1. Well I've played through it 7 times over 350 hours so I'm pretty happy with its replayability. Sekiro is great too, but less replayable for me.

  2. I must be so shit I clocked them hours and I'm at fire giant now 😂 to be fair though I enjoy exploring and I try not to Google for hints.

  3. Yeah I'm doing a full completionist journey doing all caves, ruins, catacombs, quests, bosses, field bosses, mini bosses etc and I'm on journey 6... Still discovering new things so I fully disagree with that mf

  4. His point about "the back half of ER's bosses" making him "nauseous" is so dumb, like that's the entire point of playing the game for me tbh, beating:

  5. I only played last of us 2 and resident evil village once and they were both a lot of fun. Just more like movies. New god of war similar theme.

  6. This. I personally find ER less enjoyable to replay than past Souls (mostly due to the raw size, not being able to capture the magic of exploring blind again, and PvP being less enjoyable so less desirable to make more new builds for it) but the first experience was absolutely magical still and I’ll never forget.

  7. Yeah I’m the opposite. I’m never looking for replayability in anything. I have so many games that I wanna play, that I much prefer to reach a point where I consider the game done (which usually means 100% achievements). So I can uninstall it and start something new.

  8. Games as art vs. games as consumption. From a critical perspective, we tend to praise games that have enough depth that a core audience can keep playing them indefinitely or that still hold up after being out for a long time. From a consumer perspective, we generally just want games to hold our interest until the next big thing comes out. That can happen through replayability, but the industry trend is to stuff their games with more and more content.

  9. Tbf they didn't say the game is bad, just that they don't think it'll stand the rest of time. I disagree personally but I cannot argue that a lot of the best parts of Elden Ring were only really super fun the first time, when I replay it now the whole thing takes like 6 hours because I don't really wanna do all the side shit again.

  10. Completely agree. Based on this criteria Solitaire would have to be ranked higher than any FromSoft game since it’s infinitely replayable (I’m gonna go ahead and count 8 * 1067 games as “infinite”). Many of the best games can only really be played once (Outer Wilds is a perfect example of this).

  11. I think that a game having an active base depends on if you can play the game more than once. Vs other very popular titles that are made and quickly die due to it not being able to hold a player past one playthrough. For me, a part of having so much fun with Fromsoft games is that the base for all of them has persisted for a long time and there's always something to talk about when it comes to them. But that doesn't mean Elden ring will age badly, and this is a tweet from last year anyway

  12. Trying different builds out, going through different experiences, different areas to get all them, and speedrunning the game hasn't gotten sour.

  13. Honestly when I get around to ng+ I’m just going to do all the catacombs and tunnels and explore and only do the bosses I need to do to unlock locations. I love the open world aspect of ER more than the bosses

  14. Did my last playthrough in less than 3 hours to get the last achievement. It doesn't take much time if you don't want it to, that's for sure

  15. I literally finished 2 playthroughs in under 2 days to get the different endings so saying you get nauseous just thinking about the bosses is just ridiculous

  16. I'm trying to figure out how I can simultaneously somewhat agree with what the Twitter guy is saying while also having 300 plus hours into the game.

  17. I do think the game has zero replay value for me. I do feel like it would be a repetitive slog if I tried to pick it up again. That doesn't mean it's a bad game though and it's certainly not going to "age like milk". I struggle to replay 90% of games so replayability doesn't mean shit to me tbh. Games can be good and only played once. The average person isnt going to choose to replay a 100+ hour game over and over again.

  18. True about the exploration, not the bosses. The boss line up is pretty similar to other games, as in, you have bosses that have a lot of effort in them and bosses with a lot less effort. Its not a significant problem with the game aside from some dungeons

  19. I would say the low effort bosses appear in way more of the % of the gsme compared to previous games because of the amount of side dungeons, mines, Catacombs and etc that are spread around the game.

  20. The difference is that Elden Ring has a lot more boss-fights with a lot less effort in them compared to any previous FromSoft game.

