1. Rishaugh is garbage. Puljujarvi is better value for money than Foegle or Kassian and still very young. I can see Hilland moving those 2 before giving thanks to the bison king.

  2. Holland's trying to up Jesse's trade value. I think that the Oilers have seen enough. Jesse needs to get a trainer, get in hockey shape, and get serious about hockey.

  3. If he improved his finishing ability he goes straight to the first line is the thing. He must know this too.

  4. You’re dreaming. He played first line minutes with the best player in the world and still only managed 36 points. Evander Kane showed what a good player does when they play with the top player.

  5. I wish Puljujarvi would get it. He’s big and strong and could be a force but he won’t use it. Also, he looks so uncoordinated. Like a moose calf on roller skates.

  6. Bob was saying yesterday something like the other players were pushing him to be more physical during the playoffs but it’s just not something that’s naturally in his game. Hell even Holloway hit in his brief TOI

  7. Here's the thing: he has already has "panned out." His possession numbers are elite, and while of course you'd like for him to score more goals, having possession of the puck and limiting when the opponent has it is massive in hockey.

  8. I don’t know why we should give up on him so quickly after Holland repaired the relationship. Worst case a 1-2 year bridge to give him a “last chance”

  9. Because as much as his defensive game is amazing at times. He has some glaring holes in physicality and offense that really hurt us in the playoffs.

  10. Jesse is probably just sticking to the plan. He came back to pump up his value so he could go somewhere else. That’s probably what we’re going to see happen

  11. Because he’s a plug and ain’t gonna get any better cuz his perception of his skill and value are so for off to what he actually provides. Kid thinks he a top line winger when he shouldn’t crack top 6 on any team in the league

  12. Also from the Athletic, they confirmed JP has a shoulder injury that won’t require surgery but will take between 4-6 weeks to heal. To me, he never really looked right after that stint with COVID and then he was in and out of the line up with a few other small things.

  13. A shoulder injury?? Well that deepens the mystery why JP was on the ice at all!!! JP is the worst player in the NHL and with an injured shoulder wouldn't compete in beer leagues!! If true, Oilers need to apologize to their Fans because they were not serious about winning the Cup!!!

  14. I just hope we don't make the same mistake we did in 2017, Rishaug spent a bunch of effort trashing Eberle for a bad playoff, and then everyone forgot we actually need those goals and points to get through the regular season.

  15. Eberle played soft during the playoffs, underproduced during the regular season, and wasn't good enough to stay on a line with McDavid. I thought that the Strome trade was good, and am more annoyed that the team let Chia trade him for Spooner. Eberle is now playing for his third NHL team, so he wasn't essential to the Islanders either.

  16. Lord. Setting aside how I feel about JP (and assuming the tweeter is accurately reporting Rishaug's words), framing it as one against the other strikes me as a textbook example of how the Oilers MSM creates narratives based on whispered anonymous sources. It piles on the ongoing public devaluation of JP by these guys for no good reason, making it both harder to get something back if we trade him and to build him back up if we keep him. Not to mention "at this point" is 36 hours after the season ended!

  17. The Oilers didn’t win the Stanley Cup, so changes need to be made. I like Jesse, but he really needed to step up in the playoffs. No finish. Of course Yams would be a priority. He stepped up. Keep Jesse only on a very team-friendly deal.

  18. Would be typical Oilers to let go of an inconsistent young guy who has great underlying numbers only to watch him thrive somewhere else. He's not gonna cost a lot... Would be so so foolish to let him go

  19. I’d say it’s better to let go and throve somewhere than stick with him and make no progress at all. If the system here doesn’t fit him, it will be hard for a player to grow. Someone producing to a new team does not mean he was not that good before. He ‘fits’ on the new system and his new role. It is much easier that way than to force a player to play something of his second nature.

  20. Puljujarvi has played 4 seasons with us, and had another season in Finland between that. He's had his chance. He is not playoff caliber. If don't let him go, we will just drive his price down.

  21. I could see a separation being best for both parties. I think Puljujarvi could thrive in Carolina. If Edmonton can use his value to help their off-season then it might just be beneficial for all parties.

