1. I suppose. This is... My second wipe? I started right before Christmas last year. I have a 6 month blank spot in my brain from being away from home this year. Either way, the later quests get a little trying for sure, and I've pretty much been through the ringer with Tarkov. DeSync, knowers, dynamic loot, PMC poverty, one tap magnum scavs the list goes on. Perhaps in time I'll hate it, but right now I'm still enjoying the ups and downs.

  2. Haven't played siege, I have watched it, I think it's just a little too fast for me these days. Ya, I jump on Apex once every however many months, play a couple matches and head straight back to Tarkov.

  3. Try Insurgency sandatorm! It’s tactical with leaning mechanic and one shot headshot kill with realistic bullet velocities. Sounds in general are amazing just like visual effects. The only difference is once I die in a high stake situation I don’t want to punch in my monitor.

  4. i mean isnt that mindset youre framing it, the issue in and of itself? you want something that ‘feels the same’

  5. Yep, Siege is the only one other game I'll pick up but that's only if I got friends playing with me, otherwise fuck that.

  6. Just like early PUBG man, getting one chicken dinner in like 30-50 rounds felt amazing. That game felt incredible but shitty at the same time.

  7. I love tarkov but for me it just feels kinda slow so I like playing some apex or something for the fast pace gameplay, but the gunplay still isn't the same as tarkov, I'd love a more fast pace gameplay with the in depth gunplay and gun mods as tarkov

  8. Even on days when Tarkov isn't going great, and building your kit feels like a chore, then you gotta wait so long to load in. But when you get into raid, Tarkov hits different.

  9. 100% agree. I have fun as much as the next guy smashing 20+ people in BF or CoD. But there is no other shooter that gets me as hyped or tense as finding that piece of innocuous trash for a quest or literally makes me shake after I survive a gunfight like Tarkov does. There is just nothing else that compares to it.

  10. I am in the same boat my guy! Just bought a little gaming laptop to play a few games with mates (came from PC gaming but went to console a d now back) and I started tarkov this wipe.

  11. You should try Hunt: Showdown. It’s basically diet Tarkov set in the late 1800’s. I’m like you and have been absolutely addicted to Tarkov since switching to PC but Hunt is a nice change of pace/environment with the same basic concept and it’s also a game where tactics and strategy matters more than how fast you can flick and slide cancel.

  12. You might enjoy more tactical FPS games on the PC such as Hell Let Loose, Squad, or Insurgency. PC gaming offers a more diverse set of gaming options than the bland mix of same-ness you find in AAA console games. Give them a shot!

  13. As satisfying as Tarkov can be, It can also be really frustrating. Dying over and over again doesn't feel that good when low on money or when struggling to complete quests.

  14. surprisingly I have my most fun when I’m low on money. The pre struggle makes any come up exciting. It is a survival game, & it isn’t a coincidence people always want a wipe. Why do people want their money & loot erased all the time? Simple, because the first few months of early wipe are the most fun.

  15. I certainly understand that perspective. It can be tough at times, for me I just go with it though. I went into 10 customs runs shouting "FIRST TRY" just to keep my spirits up yesterday.

  16. One this I can say about tarkov, as a new player, about 2 weeks into playing it, I have been killed by 2 smaller streamers, after which I went to their streams to chat for a minute and they both ended up helping me out with quests I was working on at the time, and for the first one who killed me he kept encouraging me to keep grinding, and I've been having fun, the second one who killed me was yesterday and I started to run around with him in matches, where we ran into hackers, then stream snipers, then had a lot of fun on some good raids and got some quests done, all together I had a great night.

  17. Hunt Showdown has, in my opinion, perfect PvP. Every fight feels unique, dynamic and challenges you to not only out-shoot your opponent, but out-think them.