  21. ...I mean, maybe? I don't know. Is Super Mario Sunshine boring because no one's playing it anymore, the mechanics are dated, and it's always the same?

  22. For people who've never played it before that pick it up now yes, its just a fact that every game will age; the statement itself is weird because its worded to sound negative on elden ring even though literally eveery game, movie, show etc. goes through it eventually.

  23. Now in sad due to how hard it is to get 3D all stars. Sunshine has always been my favorite but I gave up trying to find all stars a long time ago.

  24. I'm pretty confident that Elden Ring is going to garner more appreciation around the time the next game has released if anything.

  25. Currently on NG+4 on my first character and NG+2 on a second. I suppose I would like to register respectful disagreement.

  26. At least not just getting the same items again. If you already have it, chests should give you like important items, like rune arcs or something.

  27. I think it's true, but it doesn't mean that Elden Ring isn't replayable. Elden Ring has a lot of wow factor and learning moments that only work once. The exploration isn't rewarded well, so you just do it for the sake of exploration. The boss and enemy reuse hurts the experience in a lot of fights and areas on your later playthroughs. The NPC quests are too painful for me to want to do them more than once. The combat mechanics and boss fights are super fun, but I don't think they're quite as fleshed out as Sekiro or even somewhat-comparable titles like Monster Hunter. As a result, I think putting the time in to "git gud" isn't as rewarding as in other games. Basically Elden Ring is at its best when you first play it and will age like milk to some degree if you keep playing it.

  28. I am in my first play through, almost done i think. I did A LOT. But i payed almost no attention to items which don’t much my stats, as well as ashes. Also, despite some weapons not matching my style, the ones that do i did not use all so there is even replayability in the same character.

  29. I love the ring but after my first play through of 120ish hours I usually lose interest after playing for a few hours on a new character or even continuing my new game plus

  30. "Age like milk" is probably over-selling it, but I do feel like ER is not as replayable as other Fromsoft games. After I platinumed it (just NG & NG+ for all the endings) I haven't really felt like another run, mainly for the reasons that he points out. I went and did another DS3 and another Bloodborne run instead.

  31. Makes sense, a linear game is going to be more replayable than an open world one. That doesn't make it worse

  32. Give it time. You’ll be back. I went and did DS1 (5 play-throughs), DS3 (3 play-throughs), and Sekiro (3 play-throughs) to take time off ER. Now I’m back at ER for a 4th play-through. These games have infinite replay-ability, every one of them, but burn out is going to happen with EVERY and any game, sometimes sooner than others, it doesn’t really mean anything, and especially doesn’t mean that one is somehow worse.

  33. I mean why would you feel like another run? Isn't that like 7 playthroughs? I'm about 120hrs in and I'm tempted to start over because my wretch still feels a bit week at level 64. I have explored a ton, although I only just got to Mt. Gelmir. Still have to beat Raya Lucaria and Radahn and a few catacombs and graves.

  34. I love the game. First playthrough was amazing. Second one on NG+ was fun to just crush all the bosses that gave me trouble the first time. But beyond that? I’ve gotten kinda bored. I’m on NG+8 on DS3 and NG+2 on DS2. For me personally, Elden Ring gets a little too big to bother exploring all over again and again. Dark Souls satisfies my “quick burst through the game” fix. Elden Ring is phenomenal, but my heart belongs to Dark Souls.

  35. I've definitely seen people compare Elden Ring to Sekiro in an apples to oranges way, but I don't think this take is that. The way I interpret it (and agree with it) is that what made Sekiro good the first time you played it also makes it good the tenth time you played it. What made Elden Ring good the first time you played it probably won't hold up on later playthroughs. Granted, there's still a lot of things you CAN enjoy on replays, but less people are interested in those things.

  36. I mostly agree. The open world exploration is weak compared to the legacy dungeons and underground sections. Of the 165 "boss" encounters only 9 are unique and you can fight Godrick twice and Morgott three times. The 9 unique bosses except for Melania and Elden Beast are great though even if Rykard is yet another storm ruler gimmick.

