1. There was a post from Nikita here a few months ago asking for suggestions/feedback and the #1 piece of feedback (which he later acknowledged as the top issue) was audio. They are well aware. Now, how easy it is to fix...that's probably another issue.

  2. idk another random redditor said the had no plans on fixing the issue and provided no evidence but I'm gonna believe him on this one

  3. But I think most people are complaining about bugs. Stairway audio, vertical audio, etc. I’m talking about the existing and intended mechanics of the audio. Hearing is too OP in general.

  4. From what Nikita has said it's either A) ride the current system out and deal with the bugs or B) start from scratch and rebuild from the ground up. I think it was on The Pogcast podcast (Veritas & Jessekazam) that Nikita also said that a lot of audio stuff was originally placeholder stuff so they could get a patch out in earlier iterations and with the switch to Steam audio (and many more active players) that has kinda revealed a lot of issues.

  5. In the inner parking lot on interchange, you can hear people running in the mall's first floor, through at least 50cm of reinforced concrete lol

  6. Yet you can’t hear someone storming up the stairs but you can hear though buildings. Once you learn audio is fucked and just because you don’t hear anything doesn’t mean there is not anything you play better.

  7. I thought that has been part of the audio bug they have never been able to fix? It's similar to sometime flashlight or guns would go through walls and doors.

  8. Yeah they probably need to join and make structures one piece, or they need to find the seams where the audio is bleeding through.

  9. Man i really hate how this is a thing. Same thing on dorms, you have to sometimes gamble where the enemy is going to be located.

  10. I mean, that's because it is. The in-game headset, practically speaking, makes sure you can hear every relevant sound, guaranteed, while occluding as much unimportant sound as possible. The inherent downside of this is, unless you got a crazy good headset or audio set-up IRL, that creates a sonic experience which lacks the literal depth to accurately determine how far away a sound is, exactly, since you are hearing near things as near, medium range as near, and long range as near.

  11. I have to say the sound quality of in game headset is terrible, instead of thinning out unnecessary noise(protect hearing), and enhance detail, it just make everything louder, some of them just hurt your ear if you don't turn down the volume of your irl headset.

  12. Go play Hunt: Showdown for good audio. The fact that everything in this game has a sound is cool, but the implementation of propagation/attenuation, especially vertically, is terrible, and the difference between how you sound to yourself vs others is criminal.

  13. If he doesn’t like how far away you can hear in Tarkov, he sure as hell won’t appreciate hunt lol. You can hear footsteps like 3x as far in that game

  14. Grass is the least painful sound imo, gravel is what does it for me, and the fact wvery peice of wood from tree trunk to plank sounds the same.

  15. Yah, it's unfortunate. I love the idea of tensely straining to hear every sound to out-stealth an enemy -- and fairly often it works serviceably well.

  16. The issue is that they have different audio tracks for inside vs outside, and if you are inside, you hear another person who is on the same "inside" audio track even if they are in a different building, which is absurd.

  17. I hate it. I'm tired of feeling like a schizophrenic hunting an imaginary man because I am hearing a guy in a different building at a level that leads me to believe that they are in the room next to me. But then I actually have someone in the room next to me and its not remotely clear if we are even on the same floor.

  18. I've noticed this as well. Something is broken with the way they choose to generate sounds between different floors. In resort at least it's the most noticeable. Binaural audio works great everywhere else but it doesn't seem to work inside buildings when listening to sounds on different floors.

  19. Headphones should be removed from the game, change my mind. Not cost more or even a lot more, not become more rare, not require batteries. Removed. From. Fucking. Game.

  20. I believe the perception skill should be removed altogether, as you get higher level you can hear farther then most which can be very demoralizing when you join late for a wipe or don’t play as much as the people that do play everyday and can’t put in that much time into levelling skills as fast, the others have a huge advantage over you. If you did this and solely relied on the in-game headsets I believe it would be for the better of the game, makes it so sneaking can be an actual strat if that’s the way you play.

  21. Veritas did a bit of testing on this, the difference in hearing someone running w/ a headset from 0 perception to 51 is like 60m to 75m. It barely makes a difference especially since a normal player can get it to 10-20+ without many hours.

  22. It was 14 meters difference between Perception lvl 1 and Perception lvl Elite, while of course wearing active headset and being tested inside of a building so no other sounds could interfere (saw it in the Veritas' video). Maybe you meant something different than hearing range, but 14m doesn't sounds like a huge advantage.

  23. So remove covert moving as well, since it's not fair that I can sneak better than you can. And endurance, since I can run forever and you're gasping before I even hit full speed. And def not fair that my strength is higher so I can jump to areas that you literally can't.

  24. Have you ever been in a place with extremely low noise pollution(I ask because most people haven’t). From inside my house I could hear what was going on in one of my barns (min. Of 50m away). My point is places like resort are abandoned and have little to no noise pollution so yeah you would be able to hear the proverbial pin drop.

  25. Imagine if the ambient noise, even during good weather wasn't FUCKIN WHOOOOOSH MOTHERFUCKER WHOOOOSH CHIRP CHEEP WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH AS FUCK

  26. Hmmm, I would agree with you… however, there are generators. Those generators are loud as fuck. Being a marine mechanic, I can tell you now, that a single 10KW generator is loud enough to stop you from hearing footsteps in an entire 400ft square shop.

  27. There's a few places where it's a little odd that you can hear somebody from that far but with an active headset on, it literally does enhance your normal hearing to a degree. Like to the point you can hear grass crunching underfoot from 100 yards if you're listening for it.

  28. The main problem isn't the range, itself; it's the utter arbitrariness of how much noise any individual action makes, and the fact that the audio is so poor that factors which naturally occlude the distance at which audio can be detected, never do, or do so extremely inconsistently.

