1. When I reach a point where travelling takes up more time than doing the thing I travelled for, I start fast travelling.

  2. I totally understand that. For some reason I get some kind of sick pleasure from having to travel an immense distance to complete a relatively simple task.

  3. that’s definitely respectable, but i remember when i played ghost of tsushima and you got to a new act, you would have to go on horse for a really long distance to a new location so th at fast travel could be enabled and that shit was hella annoying. so personally for me fast travel, especially in open world games, is huge.

  4. I did the same for the Witcher 3 and its awesome ! There were so many random encounters to witness which made the world feel so much more alive.

  5. I still haven't played TW3. It's on my "To play" list. Another game that was almost asking to skip fast travel was Red Dead Redemption 2. I had a lot of fun hiking around and riding horseback everywhere.

  6. Did you play The Witcher 3? Red Dead Redemption 2? Without fast travel? I know there are more but those are the 2 games from the top of my head that I can remember having massive worlds where fast travel was greatly appreciated.

  7. Manual exploration is only really great for the first playthrough, when you don't know where everything is, and you want to just soak in the world. However, once the discovery phase wanes, fast travel becomes essential to prevent the open world feeling slow and tedious.

  8. I try not to fast travel as much as possible, yeah. This game will hold a lot of secrets, so manually traveling will be essential! I'm sure towards the end of the run I'll be using it though.

  9. i got a lot of enjoyment out of not quick traveling in botw for a good 20-something hours. when i started skipping camps and korok riddles, i started fast traveling. especially when the noteworthy things left were chores halfway across the map. probably gonna do something similar in elden ring.

  10. I think early in the game/areas you havent explored, absolutely. However when you know youve gotten almost everything out of an area, it's super nice to have. Especially really late in the game, sometimes you need to go all over the place. And with the size increase of the game/map, itll be totally necessary.

  11. I think in a lot of open world games fast travel just makes up for poor design. Like why not just spread out the quest all ove the world the player can just warp everywhere.

  12. I'm the same way, I never fast travel if possible. I did the same for Breathe of the Wild, Elder Scrolls and similar games. I'm not going to fast travel in Elden Ring unless I absolutely have to.

  13. I do this but recently I've started fast travelling to finish games quicker, it's not bad but there is something so much more satisfying about just traveling manually.

  14. depends of course on the open world on how we traverse...eg in gta i like the driving but the horse riding in rdr was boring. I will also fast travel a lot in elden ring i guess because well, horse.

  15. I was playing with a friend the other night, and we were hitting up different areas to unlock stuff, fight bosses, and grind exp. It was fun traversing the land with a cooperator. If the map was wide open when summoning, can ride your horse, and interact with all the sites of grace fully, then this would be perfect.

  16. I'm doing this as well. It certainly creates some interesting scenarios; like getting teleported to a cave in caelid early game, low level, and having to hoof it all the way back to Limgrave. Quite the fun trek. But other times it's just a pain. Like the island behind the starting point, across the beach. You get there through a cave, which was great coming out on the island and realising where you were, but in order to get back to the mainland, you have to either fast travel or go back through the cave. Would have loved something like a bridge you raise from the water to connect the two..maybe even a new npc who was stuck on the bridge, or even just on the island, too scared to go through the cave or swim.

  17. One of my foundest memories from Witcher 3 is when I was playing Blood and Wine not only without fast travel, but also avoiding any contact with the map. Wonderfull experience.

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