  37. One issue is the multiplayer in this big world space. I barely got summoned or found signs after the initial really high player count fell off. PvP worked much better in Ds3 as well in regards to balancing and invasions

  38. You're only talking about the 9 unique bosses as if they're the only ones that are allowed to be praised. I think all remembrance bosses besides EB and fire Giant are phenomenal. Plenty of optional side bosses are also really fun to fight. Elmer, Misbegotten, Crucible Knight, Godskin (individually), Lannseax, Tree Sentinel and variants, black blade Gargoyles, Astel, red wolfs and black knives are all awsome.

  39. Its a very subjektive topic honestly. I've Seen Posts Here about Guys making more than 20 replays. I personally Played it 2 time (granted, Eldenring is the First Game since final Fantasy X that Made me replay it, so For me personally, it Had incredible high replayability, i am Just Not the Type of Player to replay Things).

  40. Hard disagree, honestly. I played ~4 playthroughs in the space of almost two months after this game released, so I put it down for a bit. I did honestly everything I could’ve thought was possible, including scouring the entire map high and low.

  41. Meanwhile, I'm on NG+ 7 of Elden Ring and still enjoying myself. I agree with his take on Sekiro's replayability, though. It's an awesome game too.

  42. Currently on my third playthrough low-level challenge and am enjoying the hell out of it, even if I Know what's coming next it's keeping me entertained after hours of play time.

  43. More than valid. Bloodborne, DS1, Seikro are all way more replayable because they’re still interesting when you know where everything is. Elden Ring, given its size, gets really tedious on different play-throughs.

  44. Yeah the worst part of repeat playthroughs is the run time between bosses. Though I don’t think that makes it a bad game.

  45. I’m still on my first play through but I’m excited to play again and try for more endings, also try different builds. I don’t think I’d play it through more than 2-3 times but I definitely wouldn’t say it will “age like milk”.

  46. I mean I guess it’s valid, but I think it’s funny that people criticize a 100+ hour playthrough game of having “little replayability”, like dude maybe come back after doing something else for a bit

  47. Not a dumb take, but I disagree, mainly because I absolutely love ER bosses and areas, and I don't think I could get tired of them anytime soon.

  48. I'd argue that Sekiro may have better combat design, but it really only has 4 playthroughs worth of replays: first time, second time, hard mode challenge run, and meme run using mostly prosthetic tools. This is due to there being only one playstyle, which while very well designed and refined, is still only one playstyle.

  49. Why do people even give a shit about this stuff? Fuck twitter. Just enjoy the game lol. Elden ring is awesome

  50. I wouldn't write his tweet but mostly agree. I quit my second playthrough in Aldus Plateau as the thought of continuing into the back half didn't inspire me as much as playing other games.

  51. It's funny because I agree, the boss design in elden ring is terrible imo unfair, roll bait, giants, and duo bosses. Only reason I have 200 hours was because the world exploration was awesome but Idk if I'd do it again.

  52. I don’t fully agree but I’m personally finding that the world is more of a hindrance after the first full play through. The wonder of exploration is gone and now it’s a bit overwhelming.

  53. I played it for like two hundred hours straight, like five or six playthroughs back-to-back, and enjoyed it just fine. The crappy back half of the game, too. You can make the same argument about Dark Souls 1 and people still play and talk about that game now, more than a decade later.

  54. Speaking of DS1, I'd argue that is suffers much more from having a terrible second half. Every playthrough, you'll still have to go through catacombs, crystal cave, Izalith and New Londo. In Elden Ring you can just ignore mountaintops and snowfields and head for the bosses immediately. Haligtree can be ran through to reach Malenia without hassle and sewers is never necessary to do for any main boss.

