1. Hands down, Stanley would be my absolute favorite coworker. To quote an expert on the subject: "The less I know about other people's affairs, the happier I am... I once worked with a guy for three years and never learned his name. Best friend I ever had."

  2. I prefer to keep it professional most of the time at my workplace so I think I would get along great with Stanley

  3. Anyone who has worked an office job for 5+ years knows that Stanley is in the top tier all by himself on this list.

  4. I basically had a Stanley coworker before...but like if Stanley was more personable and funnier. He would be stern sometimes like Stanley (e.g. "boy have you lost your mind..."[never this bad though])

  5. You know what? I agree. Also Jo seems very competent. I think her only flaw is her knack for nepotism, but she actually seems to believe her candidstes are good, and when Nellie is rejected for manager she's bummed, but doesn't push too hard against it.

  6. Oscar is the best. He was gay before it was cool and for living in a place like Scranton he owned the shit out of it and stood up admirably to imbeciles like Michael and Dwight. He had his asshole moments and annoying tendencies but overall one of the best characters in the show who just didn’t get enough writing attention for large stretches

  7. Oscar is hands down the best coworker in Dunder Mifflin, he is really nice and takes his job really seriously

  8. Yeah and move Jim down. Really think about it. If he decides that he’s annoyed by you, he pranks you and acts like a pretentious prick to you. He’s also very disruptive and a nuisance. All that being said...I’m team Dwight all day.

  9. Yeah Meredith is would be an awesome co worker. I’d totally get loaded and listen to Motorhead in her van with her anyday!

  10. I mostly had her semi-constant harrasment and inappropriate behaviour in mind when ranking her, but in retrospect I agree, I ranked her too low.

  11. She was excited to get a Dundie and offered to cook breakfast! She's also down to have a beer with you and doesn't mind loaning her car out. She awesome!

  12. Both Ryan and Jan would be at the top of the tierlist in early seasons, and bottom in later seasons.

  13. He was always a prick who thought he was better than everyone because he was in graduate school. At least that was my perception but I haven’t watched S1/S2 in a while. I have known people who acted like that, condescending but charismatic enough that they’re not completely awful to be around.

  14. Micheal belongs in in both insufferable and safety hazard seeing as he's put several employees in the hospital. Even laughed at what he did to Darrell.

  15. Unfortunately the tierlist only allows one placement per character. For example, early Jan could make it to the top tier. She was a level headed, rational and caring boss. After her breakdown she became a terrible and terrifying person.

  16. Darryl was very two faced and had a bullying streak. When he sent the picture of topless Jan to the entire company it was super disrespectful.

  17. I would probably get annoyed by the guy who does nothing and doesn’t care about his work, but more importantly just messes around distracting everyone.

  18. Karen should be alone in her own tier. Unless I'm mistaken, she not only was one of the nicest co-workers you could possibly have, but she was also the most sane, intelligent, and professional.

  19. Karen was nice but David Wallace as your boss doesn't get much better. Super patient, generous, looks to promote from within, notices potential in his subordinates, invented suck it and invited Michael to join in, and his house has a great rocking chair.

  20. Yeah, Karen would be the best co-worker ever, I always liked her, i got very sad with what Jim did to her because of Pam, that was the season I less liked Jim, she doesn't deserve any of this, in the end of the day was better because she was moved to a place more suited for her, too much of shitshow to fit in Scranton.

  21. In all fairness to Charles, the Scranton branch was a complete mess when he came in. The staff was disorganized and unprofessional and the sales entirely revolved on the friendly relationships Michael had with clients that Jim and Dwight kept up with - it was not a sustainable business plan and Charles was mostly just trying to get the office to be more productive and predictable. He was performing a thankless task in an impersonal but respectful and consistent way - unfortunately sometimes handsome black men in American business need to keep colleagues at arms length and approach work in an unemotional and cautious way, Miner looks like and acts like a guy who is done dealling with this type of bullshit. It's not Charles Miner's fault that DM would fail even with competent management ("the small, regional paper company simply doesn't make sense anymore") - he tried to do a job a certain way and it backfired because TV isn't real.

  22. He might be a yes man to his superiors but he would probably be a really efficient boss to any normal work team. He just seemed like an asshole to a ragtag group of shitheads.

  23. I disagree I think in reality he'd be a much better boss than most of them. Calm and professional is easy to deal with. No bullshit. That being said it doesn't make for a very interesting character on a tv show but I feel like any boss would react the way he did if they had to deal with the bs that office was up to lol

  24. Im pretty sure that anyone who had to work with Dwight would get fed up with him very quickly. And Jim playing harmless (mostly anyway, that’s up to interpretation) pranks on him was a much better way of dealing with it than writing him up to HR for every slight against him. And he doesn’t seem to prank anyone else that isn’t being a douche so I don’t really have a problem with Jim.

  25. Also he was kinda selfish fake and passive aggressive too. I know Roy is an asshole but Jim was a bit of a snake in that situation, trying to win over his fiancee and then just acting like they were friends or something and like he's doing nothing wrong. Plus he was a dick to Karen at the end of their thing.

