1. This is a common theme on reddit because people can’t differentiate between someone being doxxed, harassed and fired for something odd but innocuous like being a furry and someone advocating for white supremacy or genocide. This mindset is also supported by the “marketplace of ideas” belief that all things should be discussed and the “best” ideas will win out simply on their merits. Much like unbridled capitalism this turns out to not work so well in practice.

  2. "The marketplace of ideas enables good ideas to win out over bad ideas." but also "If ideas go out of business that's censorship."

  3. "I completely support black people protesting for what they believe in. Just not like that. Or like that. They shouldn't do it that way either. Definitely not like that either. You know what? Just keep the protests out of the public space entirely so I don't have to see it."

  4. People who are mean. They’re clearly the worst people. Nothing in this world through time has ever been worse than being mean. Not slavery, not racism, not genocide, not fascism, not war, not famine, not disease, not torture, not anything. The worst thing that any individual can have happen to them is for someone else to be mean to them, especially if it’s about their personal beliefs.

  5. your uncle dave who was raised in the 1960s and casually uses the p word after a quick glance over his shoulder to make sure no pakistanis are around and who helps out at the local food bank and picks up his elderly widowed neighbour's shopping for her and saves all year to take his family out on nice holidays is a good person with backwards views. your cousin who throws molotov's cocktails into mosques and walks around looking for pakistanis to kick the heads in of is a bad person

  6. The first paragraph and the last line of the second paragraph literally contradict each other. "People who are racist are just ignorant and shouldn't be fired for being more ignorant than you and that makes you just as bad. Also you don't have to anything because they'll naturally be shunned and criticized."

  7. Yea, they're basically saying let them learn the negative consequences of their racism by being shunned, criticized, and called out -- but don't shun, criticize, or call them out!

  8. You can tell this guy is white. Because a black person knows it’s exhausting and futile to try to teach people not to be racist and it’s definitely not apart of our job description to do so at work.

  9. It's amazing how the current go to talking point is that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and views. These freaks really believe all opinions and views have equal merit.

  10. When first learning about racism as a child, most people hear a definition along the lines of "Racism is when you say something bad about a person's skin color in order to hurt their feelings", and then they hear about neonazis and the klan, as examples of racists. The problem is, from an early age, people assume racism has this pure, unadulterated aspect of cruelty that can't be dissociated from the racist himself. The consequence is, for most people, whenever the racist in question can't be described as 'movie villain' type of cruel person, or the racism at hand doesn't come from a place of pure evilness, but rather from ignorance or complicity or whatever, then, to these folks, it isn't "real racism", and therefore can be perfectly disregarded or, worse, tolerated and understood.

  11. We simply need to educate racists rather than call them out? Good luck as resistance to education is kind of their jam. Best you tend to get out of reasoning with them is them claiming they aren’t really racist, but.

  12. Seems to me that “if you’re so racist that the people at work know about it, you’re probably not gonna keep working there” is a pretty powerful lesson, but what do I know? I’m not even on LinkedIn!

  13. I got someone fired for being a racist. When we only worked around each other, I would tell him that he was being stupid, and I didn't bring it up to management. When our office was moved next to a black woman's office and he kept saying racist shit, I got him fired.

  14. I don't want a racist I work with fired because they are more ignorant than me. I want them fired because they want me deported or dead.

  15. There are some people incapable of holding a job under an employer (sometimes for being a doofus), but still capable enough to be self employed. They will usually give themselves the title.

  16. Lots of people like this guy comment on Madison Butler's (blue haired unicorn) posts on Linked in because she's always calling out racism unapologetically.

  17. “They should have consequences for being racist but the consequences should be limited to blocking on Facebook and the cold shoulder.”

  18. God damn, I couldn't even finish that second sentence. Opinion discarded; Full stop, you are a bad person if you think yourself superior, or others inferior, based on melanin.

  19. That guy: Let them suffer the consequences of their racism. Society: OK, they're fired. That guy: No, not like that.

  20. We shouldn’t shun or criticize racists, instead openly let them be racist, and they will magically be shunned and criticized by society. Just not by the people that make up that society, that’s mean.

  21. “Letting people share their opinions no matter how toxic allows them to witness the consequences of their statements”

  22. Not only is he contradicting himself, but he is sooo close to doing a pretty good job EXPLAINING HOW he is contradicting himself. All in 3 and a half paragraphs. If it wasn't so fucking stupid, it would be incredibly insightful writing.

  23. This guy's first sentence is actually correct for the wrong reasons. Being a racist doesn't automatically make you a bad person. Racist is something pretty much everyone is to varying degrees. There is no such thing as "not racist" and the only way you can oppose racism is by consciously being anti-racist, and just because you are anti-racist doesn't mean you are free of all racist stereotypes and assumptions.

  24. I’m confused; isn’t being shunned, criticized, and called out in the social sphere the definition of ‘canceling’ someone?