  55. I think this is totally accurate. Games like dark souls (all of them), Bloodborne, and Sekiro are built for replayability. You get better and faster and eventually it's just boss after boss after boss, which is fantastically fun. Elden Ring isn't built that way. I loved it on my first playthrough and it's no doubt a super good game, but for me at least it doesn't have any replay value whatsoever. I tried 3 other characters and only made it 15 hours per at most. It didn't stay appealing. It's already aging like milk for me. Good game, but I'll go back to play it again less than any of the above (yes, including ds2)

  56. Tbh Skyrim is a bad example, its relevance in today's gaming world and how much its talked about is almost exclusively because of the modding community. Modding as a whole adds an infinite amount of replayability, hell in the past month alone there's come out a multiplayer mod, a mod adding in fully functioning hitboxes, a mod adding in the nemesis system from shadow of mordor, etc etc.

  57. I find that happens a lot but this thread has been fine plenty of constructive criticism going around I've even seen some people critisize fanboys for taking the critisism personally

  58. Elden Ring has massive replayability consider just how variable builds can be. Then the main bosses are all unique experiences. All the different endings have their own quest line so you can pick and choose that. Then there is all the exploration you can do since the map is massive. If that is not enough the different questline's out there that you can use to preoccupy yourself. Lastly the fact if anything you can choose to ignore all that and just beeline the main story. Then after that you also have the PVP aspect if you choose to partake it in. Whether it be invasions or duels.

  59. I find Elden Ring the most repeatable given its immense build variety and just how many different ways you can play the first few hours.

  60. I have a few more playthroughs of Sekiro than Elden Ring but I thing they both have decent replayability and are worth getting the platinums for at the very least.

  61. I got 257 hours in the game. Currently started NG+4 and STILL discovering new things on the map and doing other questlines. The replayability because you can try different builds and approach things differently for questlines.

  62. It’s not completely off, at least the exploration part, sure you cant re-discover things but that’s not all there is to replay. New builds etc gave me enough to go back for.

  63. 225 hours and I’m about 40-50% through my second playthrough (next gate point is the Draconic Tree Sentinel). 175 hours were for playthough 1 where I tried to go everywhere and do everything. Run #2 I have no real desire to do a completionism run, but I’m still having a blast with a totally new build. ER may be too big for some, but I like that you can just sorta get lost in the world and maybe still find something new.

  64. Idk. I’m not gonna lie, I burned out fast. I played like 300 hours in the first 2 months and I haven’t touched it since. But I’m sure I’d feel that way about any game that I play that much in that amount of time.

  65. I never understood this argument. All the main bosses are great imo and while Sekiro bosses are great, I found Sekiro harder to replay. There really is no alternative way to beat Sekiro so once you've played through it you've done it. A replay is just that, a exact replay. Dark souls and Eldin ring have a wide selection of weapons and styles to master making a replay much more enjoyable. I'm on a second run through and doing a Melee build. It's insane how different the experience is.

  66. Whats with all the hate for elden ring bosses? There are a couple of boring ones. But didnt he heave fun with Margit? Godrick? Renalla? And like… most of them?

  67. I'm more partial to the old souls games due to their gothic maze feel, however elden ring is pretty great. Honestly, all I want is another bloodborne

  68. I think he's right in that most of the magic is in the first playthrough, but on repeated playthroughs you know what you're looking for and therefore don't need to explore everything. I usually have a preferred order for the major bosses, but there are many paths to pick depending on what ending you want. But I also think Sekiro is an extremely good game and despite the lack of "replayablity" like not having character customization or weapon types, it's combat is good enough to keep me coming back.

  69. I agree that Sekiro is a lot better in the aspect that boses are a lot easier to get to and play. Personally for me bosses are the main part of fromsoft games and elden ring just has too much in between. Still a good game though.

  70. The bosses are the best part. What’s really hurting my drive to play is having to go through the open world over and over just to get items for my builds.

  71. He's not entirely wrong. I had to restart twice due to corrupted save and having to start brand new games was very tedious. New Game + is better but in past souls games starting fresh felt fun. Starting fresh in Elden Ring was quite draining.

  72. I’m on my fourth play through and still finding hidden features, weapons, areas, quest lines and learning new things. “Exploration only being fun the first time” when you discover something new & perfect your craft on each playthrough just seems like such a misleading statement!