  18. This is how I was. I didn’t want to play anything else. 3000ish hours, 3 wipes, all max traders and hideouts, never did kappa cause I have EOD and honestly fuck that quest line, I haven’t played past lv 21 this wipe. I went back to apex, DS3, and d2r. Too many times dying right off spawn, especially when I tried to go in geared. 9/10 times when I went in geared, not even two minutes into the raid, I could hear some jabroni sprinting towards me at full speed to my exact position and it didn’t matter what I did, I got clapped. Yet when I go in with sub par gear or do pistol runs for the fun of it I was left alone. I love the game and mechanics but these ultra gamer chair, super monitor having ass hats ruined it for me.

  19. I thought the same too until I played MW2019. That game, gunplay and movement feels so sweet. Satisfying just to reload any gun.

  20. I definitely agree, I played MW19 on Xbox. That was the only CoD that felt good in years. Never picked it up in PC tho.

  21. was just talking to my buddy about this and was wondering if tarkov would ever influence other companies to step their game the way bsg did. besides bhopping and max strength bs, it feels like the mechanics and physics of movement and gunplay are truly the next level that other games lack. their passion for the project is what separates them from copy pasting yearly releases like cod. i too wish other games felt more like tarkov lol

  22. Tarkov is like that brilliant kid in highschool, who has so much potential, but instead of going to do great things, they just kinda end up working at the local grocery store for life because it’s just the easiest thing to do.

  23. While I'm not here to dispute anyones feelings towards the game, thinking like this has really held me back in the past, allowed to grow resentful of the game and held me away from other titles.

  24. it really does feel like 2042 is trying really hard to be cod warzone, what happened to shooters being different than one another? its all just a cash grab now to lure in the kids to spend money on mtx

  25. I would be interested, but from my understanding, both of them have pretty rampant hacking issues. Servers getting overloaded and DDoS'd

  26. Because Tarkov is often difficult to rival when it comes to ‘tactical’ shooters I’d suggest something different like Doom Eternal. In terms of design and philosophy they’re almost polar opposites but that would likely benefit you, as its not scratching the same itch Tarkov does. Alternatively, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is more similar to the hardcore nature of Tarkov while being much more laid back. Hope this helps.

  27. I'm In the same spit mate Although I feel like I'm getting to old for fps and other online competetive games. I used to play mostly LoL,CS, then apex at medium level I think. Few years ago I've lost that drive to play video games in general. I often played new games for aprox. 2h then uninstall it. I played 3 ranked games then had enoguh for months. Whenever I comebacked to cs, moba and other online I'm was getting destroyed.

  28. There's something special about carefully selecting each piece of equipment, each part of your gun, the ammo type and gear as you head into a raid. Then in game checking the chamber of guns, and switching out parts just feels so satisfying. Tarkov for me could easily be a survival game with minimal combat and I'd still have great joy just scavving and building the guns.

  29. Tarkov just has something no one else does. I will spend so much time just building guns. I'm the kind of person who has fun with the game just loading in an killing a few scavs just because I love having a nice gun in my hands. No matter how much I rage sometimes I always find myself back on tarkov because nothing else satisfies.

  30. I'm still kinda waiting for tarkov but not tarkov I think there is alot that could be done better and I'm just not sure if the direction of the game is what I like (still respect Devs for doing their thing). That being said it still ruined a ton of shooters for me.

  31. The Cycle: Frontier is a new f2p game in open beta on Steam during October and is like Tarkov in space / alien planet.

  32. 2 years and 3100 hours in, I feel this 100% other games just can’t compete with how tarkov is, I play 99.9% solo and get immersed in the game big time I love it even with all the issues. Be neat to see another company make a similar game so there’s some competition. But who knows still love tarky

  33. Ya, I would love for another company to try and compete. It would force BSG to put serious effort into the things they need either on, but it's a very complex game, and shine AAA companies have the resources. I don't know if they really think it would be profitable enough to try

  34. I was like this as well untill last wipe where i got to lvl 54 and ALMOST got kappa. (2 items away damnit) so when the next wipe rolled around i felt a sort of been there done that feeling with it. I still enjoy it im just not as gun ho about it.

