1. Lol, those feet really are a mess. They also really know how to work his angles--the photo is taken at a 3/4 angle to I think make him look less downhill which I strongly suspect he is. Nice bone, I like his shoulder, hindquarters and how his neck ties in. With jumpers, proof is kind of in the pudding--they can look like whatever if they've got hops and can hold up to the job. He's certainly very handsome but I'm a dressage queen for life and he's not anyone I would choose to crossbreed for, in my dreams.

  2. He has high-low syndrome in the front and the back. Which usually means he uses one diagonal pair of legs more than the other. Like put more weight on it. The steeper hooves get less use and the flatter ones take more of the work. It can be caused by for example one hind leg being more pushing than carrying. It pushes the weight onto the front leg that's diagonally in front of it so they both take more weight than the other two. It can also be because he wants to make a less comfortable hoof or leg take less weight so it'll hurt less. An old injury can cause the same even if the horse isn't hurting anymore, he can be used to a movement pattern that underutilizes the leg that used to be injured. Another cause can be grazing in the pasture with one foot always in front and the other always behind. But that doesn't always translate to the back, those horses usually only have high-low syndrome in the front.

  3. agreed w this assessment, i’d also add his hind right looks like it has practically no heel? the angles on his feet are all over the place

  4. Looks like he’s got a big ol’ splint on his front right if I’m seeing correctly. Wonder if that’s caused by the issues with his feet?

  5. At first glance he’s a gorgeous horse, but his hooves are an absolute mess and I feel like some of his angles are questionable. It also depends on what discipline you’d want him/his offspring for. Personally I don’t think he’d do as well in dressage as other horses due to his downhill build. He’ll have a more difficult time sitting on his hindquarters and working uphill. I also agree with the comment about his neck and shoulder. Beautiful horse, not someone I’d personally go for if I had another option.

  6. I would not breed to him, but I’m a dressage/eventer. His feet alone are an issue as mentioned above, but I also don’t like his neck - I think he might be ever so slightly ewe necked.

  7. I saw that too - also love confirmation class - always learn so much. I was thinking a good farrier could help rebalance him but not sure...

  8. I like his hocks for a jumper. They're not too straight. The croup is nice too. Otherwise, I agree with the assessment that he's a little downhill, the throatlatch is a little thick, and the feet are very odd. I also think his topline is a little short. Overall, I wouldn't breed to this horse. There are too many nicer ones in Europe. That being said, if he jumps the moon he's still an amazing horse. Confirmation isn't everything, but it is when you're breeding.

  9. With feet like that, I would not buy him; he needs a year off competition/upper level work to sort that out. Too much strain on his body, and we don’t know where the problem originated.

  10. Hes a stud, not for sale. He placed 3rd in his stallion license test with 10 for character, 9.5 for willingness to work, and 8.5 for jumping ability. Currently doing 1.35.

  11. Depends on the price imo. I mean, his confirmation isn’t perfect also definitely not terrible. I could see him being someone’s first “nice” horse. Also what’s going on w/ his hooves lol

  12. Beautiful horse. Neck is a bit short for the breed and a bit dippy in the back. Looks like they may be correcting some leg issues with the hoof trims, but overall a beautiful horse.

  13. He's nice. I really like his shoulder and hindquarters. His joints mostly look okay, but something bothers me about his knees and left fore pastern and I can't quite put my finger on it. His topline is nice. He's built downhill, but not terribly so and unless he's meant to be a dressage horse this might not be such a big deal. He looks balanced and for the most part he gives the impression of a nice athletic horse. I assume he's a jumper. His hooves are kind of a mess, though.

  14. He's a beautiful boy, is he still young-ish? Looks like he has some development to do over and through the shoulder still but has a nice head and well-set neck. His feet need some rebalancing by the looks of things and his off hind looks a little disjointed in the angle perspective. Nice set tail and shaped quarters - just looks like he's some filling out to do - but I could be wrong. Beautiful boy you must be very proud.

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