be from surviving every raid and completing quests?

  67. Buddy just got killed by a flying cheater on customs.... He almost killed the dude and he was such a shit player I was able to kill him. Couldn't loot the body... I think the server is getting tricked as to his actual location.

  68. There's a variety of cheats out there that are obvious, the zero miss head shot shit ammo shredding your face shield aim bot cheater. Then you have your subtle still cheating cheater using map hacks/texture packs/radar/loot track but doesn't aim bot your head cheater, instead he aim bots your stomach, or which ever limp that isn't protected cheater.

  69. There's no way you "can know with certainty" he wasn't cheating as well, just like you didn't know he played with cheaters.

  70. With over 800 hours and 3 wipes in I encountered my first cheater. I wasn’t even that angry cuz he was literally trolling me the whole game. I guess he was invisible or some how flying cuz he kept just throwing grenades next to me. It was so random. I was really confused at first then realised what was happening. Honestly it was pretty funny

  71. I call BS. No way can someone play 800 hours for 3 wipes and not encounter a single cheater until now. Complete and utter rubbish.

  72. Maybe it's time to region lock servers too, As racist as this sounds not sure if it's just the OCE servers but the amount of Asian-named accounts that blatantly run hacks is absurd. Nothing more infuriating than doing a PMC run and getting quest items and tasks done, just to get insta 1 tapped by a hacker running with a pistol and Adar is BS. I've never hacked in this game but when you get slapped numerous times by hackers, it makes you want to match the energy.

  73. Honestly I would imagine you could cheat for progression without getting banned super easily. The only issue is you would need private cheats, stuff that probably won't ever get you banned. All you would have to do is wallhack around everywhere, have annoying fetch quests? Just avoid everyone using walls, gotta stash something? Scan the area, gotta kill scavs? Just wall them. The only reason your friend and his buddies were banned is because they were too blatant ig.

  74. I got into cheating during covid because I lost my job. The second I found work a month later I stopped doing it. I still feel guilty about it to this day too.

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