  35. I definitely get where you're coming from. The continued grind when you've done something over and over, like a particular quest line, won't be fun forever. They will need to improve upon this over time, which I hope they will. The game is nowhere near complete. I hope they start doing more events like with Rashala in shoreline. I think things like that will be good for the game and the cycle in general.

  36. The trick is to stop playing all fps games for a while, especially tarkov. Take a couple of weeks off then come back to a different fps. You've been sensitised to Tarkov so everything else feels rubbish. You need to de-sensitise and forget Tarkov. 😁

  37. It's a bit cliche, I agree. And it hasn't ruined all other games, but shooters for sure just aren't as fun.

  38. I actually moved away from tarkov and into battlefield 5 because, well, it was free, but also because tarkov was so fucking draining between teammates that were just plain annoying and blocking progression, to endless grinding with no end in sight. Best decision I ever made. Criticize all BFV all you want, it's the peace and quiet I needed after the shitshow that is tarkov

  39. Ya, I played it a little, I didn't have any major complaints with it from what I've played. The Tarkov grind definitely gets rough. Thankfully my teammate(s) and I work well and are always trying to get stuff done, so that's nice

  40. Insurgency: Sand Storm is a great game for friends and will scratch that slow paced tactical itch while still maintaining casual gameplay. Another good one is Zero Hour, pretty close to Rainbow 6 but slower paced and much more realistic

  41. I am an avid cod player but couldn't get into Tarkov because I can't learn the maps. You would think after dozens of games in Woods I could tell where the extraction point is but nope lol

  42. Hey for anyone who feels like OP, you should really check out S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly. It is 100% free, and moddb has many different addons to customize and enhance your experience. More than anything I really recommend all you Tarkov hardos try out Escape From Pripyat, which is exactly what it sounds like. It merges many of the cool functions of EFT with Anomaly. For anyone unfamiliar with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Anomaly, it is an open world post-apocalyptic game set around Chernobyl and the greater outskirts. In addition to intense firefights, it also has mutants which range from packs of wild dogs to hulking abominations. Also for anybody who didn't know, Tarkov is largely inspired by the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series as its concept and lore was originally created by Andrew Tarkovsky's (no that's not a coincidence) book: Roadside Picnic.

  43. Eve Online did this to me nearly a decade ago now. Nothing else feels "hardcore" now haha. Tarkov takes a few big steps in that direction though, which is why I like it.

  44. If I could upvote this a thousand times I would. Tarkov was the first game in 15 years to give the 'shakes' after PVP as EVE used to do. The Tarky shakes were much smaller but it was good to feel 'em again. Small gang PVP in 2005-2008 EVE was the absolute best. Once I went big alliance, it was 4 more years of 4 account cap/super cap blob battles.

  45. Welcome brother. Your initiation has gone spectacularly. The next step is sacrificing a piece of your sanity. A piece Lord Nikita himself will keep for eternity. Never to be returned by another game.

  46. A couple months back i started watching people play tarkov, i own a ps4 so i cant play it. Just watching it, im hooked. I have become bored with shooters since watching tarkov and now thats all i want to play. Im buying insurgency sandstorm cause that looks close to whats gonna scratch my itch.

  47. That's how I was. It's cool watching someone do some crazy shit in BF or CoD, but once you see it in Tarkov it's just way more entertaining. Because there is so much more on the line if they fuck up. Well, maybe not that much is on the line, cause most streamers have a lot of money. But there's way more tension when you're watching Tarkov fights versus someone running around quick scoping kids on rust, or whatever the new relevant map is lol

  48. I love this game for the ideas it implements but i find it hard to want to play due to how many fights i lose due to desync. I dont think ive ever played another game where ive died as often as tarkov. Fairly normally ill peek someone on a corner then go back into cover and after a full second passes in cover ill get headshotted while still in cover. Most other aspects of this game are awesome but the servers are god-awful

  49. Ya, I'm thinking that's one I might have to give a try. There's a couple others that have been mentioned, but hunt seems to keep coming up.

