1. I would guess we'll get a somewhat known actor for Brom but that the rest of the cast will be relative unknowns. Similar to what was done with GoT or Wheel of Time.

  2. Agreed. I also think Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker in Star Wars) would make an excellent Brom, seeing as how he was also recently on The Mandalorian in cameos. However, I've gotten downvoted on

  3. Please PLEASE don't say similar to wheel of time.... they butchered an amazing opportunity.... wheel of time series is the TV show equivalent of the eragon movie.

  4. Liam Neeson as the voice of Glaedr could be cool, similar to how he shows the majesty of Aslan in the Narnia films

  5. I actually think that Elva would be best played by a late teens/early twenties actor, who they make smaller with either CG or practical trickery. Given that the whole premise of the character is that she’s an unsettlingly adult-like child, I just don’t think an actual child can pull off the gravitas of the role.

  6. Christian Bale or Walken as Galbatorix, he’s had experience playing psychopaths, I was never mad at Weisz voicing Saphira to be honest I’ve always been a Mummy fan, Chace Crawford as Murtagh - slightly too old but I dunno, I could see it working Mark Hamill voicing at least 1 Urgal or if Shruiken speaks at any point in a memory or something Hamill for sure

  7. Christopher Walken is entirely too old but I could maybe see them having better success with de-aging Bale a bit

  8. I'm hoping for lots of relatively unknown actors. I also hope Eragon is played by an actor that is around the age Eragon is in the beginning of the story. I feel like it would take more time to make a whole tv series than it took for Eragon to do all the things he did in the books so the actor will probably "out-age" him anyway. So it would be nice if they were at least the same age at the start. For Saphira I think any blue dragon without feathers would be a good casting choice ;)

  9. I think that Noah schnapp would make a Good Eragon. He is about the same age and Close to Eragons physicall description in the books.

  10. Don't see why he couldn't? This will take a while wo get going and may not start production for a year or 2 at which point kenobi could be done with star wars.

  11. One thing I think a lot of people are forgetting is we need to look at how old characters appear to be rather than how old they are. Just because Galby is over a century old doesn’t change that he’s supposed to look like an attractive man in his 40’s. Brom seemed to be an in shape man of his late 50’s-ish. Eragon and Murtagh are teens, Arya appears to be in her early 20’s at most.

  12. Murtagh should look more in the early twenties than as a teenager tho, he was around 19 years old and a bit taller than Eragon who was 16 if I remember correctly. Arya may look the same age as Eragon but an actress around 30 could have the vibe of maturity and almost motherly type of kindness she gives to Eragon sometimes...

  13. Galbatorix in the books is described as being in his prime and looking like he was still in his 40’s, at the oldest, and with a voice like butter that makes ANYONE weak in the knees. Y’all need to be casting younger men for him.

  14. This is why I suggested Adam Driver for Galbatorix. He has a similar age (38), a buttery voice, and is talented enough to play a nuanced villain. Judging by

  15. Mark Strong might be a bit old, but I feel like he would nail that role. I think of him as the villain in Sherlock Holmes, as my basis for how he'd be Galbatorix.

  16. Having Milton Jones as the somewhat absent minded king of Surda would be hilarious in my opinion, he gives off that vibe quite well

  17. I personally don’t think jeromy irons was a bad choice for Brom in the failure, but I’m honestly more curious about how they will portray inhuman voices like Saphira or the Razac

  18. I always imagined Saphira to sound like wow dragons like Alexstraza (you hear her narration in the new dragon flight trailer)

  19. She’s probably become too popular from Stranger Things, but Sadie Sink has the hair for Katrina and is close enough to the right age to fit in.

  20. Don’t think I’ve seen anyone mention this, but Viggo Mortensen as Brom and Hugo Weaving as Oromis would be amazing

  21. Maybe, but Elrond's character in lotr is quite similar to Oromis (ancient powerful elf) . Mortensen though I could see, so long as he looks old enough.

  22. At least for Roran, I imagined him looking like Charlie Rowe when I reread the series a couple years ago. Would love to see that actually happen.

  23. Anthony Hopkins as Brom, perhaps? It would definitely be cool to have James Earl Jones and/or Ian McKellen in to voice dragons.

  24. I'd say Karl Urban for Galbatorix. He's a great actor and looks the part based on a description I just double checked.

  25. I would love to see Hiroyuki Sanada play Oromis but he is probably too old for it now but he has been "my Oromis" for maybe a decade. Give him the role of Durza or even Brom, i just really want Sanada.

  26. I hesitate to have Hamill in the flesh because there are so many parallels to Star Wars already. Given his voice acting talent, I think it would make more sense to have him voice one of the dragons, either Glaedr or Umaroth.

