1. If I don’t have all my epic research done, I’m at about 20Q EB and have all trophy’s except last three enlightenment, should I crack it once I get to the amount that will do all my epic research? Which is 12Million.

  2. Through contract rewards. Once you max out your piggy you can use contract rewards to add to it above the maximum. If a contract reward is +50k piggy it adds on top of what you have, even if you're already maxed out. So if you're maxed at 300k, add 50k through contract reward you'll have 350+bonus. Other contracts have piggy bonus level rewards. I'm at level 55 Bonus which gives me +560% of my bank which gives me a "max" of 2.2ish mil. The next contract will raise me to level 56, which gives me +570% bonus etc.

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