1. What if Ceb’s failing eyes had limited his game all previous years and now that he fixed it, he is finally reaching his final form?

  2. I am very glad that s4 mentioned how Taiga adapted this tournament. Yeah, Ceb is crushing it, but Taiga deserves the same amount of praise because he basically switched from pos 4 to pos 5. It's very hard to do that I feel like. Not necessarily skill wise, but mental wise.

  3. I feel it's less taiga adapting to POS 5 more that og are essentially playing with 2 pos 1 and ceb is just playing as pos 3

  4. Imagine comparing someone who is ranked 79 on the EU leaderboard, who btw plays more pubs than any other pro, to someone who barely plays dota at all. Someone who refuses to acknowledge that the same 4 players is not the solution in a modern dota 2 world. It's lazy ancient dinosaur stubbornness at the expense of some very skillful players like GH and Miracle-. The fact that MC, GH and Miracle have not left this 5 years sinking ship has to raise some serious questions.

  5. Its amazing how ceb who only started playing pos5 recently is already lightyears ahead of kuroky who has played it infinite times longer.

  6. I remember the days when Ceb first transitioned from coach to player, everyone was sceptical about his mechanical skill being par with Tier 1 players. But this tournament has shown some of the most impressive mechanical play from him. Hope Kuro learns to play like Ceb just like he told MC lmao

  7. Ceb was ranked 1 EU playing Mid. You don't get to the top of the leaderboards playing mid without being a beast mechanically.

  8. I honestly think no matter how hard kuro tried, he could never learn the mechanical skills that Ceb has. feel like kuro just runs around on the map with like 250movement speed lol

  9. This is basically Frankfurt Major 2.0, lower bracket run in the very first major for a new OG squad, we've come full circle.

  10. waiting for Ammar and Misha's betrayal, Yuragi moves to 5, Chu moves to active 3 (or Ceb) and Topson returning to play Earth Spirit, Hoodwink and Oracle pos 1

  11. OG!!! I love this new squad. Showing up at lan! Can’t help but wonder if they would have done this well if misha was there :/ Ceb is playing out of his mind.

  12. Yes, no doubt. Misha would make them even better. OG's last TI run can be largely credited to him, thus coming from Notail/Ceb.

  13. Skiter keeps showing up for early fights with heroes+build combinations that don't fight early at all. Both games, first Jugg building Battlefury then, even more useless early, Troll with just a Perserverance. And he keeps dying, setting his farm back so much. Like, Yuragi also shows up early, but that's when he has stuff like Maelstrom, not while he is building Battlefury.

  14. OG 2nd game draft was such a bait. I was sure they had no intention to pick Windranger for that game so they first picked CK just so Monkey King can go through 2nd phase ban.

  15. They needed to adjust to Ceb and the other way around. Now I'm starting to think this major would've looked like EU DPC if Misha was there. Notail called their cores best in the world and while it's arguable, it's pretty fucking close. LGD comes to that conversation and I don't know who else really.

  16. I know OG played like crazy, but I think a lot of credit goes to Misha and Chu for the Tundra and GG games. These major games were literally copy-paste from DPC when OG also read them both like a book.

  17. Huffing some INSANE copium here but after looking at all these matches I wonder how far fnatic would've gotten if they didn't choke at game 3

  18. Anmar is just balling. Him and Ceb have been playing out of their minds the last couple of series. An offlaner is outperforming even his own mid and carry. (both are playing very well btw)

  19. What an ass whooping lol. OG is clearly a tier above Tundra in this series. They're like an upgraded version of Tundra, still playing around their offlane but all the positions are better

  20. If Ceb ended up winning this major as a standin pos 5 he's never gonna divorce himself from pro Dota and commit infidelity with pos 4 in 2025

  21. I mean, I'm used to never doubt OG and to expect the win no matter what. But that was with the old roster. This new crop is earning that trust back and it's so exciting to see them do this while they're so fresh cause I keep thinking what could potentially come when they properly root themselves in the pro scene. Absolutely magical showing in this lower bracket. We have another final to win boys, let's go!

