1. Even if he had 1/10 of a vote it would put Swank Is Hot in favor to win, as the vote was tied, so any points one way or other make one side win.

  2. This was gold. Can't believe they cut it. When Andy says "This man should not have the right to vote" in that voice, Darryl's face is incredible. And then 1/2 before Darryl suggests 3/5ths!! Haha

  3. Is it the same episode where Creed complains the restroom is whites only, and then the camerca zooms there and the guy on sign is painted in white?

  4. I inferred that Darryl was making a historical reference but I didn't know exactly what he meant, had to google it.

  5. Might be why it was cut. Everyone knows about this in the USA (we learn it in school), but it probably doesn't land with an international audience.

  6. Instead of Andy saying, “That sounds fair,” I wonder if the writers toyed with him saying, “That’s a good compromise,” instead.

  7. This has come up before and I think someone made an interesting observation- the “not hot” office team wouldn’t want the entire warehouse voting because they would overwhelmingly vote “hot”. Obviously we’ll never know, but a bunch of young bored guys get shown a picture of a celebrity at work and asked if she’s hot? Team hot definitely wins. It adds even more nuance to me. thinking.. hmm so this is how voter suppression starts. Wish this would have stayed in!

  8. The 3/5ths compromise was an agreement between the Northern and Southern states post- American independence that counted black people as 3/5ths of a constituent, meaning the southern states had representation in the House of Reps for all of its white citizens and 3/5ths of its slaves

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