1. season 3 disappointed me because of cristal 2.0’s absence. cristal 3.0 did well with what she was given, but it was hard to act like they were the same character when they had completely different personalities/vibes.

  2. Personally I dislike S5, but S4 is worse. Also, I don't get the hate that Season 3 gets, I thought it was really good! That being said, S2 is my favorite season.

  3. Agree, S3 had some extremely lows but at least it had a plot spanning through the all season and a discreet build up and set up for the massacre around the end. If they had made it to film 3x22 with the massacre, it would have been another story. S4 main drama is flat and tedious and S5 has no plot at all

  4. I really don't get the hate for season 3. I think it's great, but season 4 was just messy. Season 5 tho is on a whole other level. I can't tell you what this season is actually about or what is happening. Whatever happens, just happens. I don't really care.

  5. s4 idk why people say s3 was the worst also that s4 barely had any memorable moments so i don’t remember anything from that season besides cristal’s tumor

  6. Yes season 4 was definetlt the weakest season overall,ppl like to crap on s3 but it actually had stakes and had some pretty high highlights,and first half was executed perfectly and second had a great run only if they got to that finale,season 4 was the flatest season overall,no stakes,no real drama,no buildup,truly the weakest season of the whole show

  7. Can someone explain why people like Adam? I'm only finishing S2 rn so I might not have seen enough of him, but I genuinely dislike him a lot.

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