  73. I don't understand the need for every game to have endless or lots of replayability. I put 200 hrs into elden ring and that's one playthrough. Honestly I don't need anymore from it. Most hours I put into a souls game and I'm fine with that.

  74. I'm about to finish NG+7. Like many from soft titles, Elden Ring is a gem. Didn't get the same feels from Seikro, but only played through once. There is so much to discover in Elden Ring.

  75. I never replayed Elden Ring and i don’t intend to do it but i still had 200hrs out of it and i had a blast. Probably my best open world experience.

  76. I do agree with this take. Elden Ring is one of my favorite games of all time, but I can’t force myself to play through it multiple times. I have a strong dislike for Liurnia lakes, the area is really lackluster imo. That and the repetitive bosses kinda turn me off. Will not complain that is has a lot of variety for tools to play through it though.

  77. Tbh, I feel this way as well. I genuinely enjoyed the game and I'm somewhat interested in fighting the bosses again but the journey there is long and boring with a lot of non-boss annoyances that I don't feel like dealing with over and over. That's what I've felt with all of the FromSoft games so far, they all have really cool aspects and are fun, but replayability isn't there for me after passing through everything.

  78. No hate on this guys opinion, but something I’ve noticed is there’s been a major influx of people that elden ring is their first foray into the soulsborne genre and are absolutely hating it for virtually every single reason older fans love the games. It’s gotten a lot more public notoriety and I think that’s why there’s been a bigger influx of negative “hot takes”. Sorry if this is long winded, I just noticed this was a trend with elden ring specifically and figured I’d throw it out there.

  79. I agree. I platinumed the game but it wasn't that good imo. The scale of the world is too big so starting and finishing a new character just takes too long. I also have some other things I disliked but i wont start writing them down.

  80. I actually agree with this take on Elden Ring. The first playthrough was phenomenal, but that’s mainly due to the exploration and open world. I didn’t like most boss encounters; especially endgame. Bosses in fromsoft games are why I replay them. I love Bloodborne and DS3 for several reasons, the main being the boss roster. Same with Sekiro. The open world becomes tedious on consecutive playthroughs since you already have all of the items, and now you have to run through the entire world to get to the bosses, which is why you’d replay the game to begin with. Since the bosses in Elden Ring didn’t really stand out to me, I won’t be playing it again until the DLC comes out since I platinumed the game.

  81. Alternate take: I pretty much never replay games this big. If I spend 100+ hours on a single player game, I got my money's worth. There are too many other games that grab my attention that I want to experience. And that's okay. Because that 100+h I spent was AMAZING. My love of it won't diminish over time. Same thing with BOTW or Skyrim or RDR2, or a ton of other big SP games.

  82. Don't like how we've shifted into a mentality of "if I can't continue playing this game every day for the rest of my life and keep having fun it's not worth the money". Idk, play a rouge like, or something?

  83. You could boil this argument down to most games to be honest. Not just Elden Ring. A first time playthrough is always the best. You cannot recapture those feelings. But I'm also sure people said the same thing about Skyrim and people still play that. Hell it's been re-released to the point of being a meme. Also we don't even have DLC for ER yet. So I think it will age just fine.

  84. I feel like a lotta people ruined themselves by checking guides, or checking hidden trophies/achievements. Like it's totally understandable using a guide because goddamn some of the NPC quests are annoying as fuck without them, but I only looked up some very specific stuff to help myself. Now I've finished my first playthrough and been away from the game a while, I'm excited to go back and have another playthrough... cos I've seen people mention bosses that I've somehow missed completely. I have no idea who the fuck Placudisax is, who I've seen mentioned a few times.

  85. I disagree. If you get bored in NG+, change your class up. Grind out new weapons and find new spells. Find new quest lines and get into the story more. FFS there are different endings and even some ending have different cutscenes. Do more invasions, or become a hunter. Look for PVP fight clubs. Help people out on bosses or dungeons. I can see it getting boring if you are multiple games in but there’s plenty to do and if it’s too “easy” you aren’t challenging yourself enough.