  50. One thing I’ve noticed is when playing other shooters (I know, other enjoyable shooters?!?!), my game sense, positioning, pre aim, and pre fire have noticeably improved across the board. I hopped into valorant and split gate recently and wrecked compared to what I used to do.

  51. Tarkov gets super old super fast. The game is made so that if you are under a certain percentile of skill, you will not enjoy the game. It amazes me how people with even a modicum of a life get good at this game to the point they can laser beam you in the head. Unlike those sweaty basement dwellers, I have a life, a job, etc. I just wish there was a casual mode but that will never happen. This game is destined to fail eventually. They want as much cash as they can now, then 5 years from now, the player base will be boiled down to the kids who actually wasted their lives playing this insane survival game to the point they are gods and it will scare away any casual person.

  52. I mean, this game isn't really that hardcore. It's certainly more difficult than COD or other games of that nature, but it's really pretty easy to just survive if you want. There is a level of game knowledge required for that, but it's not overly difficult in my opinion. I play a fair amount, but even the people I know who are newer have gotten it fairly quick. With the option of Scav running there's plenty of opportunity to make money/get gear with minimal risk. There is a skill gap for sure, but you just have to temper your play style to your skill level. It's not unlike COD in that respect, if you're not that good, you probably shouldn't be in FFA or SnD. There just aren't game modes to separate the players. Assuming Arena actually come out that may change things though.

  53. Yeah thats what I always tell people being overly critical about the game. Just go try playing another FPS then tell me about how bad Tarkov is again. (Cause its not that bad and a lot of the desync is player created).

  54. Theres honestly like 5 main bugs holding Tarkov back so much. If they would spend the time and money to fix them the potential would be so much higher.

  55. I've looked at most of these, but I don't have anyone who plays most of these. I have come to realize that there it's a lot more opportunity than I had thought out there though, so hopefully I'll find one for me here soon.

  56. I go through stages, ESPECIALLY this wipe. Basically deleted my stash (10mill+ in keys alone) and solely do hideout farming and scav run, use same shitty weapons on my pmc. Dynamic loot really fucked me over as someone who has 3 kids and a full time job. I dont have time to do non stop scav runs just to pay for a loadout. I quit for awhile, played a few games of Fortnite with the wife and agree, no other fps compare. I cant even play rpg games because they're so boring to me now lol

  57. love Tarkovs RPG elements but it can be brutal sometimes. Valheim has been keeping me entertained in the rpg department lately.

  58. I enjoy the gunplay in Tarkov, load times haven't been to bad for me, sometimes reserve scav times can be a bit long, but that's hit or miss. Servers do have issues though, and I have had some bad experiences with cheating this wipe. Maps are meh mostly, and yes, optimization is poor. I didn't enjoy the level of RNG with some of the quests.

  59. No multi-player games. Stalker: Anomaly really scratches the tarkov itch, especially with the escape from chernobyl mod pack.

  60. Try SplitGate!! It's free on steam and It's a mix of Halo Reach multiplayer and portal portals. Super fun and feels good to play. I have 500+ hours in tarkov and I'll easily put that much into SplitGate.

  61. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of tarkov, the grind-reward ratio sucks, and it’s pointless because you lose it all regardless when the wipe comes.

  62. You'll come back around. I had a similar experience when starting out with Tarkov, I didn't want to play anything else because it didn't have this new style of depth I was exploring. But eventually I got to the point where Tarkov is fun, but games like Apex are fresh again and present a nice break to the intensity and hypertension.

  63. Also I wouldn’t judge BF2042 by the beta, the beta build is 4 months old and the game we all play in a few weeks will be different, in a good way, for sure.

