1. I don’t remember the third ship but I know at some point you also might need a certain number of launches of the previous ship to unlock the next tier

  2. I played years ago and thought prestiging would reset everything. Since I didn’t prestige I got bored and stopped playing after a week. Few years later I come back and there are new things like artifacts and other stuff such as the hyper loop changing. Now that I have a better thought process I prestige’s a lot and now have improved far times greater than what I was before.

  3. They really need to change the "prestige" wording to "level up and get farther in the game" because people are too damn scared to "prestige" all the time for some reason

  4. It’s a genre word though. Most games in the genre call it prestiging. Also the word “prestige” doesn’t mean reset. Like, at all.

  5. You realize that in order to feul the space ships you're goingb to have to prestige a lot. And I mean a lot.

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