  86. i saw someone on tiktok who kept saying elden ring was going to die after the first month and have a tiny playerbase, he was treating it like a multiplayer game that needs a recurring playerbase and said elden ring would fail cause it wouldnt have that, completely ignoring the fact that its a single player game and their goal was never to hopd a playerbase but to sell a lot of copues, which they did, i will never understand takes like his or the one in the tweet

  87. Age like milk is far too extreme, but I will definitely do less play throughs in Elden Ring. That being said, I racked up 300 hours on my first play through so saying it aged like milk is just a poor take. I will remember it as a favourite on the PS5.

  88. Yeah i love both games. More hours in elden ring. Much more to do and ways to play. Sekiro has combat that has no rival but after the platinum trophy i felt no reason to play. Elden Ring has loads items and unlockables that i dont have even after I got the Platinum Trophy.

  89. I sort of agree. I've spent thousands of hours in the original Dark Souls, but after getting a platinum trophy in my first playthrough of Elden Ring, I feel 0 compulsion to replay it.

  90. Why does a game need to be replayed 10 times to be good? By his own admission that first playthrough of exploration was good, took a loooong time, and was a great experience.

  91. People also need to learn how to read criticism of something they like without taking it as a personal affront. Especially constructive criticism, which this is.

  92. Whilst I absolutely agree, this dude isn't saying it's objectively bad, and whilst ge doesn't do the whole "Oh it's just an opinion y'know, just my opinion, mods pls remove if not allowed etc etc rtc" shite the fact that it's his opinion is implied by the wording

  93. Disagree with aging like milk, but 100% agree with the rest. Endgame is just not as fun as DS3 or Sekiro. I say that as a huge FS fan. ER's endgame is a tad disappointing.

  94. Elden Ring is good and it's more than possible to just rush main bosses and finish in a similar time to other souls games, but I definitely get less dopamine per boss than other games as it's designed a lot more for trading/taking hits from enemies

  95. I have 510 hours in Elden Ring and still playing it while I couldn't play Sekiro for more than 10 hours. It's just his opinion, nothing more.

  96. I actually kinda agree, when I get bored and want to play through a souls game I just hop on demons souls.

  97. Respectable take. I've got 400 hours on record, at least, so I'm not sure I'd say it's a detriment to the game. But I do think he makes some good points.

  98. If I have to think about doing a run of sekiro's bosses again it makes me feel nauseous. It's just spamming deflect and hitting the enemy maybe once every minute. This road goes two ways.

  99. don't take this the wrong way, but if you're spamming deflect & hitting the enemy once every minute you're playing Sekiro wrong

  100. Yeah that’s not what it is at all, no wonder you had a bad time. Sekiro needs to be pure aggression. It’s the only game where greed doesn’t bite you.

  101. I don't agree because when you go to ng+ you have all the items and experience from your previous game. If you want to start a new character the game is actually very short if you just want to push through to only the things you need to do. The dlc is going to add alot probably so I don't think er is going to age poorly for quite some time.

  102. This is true for every game ever. You can only replay a game so many times before it gets dull, the only difference is the player. That’s why people go for challenge runs, to spice up the game’s replay ability, but only so many challenges are deemed as “fun”

  103. Well his opinion sucks I put +300 hours in the game and have not been able to get into another game after getting the platinum.

  104. Does this guy not realise how quickly you can just do the boss runs in Ng+. You don't need to do the exploring. You can probably get to Morgot in the capital in under an hour in NG+

  105. Really stupid. Maybe the exploration isn’t as fun if you play the game constantly over and over, but I won’t play again after I beat it, and I’ll comeback and it’s all like new. Also, the game is huge so there’s going to be things I’ll miss even after playing it 5 times.

  106. Slogging through the early stages of the game for me is a chore, I can sit and play valheim for hours in the early game and feel no fatigue even after starting 30+ playthroughs, but elden ring is just so massive it is pretty fucking daunting to have to go out all over again to finish it up.

  107. Really spicy take to have. I personally agree that most remembrance bosses beat the base game bosses for previous souls games. Some optional bosses too. I love Elmer of the Briar and Godskin apostle.

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