1. Unfortunately you just have to take the hit sometimes. Unless you're carrying a labs card or a really expensive key nothing is really worth the hit imo. I'm sitting at 8.5 rep and the perks outweigh the loss of a rub since I can be back on my scav in 4 minutes if I Really need the money or something.

  2. A labs card is only worth 60k since we can’t sell them on the flea, so I’m not even sweating that for some negative karma. Shoot me I don’t care.

  3. What type of gear are you typically spawning in with? I'm at 6.10 and my gear is always crappy. Quite often a small or no backpack and broken level 2 armor.

  4. I'm somewhere in the 4-5 range, I can't remember, but I am suddenly spawning in the driveway of the chalet, but with no backpack. It's such weird tease.

  5. I hated it at first too, but it makes sense. just start thinking of 6.0 rep as "max rep." we both know it's not hard to get it back above, we just miss out on hanging out with the boys for a few raids

  6. It's reasonable because it stops abuse of the system. Otherwise you can get to super high rep and kill people "for free" while retaining 6.0+ points. And now you get dropped to <6 if you lose rep while having more than 6.0.

  7. Well guess what, this subreddit bitched and whined last wipe about high rep scavs being able to kill other Pscavs without losing their elite status, so this is what y'all got

  8. And thats good, it would indeed be fucking stupid if people could kill players or a boss and basicly feel no penalty afterwards

  9. I still dont understand why we expect random Reddit people to be better game designers than game devs... Honestly wish BSG didnt listen to community outside of bugs or completely broken things and just made their game the way they want it.

  10. Yeah and that's a good thing really. If you're at that level and lose basically nothing then there's really no downside to killing other players then.

  11. Yeah, those timmys bitching about I break their legs and torturing them, now when u hit anything on the map as a scav u get pinned by AI scav.

  12. I got pushed down 3 times in the las week to 5.9 from more than 7(yes, i do a lot of scav runs..) but I understand the decision. You don't want players to "afford" killing another scav who just looted a full pmc or stuff like that, or even worse- safely farm bosses with friends. The system is harsh, i can agree to that but the rewards are also quite good. It kinda teaches me trigger discipline atm

  13. If you have played enough scav to have 6 fence rep then you should know not to shoot other scavs even if they fire on you first. Better to get killed and lose your 5 minute cooldown scav's life than lose the karma.

  14. I hate to be that guy, but you are literally risking nothing. At 6 karma, your cooldown is probably 6-7 minutes. Why are you even sweating and/or worrying about defending yourself?

  15. I still think they should add a near miss bubble that makes the peescav shooting at you fair game. Just a medium spherical hitbox that registers them as hostile, as it does if they hit you.

  16. Eh better than a group of untouchable scav players who can kill with impunity because they grind their karma

  17. Me and my buddies would trap a guy in a room and pretend one of us disconnected in the doorway forcing him to get the kill on one of us

  18. I love when other scavs do this. Had this happen the other week. He's firing, baiting a shot, I'm like "you really want to do this", finally he hits me in the arm, and I 1 tap him.

  19. I've been saying this for ages... if we're gonna have reputation, we're gonna need aggression detection. It's a joke. I had a guy throw a grenade in office in factory while I was in there.

  20. I'll get flamed into oblivion for this but solution is stop taking this game srsly. Its a game. Who cares if they wipe every month week or day. Don't invest so much time in a fucking game.

  21. The punishment for being a good scav is way too harsh, we shouldn’t have this hard of a punishment compared to people who constantly commit scav on scav violence

  22. Run away or die if you care about karma. Shoot back if you don't. Fairly simple. When you get that high, cooldown is so low that it doesn't matter if you die. Scav is way too easy and way too OP, in my opinion. Especially compared to pre-karma.

  23. I personally think they should increase the penalty for those scav players that go hunt other scav players. It anyway feels like this is kinda taking overhand. I get killed so much in the last days by other scavs in my scav runs.

  24. Not really. He can just run away or (god forbid) die with his free, shitty loot and load back in after 4 minutes.

  25. I was a at 8.x and killed a scav who looked like a PMC. First one I had killed that wasn't a rogue scav for about 100 raids. I lost 2.1 rep.

  26. You were overly aggressive. That other Scav just gave some warning shots. Should have retreated if your karma is important to you.

  27. Reading these comments no wonder raids are so empty at the moment all you cunts do is scav raids... Hot take, remove player scavs and get prapor to just give you a shitty ak and some ps rounds when you don't have any guns in your stash.

  28. SCAV karma is a joke, a crutch for those who refuse to PMC and those who just "wanna loot peacefully". They should restrict SCAV access once you hit like level 15-25. Just breaks the game economy more.

  29. My guy, a scav with a duffle bag and scav vest filled with blue tape and screw drivers isn't breaking the economy.

  30. I have over 7.00 and I will bait other scavs into shooting me by shooting near their feet, etc.. Sometimes I get unlucky and they'll randomly headshot me (they lose rep, joke is on them), but sometimes they'll just hit my arm and then I'll unload on their ass and rob them of their stuff for no penalty.

  31. they probably are just baiting you and missing on purpose to be assholes. that or he's just a shit shot and you should just take the hit.

  32. I don’t think there’s any extra bonus after 6 so it doesn’t really matter does it?

  33. Treat every point past 6.0 as "victory lap" points. A temporary bonus that will last as long as your luck does. If you look at it that way, you can almost treat it like a game of its own instead of getting all wound up around the soft ceiling the game devs made.

  34. Yeh, I am a really jumpy player and I often get baited, intentionally or otherwise, into killing a scav who was shooting at me but missing. It feels real bad.

  35. Assuming you live through all of them, 850. I did a combination of scav runs with the occasional pmc/traitor kill and car extracts

  36. You know the rules you need to be hit first. Just take the hit first, then fire back. If that means you're dead, then oh well. You get scav back in within 5 minutes at your rep.

  37. Why's it a joke? This stops people from getting it up ridiculously high, and abusing the system. Seems like a sensible way to insure that even people with more than maxed out karma continue to be good scavs.

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