  22. Itd be weird to move Jesse. His trade value can't be high, and he makes an alright third liner. He's a good checker, not sure why he doesn't get PK time.

  23. JP seems like a good guy but he has hands of stone, if someone can hone him in as a bottom 6 guy that is where his value could be found IMO which could give him more time to see if there is some offensive game worth salvaging. Feels a little like a slightly higher end MPS at this point.

  24. Puljajarvi had 36 points in 65 games and was +22 Yamo had 41 points in 81 games and -1 Both are young and we should sign both of them

  25. I think that JP should focus more on becoming a solid bottom 6 forward. I don’t think that his skill translates to goal scoring at the NHL level.

  26. This is a tough one. Yam’s the better player now but JP probably has the higher ceiling. Be nice if we could move Kass and Barrie so we can keep them both. Then you replace Kass with Holloway and Barrie with a solid defensive defenceman and we’re probably looking good. Gonna miss Kane obviously but hopefully the combined growth from Yam and JP counters that.

  27. Don’t know enough behind the scenes to comment substantially, since I don’t know if puli was injured at all and had lingering injuries going into the playoffs. All I know is in the last third of the season and through the playoffs, he looked really bad.

  28. The thing a lot of people are missing is Jesse's insane defensive impacts. He doesn't personally do any scoring, but the other team barely does any when he's on the ice. Not understanding SH% is how you end up paying Nurse 9.25 million dollars

  29. Don't know why people hate on Jesse so much. Not everyone excels in their first extended playoff run, especially if they are battling injury. The goal of the game is to score more goals than you allow, and despite all the clumsiness, the Oilers have scored far more goals than allowed while he's on the ice. He's not going to be Kane or some 40 goal power forward, and that's ok, there arent a lot of those in the league. But a 40 pt disruptive checking forward (with 50+ point potential) is plenty useful. For someone that far out produced his $1.175 AAV, I find the hate is a bit undeserved.

  30. I think wherever he goes he’ll be a better player than he was in Edmonton. Won’t be surprised in the slightest.

  31. Sucks because at the start of the season, JP looked like was figuring things out. But the last 30 games and all playoffs, it looked like somebody filled his gloves with concrete and forgot to sharpen his skates! I hope he's not sold for Pennies, but if there's a trade out there that makes sense... I'd be open to it.

  32. As panicked as some of you are this, 630 was also saying that the organization wasn't very pleased in the lack of effort in using his physical size.

  33. I wasn’t happy with it either. He was playing too nice out there. He has a huge body. If you’re not scoring goals, get out there and nail someone!

  34. While I agree on going after Yamo first, JP still has value. He needs more time to develop. See if he wants to sign a cheaper couple year deal. He has the physical attributes, just needs to learn to use them better. His mental attributes need a little time to mature, he appears to have confidence issues. My best advice for him would be to mirror his game after Kane. Be physical, and just default shoot. Kane scored alot of goals just by not being fancy. Get the puck, put it on net. He seemed to defer to a pass too often, or a shot that was easily saved. I kinda hope to see him as an Oilers again.

  35. Good, we're prioritizing players who bring something to the team over guys who disappear for large stretches of the season already. That's how you really build championship teams.

  36. Yeah, I'm not surprised and think that's probably the right call. If we can keep him, let's keep him, but I by no means think it's among our top priorities.

  37. I don’t think it’s the right call. I think we should bridge both him and Yamamoto. I think selling low on him would be a mistake.

  38. I mean, he played a significant portion of the season on the wing with the best player in the world. I’m not so sure he will be a 30-goal man for some other team.

  39. I’ve been calling this situation for months. Puljujarvi didn’t want to play here two years ago His agent is a hardass who will play hardball , probably by declining to accept a one year qualifying offer for about $ 1.3M. He will want both money and term from Holland, which Holland cannot afford.

  40. If it's possible to make the deal, I think you 100% take Kane over JP. I love JP don't get me wrong, but there was definitely a few times during the playoffs I was thinking, if that was almost anyone else that puck goes in. He was snake bitten so hard and just couldn't finish anything

  41. Pushing for Kane is a mistake. There should be no desire to get him back, we have other forwards looking to get paid who are willing to take a pay cut for a year with us to play with the big boys, and Kane takes far too many penalties.