  26. There was actually a lot of thought behind it. Kelly is in her own category because she's far more annoying than the characters above her, but she's just dramatic and shallow, not actively harmful like the people in the tier below, so she got her own tier.

  27. I find her annoying in the show, but mostly because we see her interviews and personal life. In the office as a coworker she mostly just sits at reception and doesn't really bother anyone.

  28. As a neighbor or cousin you see once in a while, she'd be fine. As a coworker, her stupidity would be frustrating as hell.

  29. As much as people say Jim is an asshole, he never did any pranks (to my knowledge) on Dwight that were both a) Not easily circumventable or b) time consuming to fix.

  30. Ryan was pretty tame as a coworker (most of the show), and Meredith should be in “Tolerable” at the minimum. As long as you don’t host an in-office party with massive amount is alcohol, I don’t see the problem.

  31. Where's Nate? I would quit any job for a chance to work with Nate. His observations are top notch and as I have gotten older, gum is mintier.

  32. Also goofing around and starting shit with Dwight. It would get old. Pranks between friends is one thing but in real life Jim would kind of be a bully. Just my opinion.

  33. I need a personal tier for “enables your ADHD to the point you both get fired for not doing any work”

  34. I would LOVE Micheal as a boss, work would literally never feel like work and I’d actually be happy in life lmao

  35. You wouldn't. If you were actually trying to make sales or do accounts or whatever, and you have this attention seeking man child in charge, it would drive you insane.

  36. I'm an accountant and I have changed jobs due to people kelevening all over the books, I love him but he belong in insufferable

  37. David Wallace is the only one I’d work with willingly for a productive work environment. If I hated my job and needed some entertainment, creed is in the top position. Followed by Dwight. No matter what, Erin and Ryan are at the bottom.

  38. I'd hate to work with Charles Miner (Idris Elba's character), especially if he's my manager. I wouldn't hate having Michael Scott. Oscar and Darryl would be cool to work with, Meredith maybe too. I prefer Clark over Plop.

  39. She can be over the top at times, but as a pessimistic person by nature, I can appreciate her cheery outlook on life, and I think that can be important in an office setting.

  40. I would love to have Michael as a boss. Also Oscar definitely seems like a good coworker in the show but I work with someone very similar now and the know it all attitude drives me absolutely FUCKIN crazy

  41. Phyllis would be insufferable and Robert should have his own tier in "terrifying" otherwise I agree with this fully

  42. Holly should be lower, by a lot. She completely ignores basic PDA rules. During the ethics meeting, she didn’t bother clarifying when Michael said the workers can say stuff without getting into trouble. Only after Meredith confessed to her conflict of interest did Holly bring that up. And as the HR person, she didn’t give a shit about people’s complaints against Packer. She is a square when it comes to other people, but would gladly turn a blind eye for herself or the people she cares about.

  43. Jim and pam both condescending bullies imo. Not just the constant pranks but also the attitude. Let alone having an affair...

  44. Meredith is a safety hazard she set her hair on fire. Tho if she was in a well ventilated area it could be a controlled burn

  45. My top row would be Plop, Stanley, David Wallace, Jo, Daryl, Toby, Hank, Creed, Meredith, Nelly, and Kelly. We’d be the “leave me the hell alone” crew, with a side of fashion show at work and getting drinks/shooting hoops after.

  46. Robert California is daddy asf. Idk why this sub hates him so much. He’s weird, and intense, and intelligent and I’m 100% about it. Downvote me. I don’t care. He’s a great character. And I’m wildly attracted to him.

  47. whys micheal so low?! i loved him! in my personal opinion a few of these could be changed. other than that id say its decently accurate in my experiences with watching the show

  48. Packer should have his own section with "should be fired immediately." He poisoned everybody and did some terrible things in Michael's office, appart from all harassment. Fuck him!

  49. I’m sorry but Michael is the biggest safety hazard in the office. Remember the forklift incident? Or how he was originally going to propose to Holly. Or hitting Meredith with his car.

  50. Why does everything think Jim would be a fun coworker to have?? Dude relentlessly pranks another coworker, and if it isn’t you then you have to deal with the two of them screaming about it all day lmao

  51. If we take the source material (aka implementing the character in real life with no changes), Jim would definitely be pretty annoying. His unprofessional attitude would get old fast and definitely come off as attention-seeking. I wouldn't call him a bully per se, but his pranks are often pretty rude and disruptive. The best by far would be Jim #2 (Ironically enough I forgot his name), he's a pretty standard dude even in real-world settings, but also has likable characteristics like compassion, kindness, and a more relaxed persona.

  52. Toby, Andy and Jim placed wrong. Jim is supper annoying to work with, I would hate so much if I have to work with such a person. Toby just do his work and mind his own business I would be fine to work with him. Andy, especially after anger management classes he became as such a nice person, supportive and carrying. Later again he had his annoying side but putting him to lowest level is a bit exaggerated imo.

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