1. If T1 lose to Fnatic and Polaris won Neon, will it still have tiebreakers considering the head to head match between T1 and Polaris?

  2. Kind of. Like I think AM controls medusa while ta kills everyone else. AM kind of enables TA to be the win condition but if AM doesn't win that match-up TA can't be the win condition (especially against huskar as well with their draft). Seemed to be a complex gameplan and never had the space both ta and bf AM needed.

  3. And now thai fans are saying 23savage is the best carry. Better than Ana and Ame. LMAO. I thought beforetime is just a delusional thai fan but I guess it comes from a nation.

  4. Yes I’m Thai and I’m so fed up with this “one of us” mentality, not just in esports or but in every aspects of your life, on Thai to Thai relationship also, people suddenly lose the ability to perceive fair and rational judgement as soon as their peers are involved. That’s why nepotism is plaguing this country in every atom and it will never achieve being a developed country.

  5. Wow, i am really glad we still have Doom discussion thread stickied for 2days.. it's not like today DPC match is more important and more interesting than 2day old thread consist of 78 reply so far.. i mean, 10hour thread with only 400++ reply must be means that the thread can be unstickied right..

  6. BOOM is unlikely to lose to SMG which means they are going to the major. NGX.SEA cannot attend the major and is at the risk of relegation. All this despite a free win against BOOM.

  7. Thai fans are just the worst, they only have 2 decent dota pro players in pro dota scene and they act like they are the best in the region.

  8. Yopaj didn't even flinch after Tundra destroy him with bugged LC on game 1. Then Yopaj destroyed them on game 2

  9. It was an intense series. Both teams played amazing, its just the better team was Boom today. I just hope T1 also joins boom on major they won't disappoint I guess(looking at you fnatic). GGs!

  10. T1 put all the damage basket on Gabbi, and Boom recognized it and itemized for it and voila, disarmed, ghost form, and high hp cores.

  11. Upcoming all SEA games in div 1 are adrenaline rush! Boom vs T1 was the biggest banger, since Boom has taken the victory, I doubt they will drop any of their 2 matchups. If bts didn't do a shitty forfeit and postpone the game instead, Boom would have a clean 8-0 record!

  12. Its a hard game for t1 relying only on Gabbi to deal damage, boom just need to disable and kite TA and they surely win team fight while t1 have to deal with 3 tanky cores. Well played boom showing theyre still the stronger SEA team, that loss to ngx stings

  13. bts probably are still contemplating if they want to reschedule the boom vs ngx.sea match and risk losing iyds team in div I and their viewers

  14. I hope BOOM gets 1st place then T1 gets 2nd place this season. I Dont want FNATIC to place higher than 3rd cause they will just surely waste a direct playoff or groupstage slot in the majors.

  15. Fnatic will beat Boom/T1 in their last 2 games, go 7-0, then be eliminated by a team like Thunder Awaken in the Major.

  16. there is no direct playoff or wildcard anymore i believe. Stockholm major use the TI format where all team goes to group stage

  17. Even if Boom win this game, yopaj dk is still underwhelming by his standards. Yopaj's strengths are wasted on heroes with no solo kill potential.

  18. Gabbot already supported by best duo support SEA still cant carry game, hopefully they kick him, he belong to tier 2 losing to LULgun

  19. This team has so much potential! Their individual skills are top notch, but even their teamplay keeps inspiring and improving every time!

  20. what rubbish is this boom playing srsly?? how the fk u had a 5-6k lead in the beginning and just gone like that???

  21. Because that's the draft they chose, no team fight skills, all single target skills, and all of those can be negated by a single Abaddon shield.

  22. If T1 lose this game and they lose again against fnatic. They still have a chance of tiebreaker with polaris and SMG. 3 teams have potential to get 4-3.

  23. Can this series be a Bo5 instead? So fun to watch both these teams go against each other. March and Mushi are doing a great job with their boys.

  24. The problem is there's no consistent T1 (not the team) SEA team since forever. They might win or get high placement a major once every DPC, but wouldn't dominate the whole season.

  25. These two teams should go to TI. Hopefully Fnatic doesn't choke anymore on lans and SEA will have 3 strong contenders.

  26. The worst case scenario Fnatic gonna perform bad in LAN and SEA teams don't have enough dpc points and no TI invite for SEA teams and Fnatic being gatekeeping win the regional qualifier slot for the TI. and choke after that > the loop reset again every years :(

  27. Damn Amazing recovery from yopaj, he got really bad early game salvage by rotating and finding kills, and props to jackky keeping up farm with the luna in early to midgame

  28. Atill insane how Jacckky completely vaught up to Luna Networth in just 1 team fight after getting picked off 4 times.

  29. T1 lacked damage on Luna, he needed Daedalus, Pugna kinda lost impact just getting deleted, Abbadon woulda been a massive pick for T1

  30. CK and Ember was getting too Tanky. ThebYopaj ultra kill at nidgame completely turned the game around in favor of Boom.

  31. Thank you Boom for giving us game 3, and everyone should move on from T1-23savage drama already. Shits getting old

  32. The thais are the ones who cant move on with that issue, they still bombard T1 facebook everytime T1 lose a match.

  33. And when in doubt, when the game is hard, leave it to Yopaj to salvage the game cause hencarried that midgame haaaard!!!

  34. Ive been a jackyy doubter, but got damn Boom is really making him show his true colors. Very talented carry indeed.

  35. He was getting beaten but that one fight in the mid lane, he completely recovered getting an ultra kill! Rest is history!

  36. Karl is probably the hardest player to go against. Whether the draft is physical or magic damage based, it doesn't matter cause you gotta deal with emotional damage every game.

  37. I think this is a bad draft for boom if TIMS is going to play kotl again. They need him to play roaming pos 4 so he can help yopaj and create the pace they need.

  38. if BBM fanatic OFWs can display their degeneracy in other countries in person let alone those uneducated slum dogs behind their screens

  39. Boom could be 3-2 after this and two of those wins were against the free win teams ( neon & excercartion) after bringing all this talent and hype in they could miss out on the major

  40. Boom (players) and T1 are always scrimming with top chinese teams since last year so this is normal now (atleast for them) lol

  41. That butterfly pick up on Gabbi and aghs on Karl is the game breaking moment for T1. Game was just over once the scales tipped after 1 teamfight.

  42. worst thing you can do vs. T1 is get sucked into their style of play, there are very few teams that can outplay them when the game is slower paced

  43. It is pretty intense in a sense that both teams are playing really tight, avoiding mistakes. But the better draft won which I believe is this Huskar + Pugna combo

  44. Exactly. It's not like they're just afk farming but they're reading each other's smokes and movements well.

  45. Ya, it was clean and decisive no room for error, 2 teams needs to farm so any death will result to getting outfarmed.

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