  42. For under $1.5 million Jesse can be a very effective 4th line forward, he's not going to score a ton, but he's very decent defensively.

  43. He’s looked really unimpressive to me recently, like he has the tools he just doesn’t use them good at all. But I feel he’s the type of player with potential that could blossom into something if he finds his game and uses his skill set properly. If he learns to protect the puck like drai and can work on his shot he could be very dangerous

  44. Good, JP is a fan favorite cause he has that quirky lovable smile and memes, but a good hockey player that does not him make.

  45. Guys poopfarty was our worst forward all playoffs... the man doesn’t skate & misses free chances non stop. Id say almost everytime he gets the puck his feet freeze. He is nothing close to a top 6 forward. Never thought he was a nhl quality player to be honest, even though he had slight improvement near end of regular season.

  46. That is the right choice if they have to pick one. JP looks so lost out there and is very soft. Let him find himself elsewhere. We don't have time for "tweeners" anymore. We need guys who bring it every game.

  47. Im going to miss watching them so much it was like a relationship this year lmfao. Thankful i have a garden to keep me busy outside and woodworking but damn 😭🥴🥴😭

  48. I'm honestly not too high on Yamo myself, I like his compete level but I feel he isn't able to get the results. With that being said, Yamo has a much greater tangible impact on the team than Pulju, who I think has potential but just doesn't seem to be finding it in Edmonton. If we could get some reasonable defensive support out of trading him, then I think this could be a very mutually beneficial trade for us, his new team and Pulju himself.

  49. Liked seeing both of these guys come up through Bakersfield. Not sure why it has to be an either/or, but probably comes down to money

  50. I think Yamamoto is probably cheaper than Puljujarvi right now and if Holland have Foegele $2.75M the other two are $3M+, we likely can't afford both this offseason.

  51. You can sure tell none of us are GMs. I hope we can keep him around on a cheap contract as he seems to be at least an amazing third line player who’s more then capable of tougher minutes when called upon. I’ve said many stoopid things in the past like Smith is washed up and Holland is an idiot.

  52. Arizona is apparently willing to take on bad contracts next year too. Love the guy but we need to get Kassians money off the books. Also Kieth if we can move him without giving up much too. Played better than expected this year but at his age at his dollar we really would be better suited to spend our money in different places.

  53. So Yamamoto is physical all he is a concussion looking to happen.Rishaug is a fool, I used to think he knew something. Anyone saying Yamamoto has more upside than Puljujarvi is not watching the game that close. Look at their points and games played. Look at their defensive play, passing, Puljujarvi has Yammy beat in every aspect of the game quit hating. Little guys finish last.

  54. Not really surprised but theres no reason why one has to be prioritized over the other so that’s disappointing. Hopefully they trade JP for something with potential. Tossing him away for nothing would be dumb.

  55. Some players thrive on different rosters. If he leaves and becomes a more dependable player it doesn’t mean that it would have happened had he stayed.

  56. Yup. At the end of last season, it would have been Yamamoto that was viewed we less upside, and thus expendable. Jesse has had some good moments, but is really inconsistent and not in sync with any linemates. Yam is an important piece going forward, plays a much more complete game.

  57. About time! JP is the worst player in the NHL. Amazing how he got into any playoff games! His lack of hockey sense, poor skating, passing and shooting skills were on full display And he played SCARED every shift. Oilers not serious about winning the Cup with a player of his minimal skill set. A waste of $1.4 million better spent on an NHL quality player.

  58. No it will take 1.4 million to qualify him but he will not sign for that and can take any team offer to arbitration.

  59. This isn’t correct. I believe his qualifying offer is $1.4M. Arbitration is bringing someone in to rule on the contract. You might be close with your number but players don’t always go to arbitration.

  60. I really hope we dont bail on jp, he has improved a LOT, every single year. This was his first full year, basically a rookie, and I thought he played awesome.

  61. Keep the Bison one more year - give him a chance BUT if it’s him or Yammer you gotta go with the little guy. If he goes God bless him and the best of luck to him.

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