1. I remember reading somewhere that some vehicles do some wacky business in order to "save gas" and look good in terms of fuel economy. Some will keep revs low and shift gears at strange times. This can lead to difficulty when accelerating or somewhat jerky shifting.

  2. This sounds a bit like the stuttering/intermittent loss of power that my 2017 Elantra had a known issue for. Google search for "ignition coil problem 2017 Elantra" for example. I wonder if you're having a similar issue with your Elantra's ignition coils. This affected more than just my year of Elantra but I think they updated the ignition coil design and issued a TSB bulletin on it a couple of years ago already so I'd be a bit surprised if a 2022 Elantra was having the same issue.

  3. You have to press down on the right side wheel buttons lol kinda hard to explain, but just like how you have two up/down buttons on the left side of the wheel for music/volume control, right side should have the same two up down buttons. Once you start the car and you see your mpg and distance, press down on the right side wheel up/down buttons and psi should come out

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