  64. Try playing squad or some arma 3 king of the hill, squad delivering more teamwork based gameplay whist gunplay and handling is somewhat based and realistic, and arma whilst still being goofy in its own term will give you satisfaction over the kills you do get, really nice sound mechanics for finding active shooters if you can take in where the bullet landed vs the first hun fire crack of where the bullet was shot(or vice versa I really don’t remember lol), both boasting if you get shot once or a few times your are more than likely dead, not much gear fear in them but ammo and supply fear along with having 50-100 people in a server makes them quite fun shooters

  65. You could try insurgency: sandstorm. To me its like tarkov on a lot of drugs, and it's kind of a nice side game to play while recovering from Tarkov kicking me in the nuts repeatedly.

  66. I guess I’m weird bc I still love BF4,1, and V, Squad, Enlisted, and Brink. (Yes I still play Brink in 2021.) However the lackluster feeling Bf2042 gives us not just you, I’ve been nothing but disappointed with BF.

  67. Snap! Squad is the most noob friendly game, great community, and though I found it a little tedious after a while and gave up I definitely don't regret buying it. About as good a milsim as you can buy.

  68. Tarkov is so successful because its unique. No other game is like Tarkov. I would argue that this game is not all that great on its own but the fact that its alone on the market makes it a great game lmao

  69. I pretty much have the same experience, being new to PC coming from playstation and Tarkov being my first shooter (BECAUSE I really didn't like how most other multiplayer FPS gameplay worked). It also conditioned me quite a bit for PC FPS gaming because I only knew console.

  70. hopped on another fps and saw the gun had peq box, folding stock , adjustable scope. was disapointed i couldnt use any of it , tarkovs ruined other fps games for me that way.

  71. I suppose, I haven't played BF4 since it came out. Basically all I was trying to say is that it feels way faster and more arcady then I ever remember it being. Very twitchy, jumping around, sliding across the ground, grapple hooks. BF was never a hardcore sim, but it the movement had a certain weight to it that just doesn't feel there with this one. I played BF4 not that long ago and that felt good, and I had a lot of fun with it. The core game feels like it's targeted towards Apex and warzone players. Not the og battlefield community.

  72. There's a lot that Tarkov does well, but there's one thing Tarkov does better than any other game out there...

  73. Tarkov achieved a different level of creativity and unique fun that isn't anywhere else. Pair that with years of development and you get something more akin to that of a well aged mmo in shooter form. I agree.

  74. Tarkov is the only game that I can’t let myself play, it becomes an addiction and controls my life. I literally played 8+ hrs a day for a time during quarantine. I burnt out though and decided that rather than get back into it I would uninstall for good. Thank god I did, it’s like heroin or something, you take it not because it’s fun, but because it’s not fun without it.

  75. Same I tried the battlefield beta last night and all I could think is “ this is trash. Tarkov is so much smoother, the gunplay is infinitely better just everything about it is better than any other shooter made

  76. Not to worry, Tarkov is coming to console within the next few years. You and your friends will be able to play together.

  77. All my friends are on PC, but we haven't really jumped on anything else yet. We play a lot of different games, but we haven't had either shooter to jump to.

  78. 3 years in and am just now branching back off for Halo, but yeah, I didn't realize it but the hardest part of Escape from Tarkov is escaping from Tarkov.

  79. I think I speak for most vets when I say .... while you'll always appreciate it, and there is definitely nothing remotely close to the experience, eventually you'll get over it and only see the painful shortcomings earlier and earlier in each wipe.

  80. im probably going to get down voted to oblivion but i will say it. tho i absolutely love tarkov im not going back to it till they implement co-op off line.

  81. Im into more realistic shooters, slower shooters and but if you're looking for something else to play, I would suggest some of these: Squad, Insurgency: Sandstorm, Hell let loose, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

  82. Try insurgency sandstorm, it’s not really the same but it’s been scratching my Itch when it comes to something mil-sim like.

  83. bruh, if you really think the beta feels like cod or apex, you need to get your feelings checked, it feels almost like BF4 does

  84. Probably, someone else said that, I didn't like BF4 and barely remember playing it. CoD and Apex are the closest, most relevant games I've played in recent years tho.