  25. The average white liberal would unironically prefer the country return to Jim Crow before they acknowledged that progress means leaving racist white people behind

  26. Using this logic, I guess I am entitled to my own opinion when I say we should round up conservatives in camps? Why do I have a feeling he would be offended by me saying that?

  27. One thing I can't stand behind is trying to educate a racist. 9/10 they don't need to be educated, they know full well that hating people for the color of their skin is wrong but choose to ignore it because it's their "first amendment right."

  28. Ya know, I used to almost agree with the spirit of this in the same way that I used to think that believing in conspiracy theories was mostly harmless. I used to think that it was perfectly fine to hate a particular group or culture as long as you didn’t act on it.

  29. "Racists shouldn't have consequences for their actions because they are simply ignorant. You should just let them be racist so that they will have to deal with the consequences of their actions."

  30. NGL, this one made me 😡. The “can do but won’t” attitude strikes again. Why is this fool even talking? “People are allowed to be racist” is the most virulent brain rot I’ve seen in a while. Like that sentence alone invalidates any good points you could have made.

  31. Bro I don’t want to out them out (because small following) but on my LinkedIn feed someone said not ironically “Italy elected its first female prime minister, regardless of politics it’s a progress”. LinkedIn is on its way to become Facebook really really fast.

  32. This is like when my closet-racist neighbor complained about getting blacklisted from the aviation company he worked for because of "the sharing of racist memes"

  33. The "people should have consequences for their actions" caucus would like if people were forgiven for holding bigoted and hateful views of other people.

  34. This is the sort of mental gymnastics that Breaking Bad shown us with Skyler "giving" Ted money to pay off his bills. You'd THINK that just because something is a no brainer for you it has to be for others too, but in reality, it isn't. Everyone's brain works differently. The best you can do is remove people's ability to spout their nonsense before it misleads others, you aren't responsible for other's enlightening.

  35. Many racists know they're evil and they don't care. They know their actions won't lead to a better world even by their own standards. They care about nothing except power. They know exactly what they're doing and will not stop as long as they think they can get away with it.

  36. I'm not gonna debate that POC or LGBT (cause you know he has thoughts on gay and trans people) deserve rights and quite frankly I'm running out of the patience needed to debate the idea that I should be open to debating this

  37. LinkedIn is the funniest social network sometimes - it’s so full of boomers who treat it like Twitter, and thus say the dumbest, most bigoted shit imaginable, with their job title and company name in full fucking view. I once heard about a goddamn CFO resigning in disgrace because his past racist LinkedIn posts came up when looking up the company.

  38. I'll tell you why, Baldy McBeardface... It doesn't work. Oh, yeah, you hear about the occasional outlier that saw the error of their ways when they meet a "good one" who changes their view, but that's extremely rare.

  39. We need to fire them so they have sufficient free time to become educated. We are doing them a favor. And us.

  40. Consequences, then compassion. Make it clear it's the views and behavior, not the person themselves that is the problem. Why would they bother to change their view if they will continue to be hated? I see the point they're trying to make but it sounds like they're trying to have their cake and eat it too. There isn't really a way to comfortably change something about yourself that society dislikes that much, and without discomfort there isn't great incentive to change in the first place.

  41. he's right tho. if you want fewer racists then show them how they're wrong, it won't help anyone to martyr them. if you want to keep all the racists so you can feel morally superior to someone then keep going the way you're going

  42. Imagine being anti-education and anti-discourse solely because (with some weird moral superiority complex) you'd rather censor your opposition than win them over and allow them to sit on the same side of the room as you.

  43. I'd rather not have to debate my right to exist as a human being with someone who has already proven themselves closed to reason by holding hateful and unreasonable views. Fuck off with this bullshit, and just as an fyi, there's no "weird moral superiority complex." Someone who is not racist is morally superior than someone who is on that front. The fact that you'd even imply otherwise suggests you shouldn't be having this conversation.

  44. If you fire them, they are still witnessing the consequences of their statements in the social sphere; the consequences are just proportionately harsh to the severity of their statements.

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  46. This might almost be a good point it wasn't so flagrantly obvious that this dude is also exactly who he's talking about

  47. Is t shunning, criticizing, and calling people out the exact same as “demonizing”, censoring, and canceling people?

  48. “Shunned, criticized, called out” … AND fired. Lol you can’t be shunned, without also being fired … just so you know Adrian

  49. We've been trying to make this strategy work for 150 years. It might be effective when you have strict national public education standards.

  50. this is true in some situations, but in others not. depends on what kind of "racist" said person is. as in, ignorant and afraid racist; or deliberate, fascist racist? we can educate those that don't understand, but not those who understand yet choose to hate anyway.

  51. Bro just said social recrimination is a better go-to response than job loss for a solitary instance of ignorant bigotry (probably correct) and then immediately softened the already-a-compromise position to "BTW instead of social recrimination we should politely educate!"

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