1. Anyone know if Shturman can still spawn during this event? I’m only 2 kills away from completing Hunter quest and was hoping to finish it today

  2. My brain can confirm that he is, in fact still spawning as of 8 hours ago. Shturman put a bullet through it.

  3. I'm sorry but it's 2022. The fact that people can't spell rogue correctly is unbelievable to me.

  4. I don’t think it is, with the recent stuff about the lore of lightkeeper and that he isn’t happy I’m thinking that maybe the rogues were hired by him to find someone

  5. Not true at all. Many players won't even know about them spawning. Bsg isnt going to fill lobbies with rogues regardless or pre wipe or not.

  6. Im excited to check it out but with how absolutely broken the AI is for the Rogues I feel like this is going to be much more of a headache than fun unfortunately :( R.I.P. any bear player

  7. Not wanting to complain one way or another for fear of getting ree'd at by both sides, but I swear the last few weeks have been designed specifically against me and my duo partner xD

  8. Why does EVERYONE put Rouge instead of Rogue. I mean, I know it doesn’t sound like the spelling but I swear 50% of english speaking people just don’t know how to spell Rogue

  9. Not so much worried as excited to not be a fucking BEAR anymore till streets comes out, so I can actually play lighthouse lol didn't know about that at the beginning of wipe , and the game wouldn't let me reset my character until 3 weeks after wipe .

  10. Most people feel that with the introduction of lighthouse, the ridiculous rogue AI, the Santa event, ammo changes, Killa spawn changes, it's all been a bit too much for the one wipe.

  11. Game is boring as shit at the end of a wipe. Most people want the hype of a new one, new content, progression, things to do, friends coming back, etc.

  12. There are a lot of people who feel the game only starts when you have access to tier 3 and up traders and you can run mega kitted every raid. Early wipe is cancer to them

  13. I would think just Lore event if they were spawning with normal gear, but since I'm hearing that they are spawning with slicks/Hex/Killa as well as top-tier ammo, I am suspicious of Wipe on Thursday.

  14. Rogues are usec npc usually restricted to a compound on lighthouse, which (if aggrod) can laserbeam you with either 7.62x39 or 5.56x45. Also with them being usec if you are usec you get a pass unless you get too close to them or shoot in their direction, as a bear you are kill on sight.

  15. Did people just not play before this wipe or just willingly forgetting we had weekend events in the back half of last wipe pretty consistently. This in absolutely no way signifies a wipe. Can we stop speculating on every damn thing meaning a wipe is coming.

  16. Now I have to reset my account to USEC if they're going to immediately head/eyes me from 300 meters on every map...

  17. The Rogues are overkill for difficulty. They spot you frontal too far and their accuracy is way Unrealistic. They need to be nerfed and to follow some sort of rep or Karma level for who they attack and don't. Imo

  18. First wipe guy here. In the past have the wipes come with no warning, just goofy events start to happen and then suddenly there is a wipe? I keep seeing all these predictions and wondering if there is any validity to them or if this is based off the overwhelming streamer click-bait speculation I'm suddenly getting flooded with.

  19. Second wipe guy here. I wouldn’t worry about it too much or listen to many people on it. When it wiped in 12.11 there was a new event every single day for like 7-10 days. I remember cultists spawning more on factory bosses switching places on maps and the best one was all bosses spawning on interchange 100% chance. It was pure chaos but also the most fun I’ve had on Tarkov. Im just waiting for a new event everyday that gets crazier and crazier every day that’s probably the wipe coming. In my opinion this is leading up to lighthouse expansion with no wipe but maybe one shortly after.

  20. I feel like they should defs keep the rogues on shoreline after this event. Spawn them at the wether station or that village next to the tunnel where literally no scavs spawn at. The map needs more stuff filling in the empty areas

  21. I ran shoreline 15x+ last night and no rogues. I wonder if they even spawn on this map? It's supposed to be a 30% chance but well....math says it isn't 30%. I also can not find a single video of them on shoreline and every single video I've come across is from customs. I'm wondering if they are going to be moving from map to map over the course.of a day or two or whatever.

  22. Well that explains why I got annihilated by a rogue on the grenade launcher at fortress the moment I went around the main road wall ☠️

  23. Nothing game-changing is coming with the next patch. Nikita has stated the only time they wipe is when game changing additions are made to the game - a map expansion and new trader does not seem to fit this, especially when it seem as though he will not utilize trader rep

  24. They're supposed to be adding customizable rigs and new armor hit boxes next patch, which probably won't actually happen, but it was indicated the last time BSG talked about the patch schedule a couple months ago.

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