1. Adding a insta death trigger for all the penetrated projectiles to the head is the better choice, high pen low damage bullets also suffers from this.

  2. Honestly as soon as unconscious state comes in, I feel like the easy thing to do would be to make non-ricochet headshots knock people unconscious (if they are not outright killed).

  3. Well it makes sense to have minor damage falloff because the bullet is slowing down as it goes along but yes at 100m it’s shouldn’t really have any sort of damage falloff

  4. They're attempting to emulate Irl terminal ballistics by implementing damage drop off. It isn't anywhere close to reality though. That's why it feels bad.

  5. I enjoy both changes. Before this, bolt action rifles did not have enough advantages compared to assault rifles at long range. Meanwhile assault rifles have significant advantages at mid and short range. This change allows bolties to have a more meaningful role.

  6. It’s absolutely ridiculous that the armor piercing 5.7x28mm ammo fired from a pistol does more damage than a goddamn 5.56 round fired from a rifle. The flesh damage needs to be looked at on some places

  7. It's a really really hard balance choice. They either need to have unrealistic terminal/pentrative ballistics for rifle rounds to keep smaller stuff viable. Accept that nobody will use small rounds or massively change how CQB works to make shorter weapons far far better in tight spaces. Adding in more ballistics changes based on barrel length would be nice too but would just lean further into the current longer=better norm (which should do nothing to recoil and only effect bullet energy)

  8. I agree. Overall, I think the round damage and hitbox health system needs an overhaul. Not something they can do now but the system doesn't make sense. A bandaid for now would be making damage dropoff only start affecting rounds at far distance, like +300m, roll back damage dropoff all together or increase round damage or decrease PMC head health.

  9. Use SSOT for 556, I swear no one uses that ammo and it's epic to layer in with 55A1. 20 Pen is meh but much better than HP or War, but 60 flesh with that pen mixed in with 855A1 shreds just about anyone. SSOT also carried 35 armor damage, compared to 36 for 855.

  10. Yeah the Five-seveN shouldn't have quite as much bullet velocity as it does. It's not too far off from real world specs though. The weapon is a beast.

  11. A couple of weeks back I shot a guy in the head with m995 from pretty far away, I saw blood on the wall and thought strange he didn't die, didnt fire a single shot the rest of the match. After the raid I saw my longest shot was 203m and I did 34 damage..

  12. max headshot distance on m995 is like 150M. round isn't worth using unless you are expecting to be shooting someone up close.

  13. I've been using M995 and M885A1 on PMCs for the last week. I've had at least 5 or 6 instances of PMCs walking off headshots when engaging at 100+ meters. Most of the time, I'm able to land a second shot before they can react because they are usually fixated on another target. If I can land the second M995, they will go down but not with M855A1. Landed two clean consecutive headshots on a player at about 85m to a ULACH using M855A1. He just walked it off. I haven't tested Igolnik or BS but I'm guessing it's pretty much the same, Igolnik being the worst. Essentially, with damage drop off, these intermediate cartridges are glorified high power pistol rounds meant to be sprayed from an SBR in CQC. Otherwise, it's a bust and you should bust out 7.62...

  14. That's another issue with EFT that needs fixed. Even if the round doesn't penetrate, if you do even blunt damage to the target and they are up against a wall, you will see blood on that wall but yeah, in your case it did go through, just didn't do enough damage. Pretty fucking stupid IMO...

  15. Yeah damage drop off on 5.56 and 5.45 needs to be adjusted slightly. The recoil isn't what's killing those rounds, the damage drop off is

  16. 7.62x54R, massive bullet, PS variant that does 86 damage and I've had to shoot a scav 4 times to kill him. I know they put those stupid super terminator scavs in the game but we're definitely getting to clown shoes territory with these changes.

  17. Agreed. Aside from boss health (I understand they need to be difficult and the AI is only so smart so boosting health accounts for that needed difficulty), I think players and scavs should all be equally killable with or without armor. Scavs tanking headshots from my Igolnik at 20m because they have 40 head health is hilarious and frustrating...

  18. There's also something to be said for rounds that are technically "stopped" by armor but transfer enough energy to kill. Yeah it didn't pen your helmet but it fractured your skull and knocked you unconscious...

