1. The only correct answer. A feels like the color fits, but putting same color together is an amateur move (???), true fashion comes in variaty!

  2. Not trying to be mean, but I genuinely see a Banana’s in Pajama’s cosplay. Not my cup of tea, but if I had to pick, A. It matches colors the best.

  3. Hey guys, I need help with my character. I can’t decide which pair of leggings seems the best to wear. (I’m not referring to stats)

  4. b or c lmao the first ones look exactly like grey sweatpants n it makes me laugh when i have to wear them cos the full armour set is too heavy for my character😭

  5. I’d say A, the gold plating makes it feel more unified with the hat and gauntlets imo, and the pants being greenish yellow matches the chest piece too, makes the set look more consistent

  6. A or D. A matches the most generally but D matches the cape best which ends up giving it a nice feel as well as otherwise the cape stands out too much.

  7. A Matches color but has bare feet - which is a no-no for me... Could I perhaps persuade you to try Lyndell Knight boots? Perhaps the color matches, AND you get shoes

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