  29. I have a hearing loss IRL so I’m definitely at a disadvantage at this game, which is fine. But what I find absolutely insane is how WELL my friend can hear things in this game when he has sordins. He hears people creeping up on us, shots in the distance, people looting upstairs. It’s insane.

  30. There that, and randomly not hearing some gunshots within 100M of you. The absolute disparity between comically amplified tiny noises and completely muffled out BANGs is completely absurd

  31. I agree there's time it doesn't work at all. Times it sounds like someone is pretty far and they're way closer and vice versa. Sometimes I'm not moving and someone comes into the same building as me gets all the way to right outside, and not a sound. Scav audio glitchiness is also very irritating.

  32. “The audio itself … is amazing” 🤣 literally stopped reading after the first sentence. Came for the clueless title, was not disappointed.

  33. I just want audio to be tuned so that if you're supposed to be able to hear a sound, that it's audible at a sensible level. I hate how in this game if you don't crank your audio to the fucking max or use a program that ultra-boosts low level sounds, you're at a huge disadvantage. If a sound is audible at all then it should be audible in the soundscape without having to have the sound so loud.

  34. I noticed this in Customs dorms. I was on the top floor of two story and heard someone run into "my building". Sat there a while and heard more and more movement. Finally decided to rush down the the stairs and pop a cap in their ass. Turns out they were in three story. Really weirded me out how clearly I could hear them from across the courtyard.

  35. I think its a bit unrealistic for the headphones to give so many advantages with no disadvantages. They cut out ambient sounds which is bullshit, there should be 1000% louder ambient sounds where you hear birds and insects that you wouldn't normally hear. Also your own feet should be super loud when walking on gravel and glass. It should be switched around where not wearing headphones is what you hear when wearing powered headphones.

  36. Idk, I think it basically gives people way too much information. Experienced players know exactly where there is a wood plank, glass on the floor, sheet metal. It is just too damn pinpointed.

  37. Well since we want to be realistic here how about giving your pmc perma hearing damage and tinnitus after shooting a 60 round mag without ear pro or throwing grenades inside buildings

  38. Using headsets is definitely common for military and or pmc. Buy a headset, they’re not expensive, you’ll see why they’d be used in real life. They work. Plus for professionals like military / pmc their radio comms are also routed through their headsets. They’re powered digital headsets

  39. As someone who plays entirely without headsets, I agree. I shouldn't be able to hear someone walking quietly through a concrete wall, with or without a headset on. It's too much. I have never been sitting in my apartment and heard someone walking outside, ever in my entire life.

  40. I'm slightly deaf in one ear (funny enough, from firing lots of guns) and trying to pin point audio gets me killed very often.

  41. i hated the idea of hearing ppl at long ranges when i first started playing, i typically play more stealthy in nist shooters, but then i started to realize how easy ratting already is at this point. imagine you could slow walk across the map without making a peep, the rat infestation issue would only get worse. the current audio makes the player decide between hard ratting or hard pushing in a lot of situations and to me personally, that makes engagements way more exciting and alive than a slow walking game of getting the drop on people. the ability to stealth across the map easily would kill the excitement of most engagements, im sure bsg had already experimented with different audio early on and decided loud movement would be way more engaging.

  42. Yeah sometimes the audio spreads extremely far. But like from my basement in my computer room i can hear the front door unlock which is on the other side of the house. Id imagine having an active headset would make that easier to hear too.

  43. Have you ever worn walker’s razors before? Unlike the game they do not muffle outside noise at all, and make the GSSH’s sound like actual ear muffs comparatively. You can hear the tiniest sound from a long way off with those on as long as wind isn’t blowing in their mic. With as quiet as interchange is, you could probably hear someone crunching around on broken tile and glass down in the middle of the mall from the front of idea with them. Now the lack of muffling between floors I think is just them not knowing how to change it, but I love it. I mostly play reserve, and will fuck with people by hiding in little out of the way rooms and talking to them when they are above or below me.

  44. I don't have an issue with hearing range, but I do with vertical. Shoreline Health Resort is particularly bad.

  45. It's still a total 50/50 if this game fulfills it's promises and finishes development, or become even more of an absolute clusterfuck and we never see the end because someone else comes along and does it better. The "Exfil" type game genre is already expanding out, looks what Fortnite became after it ripped off PUBG; Tarkov is one huge ripoff away from losing its audience for good. I wish I could just freeze myself for 5 years and play EFT then.

  46. But then yet when someone is on 2nd floor in 3 story and someone is on the 3th floor and that last person is sprinting above you, you cant hear shit

  47. On Reserve you can hear people using keys from anywhere on the map. Whenever I hear a key I haul ass towards the direction it came from and usually get a free kill. Nice feature.

  48. Sorry, downvoted. Nothing personal, im just sick of people complaining about everything that is in the game. Like, why i play the game and i cant see all this issue you guys claim to be ?

  49. You might not find it to be a problem. That’s fine. Idgaf. Should you be able to hear someone walking in a building 160 ft away from you? No, absolutely not. Is it game breaking? Nope. I still play and enjoy the game. I care enough about the game that I want to give constructive feedback. Could I just move on and play as is without ever saying anything? Sure. Sounds like Reddit is not the place for you. This is a platform where we discuss changes that we believe need to be implemented to make the game better. I don’t come here to watch clips.

  50. Watched some review of comtacs. Dude said he walked outside then put on his headset and all of a sudden he could hear someone talking multiple houses down that he couldn't hear before without the headset on.

  51. I don’t think squad is more realistic. I think the sound is on point. You can hear that someone is walking in the same building as you, but you can’t pinpoint it. I think that is how it should be.

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