  19. The solution that I think would work best and be the easiest to implement is for each class of cartridge in the game to have a different range where their damage drop-off starts at. For example, shotgun rounds should drop damage at around 15-20m, this allows for single pellets to kill at close ranges but prevent most buckshot from being bullshit to play against. Pistol rounds should start to drop damage at around 35-40 meters, this again allows pistols and sub-machineguns to be a threat at the ranges they are designed for and prevent guns such as the STM from becoming a headshot death laser at long range. I can go on for every cartridge but you get the idea. This isn't inherently a "realistic" fix but I would imagine it to be a better experience than the bullshit we have right now

  20. I think damage drop off is a good thing but not on all the guns. Specifically I think it is good for shotguns and pistol caliber guns, because gameplay wise I don't enjoy taking a single buckshot pellet to the jaw and dying from 100m away. Shotgun scavs were literally terrifying even from far away. Now while they are still nothing to be trifled with, they can't one shot you as consistently anymore.

  21. Let’s all just agree that the core mechanics need to be reviewed, surely BSG is on Reddit reading these and are ready to work WITH the people playing their game

  22. I saw my friend get shot in the head through a box the other day from like 50m and live, barely even hurt him. No helmet

  23. Yeah, penetration of objects is really wonky right now too. For awhile, those blue Labs tarps wrapped over chain link were scrubbing off like 70% of the damage. Not sure how to balance penetration of materials but I'd imagine if the bullet made it through and struck someone in the head, the tumbling of that bullet would cause some serious damage to a human head.

  24. I would say: if the 34.76 damage round hits you on the 35 hp face, make the character unconscious. And depending on the hp left, make the timer for waking up long. Less hp left, long sleep. That way if 1 buckshot pellet of 5 hp hits the face, you get knocked out but you wake up only a few seconds after. If the 34.76 bullet hits your face at 100m, then you wake up 2min after.

  25. It’s been 5 months but BSG has bigger fish to fry as we see. As for The Division - EFT has much common with this arcade. Probably too much. For example, dps oriented gameplay, high tier bots always been sponges for bullets, actual tactical skills means nothing.

  26. I'm not talking about AI. Although any living body in EFT being able to tank an intermediate round to the head is a bit ridiculous, I'm referring to other players. I get bosses need to be difficult and the AI can only be so smart so increasing health helps with that. Players on the other hand don't need these kinds of advantages.

  27. You using 545 to kill them ? Personally I am a huge fan of the ballistic system this wipe. I am not a fan of a lot of changes bsg made but the new ballistic system literally gives so much more reason to use different guns for different situations, versus using the assualt rifle for every single situation.

  28. With the ballistics changes, no there is almost no reason to use 5.56 or 5.45. I get your point but now, instead of people using ARs, they are using DMRs. It's less about the weapon system though and more about the chambered round. 7.62x39, 51, 54r are not really affected by damage drop off much since they already do plenty of damage. 5.56 and 5.45 are right on the fence when it comes to damage and health breakpoints.

  29. Honestly with the massive ballistics change, the changes to blunt damage, and the bug fixed regarding hits to blacked limbs and arm penning I'd say we're do to a major overhaul or rebalancing of rounds, armor, and maybe health. And especially considering armor hitboxes coming "soon", armor will be all but worthless.

  30. I haven't messed with Rogues much but I do think the AI should play by the same rules as we do, especially with inertia. Either way, I agree. A rebalancing of everything relating to ammunition, armor, health, etc. needs to happen. For now, I'd be ok with what someone else said regarding a 2x damage multiplier to the head if a round penetrates the helmet or strikes a naked head. Might be a good band-aid for now but I don't know. I'm not a game developer.

  31. Yeah especially since you can take multiple bullets to the face in Battlefield and then parachute down to 3 different buildings.

  32. Nah, 7.62x51 is fine and the weapon platform you use won't affect it's damage/pen, just the muzzle velocity depending parts, but only by a small degree. G28 is a gorgeous gun IRL but in EFT, it's overpriced and hardly accessible compared to the M1A and SR-25, IMO.