  22. Karma or not but tundra looked pretty down last 2 series, even dropped one tier below suddenly after tsm game 1. As someone said, no tier 1 team would pick skiter up right now if they ever release him. He's pretty much unstable and can't perform well everytime on non meta heroes, feels like he has no signature heroes but only bitches which don't die easily like dusa or wk. Also for example, timado looks quite impressive on some meta heroes like ck over skiter's. I dunno if he has any unique ability but shutting down a dominated game by hitting the rax rofl.

  23. 33 is a great player but his hero puddle really let Tundra down these last 2 series. Basically forces him onto the Doom or a non playmaker like Necro which shuts him down. He needs a more standard offlaner to not be banned out as easily

  24. Whenever skiter is needed to carry when nine or 33 have a bad game he can't step up, easily the worst player on the team

  25. I think troll did what he could in that game but it was no good troll game and troll is bad in general

  26. Damn, Tundra looked really scary all tournament too. Really didn't guess they're gonna be sent to lower bracket by TSM of all team. Then this "in the zone" OG stomped them out of the tournament. And OG maybe ended up winning the whole thing. Guess all the SEA teams knocked out by OG got an excuse that they were knocked out by the Major winner 😂

  27. Ceb and notail really have figured out the recipe to competitive Dota 2. This new rendition of OG feel so similar to the TI winning line up in how they play, it’s really cool to see them imparting their knowledge onto the next generation of players.

  28. Troll looked like a bad last pick to me. Would WK be a better option? Especially knowing it's a Skiter special.

  29. That Shackleshot-Galeforce combo is so broken, especially when it is from a player that almost never misses his shackles like Ceb. Reminded me of Collapse's smooth Horn Toss into Skewer combo.

  30. Arturito Ammar or also known as ATF (Ammar The Filipino) is a Filipino Professional DOTA 2 Player who is currently playing for the 2x TI winner OG. He played DOTA 2 at a very young age, many people knew that he is a child prodigy in a human body. Despite of his hardships and challenges, Arturito Ammar The Filipino continued to strive and be one of the best offlaners in the history of DOTA 2. He is only 16 years old with 30 years of experience in DOTA 2.

  31. It's actually crazy how good this kids are, but most importantly Ceb is just on another level of playing dota. The man is an absolute legend

  32. GG OG good luck in final. Feels like the insane microing ability heroes that kept used by 33 become some sort of boomerang for him once all those heroes are banned? Because of his "limitation" to not play any other normal offlaner heroes. I mean his visage getting beat down heavily in game 1 tho, but still it kinda limiting Tundra's playstyle in a way. But what do I know, just a shitty 2k mmr opinion

  33. I feel bad for Misha. Despite being the captain his team is performing better than ever without him there - this is inevitably going to lead to comparisons of the team with Ceb over him. God forbid the team has some less impressive results after the major, you know everyone will immediately blame Misha being worse than Ceb.

  34. I don't think so, the team knows he's the captain. They even said in that last interview he's the still doing a lot of the draft research and still very involved even tho he's not there in person.

  35. There's no way TSM can hold these guys back. They are riding a far superior momentum with all those 2-0s in lower bracket except their match against Fnatic

  36. Damn, OG destroying teams left and right not even dropping a single game after fnatic. Freaking beasts

  37. Can't believe we're back to the boring "games in front of crowds where everybody choke apart from OG" meta.

  38. So will both Finalist get a 40% Pts deduction? I think if so, that's a bit harsh especially because of medical or Visa issues.

  39. Not sure about misha (don’t super follow og), but if you need a sub because of Covid or visa issues you don’t get a deduction. Saber had Covid so tsm is fine

  40. I think if you just accept that you're entering the draft against OG from the perspective that you have one less first or second phase ban, you can really exploit that while Ceb plays godlike on two heroes, everything else he plays is a step below what you'd expect from a tier 1 level position five.

  41. His Pugna was actually really good. I get your point but his Pugna still tier 1 (just), and if you take mk wr you give Ammar Timber which just isn't worth it in my books

  42. TIL if you select Misha in fantasy, u get 0 points. lol thought he would count as ceb, cuz ceb would be EZ fantasy point farm.

  43. Anyone knows what's the schedule for the grand finals? I have to know whether to sleep rn or wait for it

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