  27. Because if he weighs in with his ideal casting choices and the show goes a different direction, then us fans will outcry that the show is not matching his vision.

  28. I hope they get at least a few actors that have read the books and truly love them and do their best to portray their characters.

  29. Let’s talk about the one they messed up the worst, last time around: Arya. Personally, I think Gemma Chan would be a great pick for the role. She fits Chris’ visual description of the character, but more importantly she has a voice that suits Arya.

  30. Yeah, he’s who I always pictured in re-reads. Aside from being too old now, though, I think they would shy away from casting him in something so similar to his star wars role.

  31. I’ve thought about this quite a bit. For Eragon, I kinda could see someone like Noah Schnapp being a good fit. I imagine they will go with a lesser known actor but I think it’s important to have the the actor look 15-16. I like the idea of Dacre Montgomery for Murtagh…I’ve also thought Jacob Elordi could do a good job playing a tortured “villain”. For the voice of Saphira, I loved Rachel Weisz but also could see someone like Thandiwe Newton (see Westworld) working. Maybe it’s recency bias with Stranger Things 4, but I also could weirdly see Jamie Campbell Bower as Oromis. I still can’t seem to find a good Arya or Nasuada yet and have a few ideas for Roran

  32. I hope they cast someone older tbh. It's a coming of age story, but it still works with a 18 yo who would be more believable as a skilled warrior

  33. For me personally, if their age didn't really make that big of a part, Brom, Galbi and Murtagh could be cast the same way and I've wouldn't have minded in the slightest. Plus Weisz again as Saphira (but now without feathers).

  34. I for one would no be onboard with a younger Eragon. I read the books when I was 10-ish the first time around, but now that I’m a full grown adult I’m not sure how I feel about watching a show where the main character is barely an adolescent. The whole show is on Eragon’s shoulder, he’s the only main character unlike say Stranger Things where the cast is composed of something like 10 characters ranging from 10yo to 50

  35. I really hope they don't screw it up, but then again it would be actually a challenge to be worse than the movie xD

  36. I'll be the one to say it but I had zero issues with the movie casting, just everything else was garbage. They better not make the Ra'zac fucking bug ninja people and actually do them justice, same for Urgals.

  37. That’s really interesting. That’s about as far as you could possibly get from my head cannon lol

  38. Tilda Swinton as Islanzadí Paolini as Jeod Oscar Isaac as Brom maybe? Especially with his Dune performance, I don't know though. Andy Circus as Galby

  39. Chalamet would be a better Murtagh in my opinion! I have a hard time seeing him as the naïve, kindhearted character Eragon starts out as.

  40. Ok, here's my addition: Bob Odenkirk as Brom. Hear me out. I'm sitting in my living room, racking my brain for possible casts, and my eyes fall on a copy of Nobody. Odenkirk has crazy range, and if he played it serious and stoic, I think he could actually pull it off. He's about the right age, can produce the beard, can fight...

  41. Damn I’m kinda sad it’s on Disney+… been doing a reread as an adult and man Eldest onwards is definitely more Game of Thrones then it is MCU or even LotR level intense (the Ra’Zac scenes with Roran and just how dark he gets, the scale intensity of war scenes, etc.). I also enjoyed it as a kid but I feel like we’re going to lose some of the power of the books by it being a Disney show.

  42. There’s a part of me that hopes his sister plays Angela, since he based the character on her. Likely won’t happen, but it would be very cool to see.

  43. I propose Jeremy Irons for Brom, he's aged from the first non-movie and he should be perfect for the role, with a longer beard. Also, Tom Ellis would be perfect as Galbatorix, but this should be discussed in the last season, and they haven't started the first yet

  44. Please don’t give me shit but Ben Solo and Murtagh sort of merged in my imagination so I’d die to see Adam Driver steal Zaroc from Eragon (yes, I’m aware he’s a full grown adult)

  45. It’s really fun to see all these suggestions and I haven’t seen a single one regarding who could play Eragon lmao

  46. Kit Connor as Eragon. He has great range, evidenced in hearstopper and is young enough to play the role convincingly.

  47. Kit Harrington as Roran. He might be a little old for the beginning but with makeup and effects it could be pulled off… Might be a hot take but I would love Henry Cavill as Oromis. Maybe a slimmer version of the Witcher Henry, but I think it could be great. As far as Eragon and Arya and maybe even the voice of Saphira, I’d welcome a new talent.

  48. Can't forget for accuracy that just because someone is a certain age they live in a harder time with a much lower life average then us healthy modern people so they would appear older than they actually are so using an age appropriate actor/actress based off book age would be the wrong choice.

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