  33. Yup damage drop should start at 100m or the effective range of the cartridge. Or head should take 2x dmg or something.

  34. LOL my thoughts exactly. Love the 2x damage modifier. That could definitely resolve the issue. If BSG is going to keep the health and damage system, a modifier like this would be great.

  35. Oh man, had a match yesterday where I died in 3 shots of TT ammo to the legs, one left leg, one right leg, then a second right leg that killed me, I was pissed that I hit someone 17 times and they didnt die but I died to 3 TT shots to the legs

  36. Here is an interesting idea, what if damage was purely based on caliber and bullet type, with little to no damage drop off at range? Because we all know an AP 5.56mm going through your naked head is going to kill you at almost any range, the only balance they need to actually be adjusting is the damage based on bullet types, obviously a hollow point is going to hurt alot more then AP.

  37. the recoil shouldn’t matter at all, if your rifle bullet penetrates in this game in high center chest you should pretty much be out of the fight.

  38. I don’t know about anyone else but I got hit in the head with m855a1 from around 20ish feet away and I survived. The only thing I was wearing was a cowboy hat, mustache, and aviators as it was when the revolver was released.

  39. Stuff like this is probably just going to be wonky until the plate carrier armor changes come into play. They are probably going to go through few feelsbad damage states before they settle on the final feel.

  40. Tbf these rounds should do more damage but have a more aggressive pen drop over distance. This also skirts over the issue thatbwe need vital hit boxes for brain/heart cus dying from a sideways buck pellet to the nose is fkn stupid.

  41. I definitely think that dying to nose and ear shots is pretty stupid, I can't argue that. More detailed hitboxes for vital organs and such would be awesome but I imagine that would be a lot of work, I'm not a game dev.

  42. Say what you want about Division but that's a full MMO shooter with levels and stats and such, makes sense for people to be bullet spongey in that, since it was made from the ground up to be that way.

  43. Splinter Cell is my favorite franchise of all time. I enjoyed Black List even though Ironside didn't remain as Fisher. Either way, if they do to SC what they did to Wildlands, I'll be fucking pissed...

  44. I feel like damage fall off is not a bad idea, the issue is too universal. It should be based off the kinetic energy contained within a bullet when fired, the more the bullet travels the more that energy dissipates and thus the bullet does less damage. Additionally bullet drop off begins way too quickly for certain calibres and it's too much of a drop for the amount of distance travelled.

  45. I don't think it's the fall of EFT, just a change that BSG made to test and they haven't had time to overhaul the damage/health system since implementing it. Remember, we're still playing a beta.

  46. Your PMC is an elite, highly-trained mechwarrior super-soldier that can take a swing of vodka and staple his blown-off legs back on, and then make them better by sucking on a piece of cheese, and you're complaining that his skull is smaller, thicker, and more resistant to bullets than the average human's?

  47. I enjoyed the "mechwarrior" over-exaggeration, that one definitely got me. Either way, this "gamer logic" doesn't really apply to a game like EFT, when it comes to firearms and the chambered rounds' capabilities, since literally every weapon, weapon part, ammunition type, etc is the exact reference to it's IRL counterpart. That would make more sense in a game like COD or BF, where the guns are similar to the IRL version, but not really the same... The health system is a completely different conversation. In most shooters, whether arcade or more realistic, there is usually a headshot damage multiplier, which would fix this problem. As I originally mentioned, players are tanking headshots without helmets on because of damage drop off. I wasn't talking about pen drop off. IMO, pen drop off makes sense for game balance, I'll concede that, BUT Timmy tanking a tungsten core penetrating round designed to go through vehicle armor that's literally stated in the game as it is IRL straight to the mouth like it was a breath of fresh air is quite ridiculous.

  48. Also, if he's such a "super-soldier", why does my gun fly into the air when I fire in full auto? Is he a super soldier with noodle arms? I've fired plenty of fully auto weapons IRL, stock with no gucci muzzle devices, foregrips, etc and by no means does an automatic weapon shoot at the moon when you dump a mag, aside from maybe a POS mac-11 or some other trash gun that nobody has any business using on a battlefield. Different convo for a different thread...

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