  85. I play tarkov in waves, after 6 months of it everything else feels great! Then I come back to tarkov and repeat.

  86. I played at the beginning of this year Rocket league, warzone, fortnite, apex, one month each, and few months back decided to play Tarkov with the new wipe. I’ve never had so much fun with a videogame, and I dont get easily frustrated playing it which is weird as being a hardcore shooter. The other games are the kind of game that I got bored after a while, but tarkov I put like 3 months and still having a blast like day one

  87. Try some mil sims. Arma 3, Squad, and not a mil sim but Hunt Showdown. Those should get you started. And if u like the looting, survival and unforgiving aspects of Tarkov then DayZ and Rust might also be something to look at

  88. If you haven’t already, Pick up Insurgency: Sandstorm. It’s right in between battlefield and Tarkov. It’s a perfect filler for when I’m not trying to get sucked into Tarkov or I need a little break.

  89. Tarkov has ruined shooters for me like Tolkien ruined fantasy. Once you've tasted the best, everything else is just stale.

  90. Have you tried out Bloodhunt? It’s a 3rd person BR with your characters being different vampire classes that have unique abilities. I have fun on it with my friends. Plus it’s free

  91. The closest I come to Tarkov in enjoyment from other FPS games is PUBG. It is far from as hardcore as Tarkov, but playing ranked FPP feels a lot more hardcore and punishing than other more "casual" (in lack of a better word) FPS games like Apex, Fortnite and so on.

  92. Opposite for me. Switching to a shooter with better movement, higher FPS, more recoil, and less desync makes me not want to launch Tarkov until the end of the wipe.

  93. I rage quit tarkov 10 times a week and always come back. There truly isn't anything like it, many games are similar but not close to the same.

  94. I don't play tarkov these days, just because I dont play a shooter right now. If I start deciding to play shooter and try any other game than tarkov, i still end up playing tarkov after a few hours.

  95. dude I feel sane exact way like some nights I just suck and say fuck this go and play the division and ghost recon and honestly I just can't get into them and find myself going back to tarkov... it's a rough world

  96. Yeah, nothing's the same after you've tried Tarkov. Nothing offers as much immersion.A friend of mine talked me into playing some BF1 lately, and the gameplay just seems so boring, and senseless. Tarkov offers one thing that no other FPS does - the incentive to stay alive. That's what makes it so magical.

  97. You should try Insurgency, it's not as in depth as Tarkov in terms of movement or customisation options but it's full of fast paced action.

  98. Basically same. I used to play tons of cod, now since switching to pc I can't play any fps that doesn't have leaning. I like all of them though, insurgency, R6, ground branch. Hoping ww3 is as good as it's been looking

  99. I wish I felt like this. I'm very close, but the desync in tarkov makes me not even want to have gunfights some nights. Playing other games is a good reminder what it's like to not have to deal with absolutely insane peekers advantage and rubber banding.

  100. Tarkov is the heroin of shooters. Nothing else feels as good ever again, your lows are constant and deeper than anything else, but those highs are untouchable and you can't stop chasing that Tarky dragon.

  101. Destiny 2 weapons have been stale and boring, and haven't felt interesting since 2 weeks after I got back into the game. That game is pretty much a dead meme in every regard as far as I'm concerned.

  102. Try playing hunt showdown, seriously underrated game by a reputable developer. Getting a lot of support lately in the form of content updates with new guns, map, bosses etc.

  103. I see your point, and for me it was the same for quite a while. I'm past that now, and I can play whatever I want really. Recently I have been enjoying Insurgency Sandstorm, it's pretty good I think.

  104. Same! I’ve been having ping issues lately so I end up just managing my inventory and testing my ping with scav runs. The pain.

  105. Arma 3 can be a good one, if looking for more serious style pvp there are groups that do that, but the game is a sandbox so there is something for everyone

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