1. With Tundra shitting on the bed, I guess Boom and LGD are the kings here. And E.G is quietly becoming the best NA team again.

  2. Depends on which part of reddit you are referring to. Some blame bulba as the sole responsibility for every loss while others say it's always a team effort with everyone discussing stuff and doing it. The real questions here should be "who is reddit going to blame when losing?" and "who is reddit going to praise when winning?". I doubt the answers to both questions will be the same.

  3. I think Cr1t mentioned in an interview during the first season or I forgot if it was during his stream, but he said they are giving more control in the draft and strategy this time, which was apparently not the case in the previous iterations of EG.

  4. It's really a lose lose situation for NA huh. If EG lost people would say how bad NA is despite teams somewhat improving. If EG stomps people would say how bad NA is or how uncompetitive it is.

  5. But honestly, the real NA test lies ahead. QC and TSM are yet to play EG and are by far among the top 3 of NA. So it's kinda true that NA really doesn't have enough teams worthy of being in Div 1, especially when compared to EU Div 1 teams and CN Div 1 teams.

  6. daily reminder that na has never won a major, that the highest placed na team at ti was 9-12th and that rtz has never won a major or ti and never will :D

  7. yep, and he is definitely becoming by far one of the most interesting pos 5 to follow. instead of just warding etc. he seems to be constantly up to something deep in the enemy territory. And also his insane skills are starting to show flashes of coming back

  8. No. Before 4th and 3rd go to Wildcard, 2nd to Group Stages and 1st directly to Playoffs. This time it seems 2 groups of 9 in Stockholm so doesn't really matter.

  9. Not really. I watched a few games last season because EG was bad but now it's back to being uninteresting.

  10. I guess the counter to tundra 15 mins death ball line up is to pick as much teamfight you can and have mobile cores

  11. That tundra 4 main dieback in game 1 really changed the whole series. Tundra was in control until that moment; everything went downhill afterwards, until game 2. GG OG !

  12. As much as I like the new og team, I really did not see them clean sweeping tundra. Very impressive. I really want to see this new og roster playing an actual major and see how they do lol.

  13. Right? I am so impressed at OG right now, like both games they looked very composed and in control of the game. Such discipline and cohesiveness from such a young team is incredible to see.

  14. Love to see OG using losses to improve strats. Ammar definitely playing well - sacrificial in g1 with good recovery and a proper Mars in g2. Bzm and Yuragi just excellent both games.

  15. Whenever Nine played a traditional mid vs Yopaj, Yopaj always gets to solo kill him. Yeah, unique mid jeroes.are nice, but thats not gonn help you in the long run, Yopaj used to do that with SK mid, ES mid, and some rubick mid, but it aasnt carrying them in Neon.

  16. Saksa tusk one of the best ones out there btw? One of his Heroes that comes to mind. Clock, kotl, willow.. Judging him on 2 games. And im an OG fan. Saksa Is a great player, dont shit on him like this.

  17. i don't think it was individual skill of saksa or nine that led to the loss. It was just OG execute team fights better. The 1st game tundra lost control psychologically after they all doubled down on the bought back but got team wipe instead. The 2nd game, the draft was the issue.

  18. They have no confidence in their ability to stop the enigma, they want to make sure they have massive advantage or vision before they attempt anything and even that is not enough.

  19. Picking 4 protect 1 lineup when enemy first pick Enigma and Monkey king is just plain arrogant and stupid. Maybe they already qualified so they fuck around a bit but it just look patheti

  20. Right? So freaking good, I missed OG dota so much, I'm glad these new kids have inherited the legacy of the 2-time champ roster.

  21. Not 100% sure, but I think the main reason this scythe combo isn’t working is because mk has titan sliver and void spirit has nether shawl

  22. Tundra's honeymoon phase is over it seems. it's not even OG who's playing better, tundra is giving them kills one by one

  23. Is it me or has many matches on this patch been a lot of early game passiveness and farming, into suddenly exploding and ending very quickly

  24. like looka t this shit. that cliff ward by mid has stayed up for its entire duration. why is tundra just not going for dewards like this

  25. I think we're at the point of development in pro Dota where org culture is starting to matter a bit more. Like in traditional pro sports leagues where the better organizations are more successful long term partially due to how they are run and how they adhere to a core philosophy.

  26. I just noticed, did valve remove those stupidass ‘straight to playoff,WC,’ thing? In Liquipedia it just say Stockholm Major to those who qualify.If valve remove then that’s something great. Everyone that qualified should start from the GS..

  27. I'm really, really hoping this is true even if it wasn't mentioned in the changes they released during the beginning of the season. That seed format is just terrible.

  28. Hope it's true. It's sad to see the team which performed the better play less games (and from singapore major/animajor, they got fucked by that)

  29. Tundra finally looking human. Someone last week was like they're like secret during online and old vp. Not even close

  30. well Secret handled it well, they just literally have no stun, they have a run at you lineup but Weaver had a free game because of the 5Head last switch from OG

  31. that mental warfare by OG. By Taiga not showing anywhere, Tundra too afraid of blackhole even when Taiga's so far away from the team.

  32. there's been worse but I think it was the worst buybacks of all time (not counting ana not buying back to defend throne in TI9 finals :P )

  33. Wow whoever made that call for sneyking to not buyback til way late, then everyone else buyback, THEN FOUR DIEBACKS, really needs to not make that call. That was atrocious

  34. seeing OG fighting aggression with aggression is so much better than whatever the fuck secret attempted doing last week.

  35. This OG is so good at mid game combat. They can be behind after landing phase, they can lose 1-2 hero at start of the skirmish, and then somehow they just win the combat, take rs and take over the game.

  36. Same for me. Except that I enjoy the flaming or mental gymnastics for any team by the redditors in this sub. Some comments are especially hilarious.

  37. Tomorrow will be the judgement day for nigma, if they'll be staying in div. 1 or drop to div. 2 but still cant believe the team who won ti7, 4th ti8 and 1st runner up ti9 dropping div. 2

  38. I'll give you the first two points but come on. Kuro picking Luna or Ursa for ILTW multiple times proves either point 1 or point 3.

  39. last DPC season it was everyone in div 1 and 2 that didn't make it to TI in a knockout quals per region but there's going to be a last chance LAN this season so it's not clear how it's going to work.

  40. Last DPC they were 0-3 with rmn (who is not a mid player) standing in for miracle. This time around they are losing with full squad, at bootcamp as well, which is the “lan setting” they love so much.

  41. I’m hyped for BRAME, it was nice to see them so happy about the win, everyone underestimated them and expected them to lose here and go back to div2, they are in contention again and clearly excited about it, it’s refreshing to see such energy in the interview.

  42. we just beat the worst team and lost to all the other teams, what a great achievement, hooray!

  43. What makes you think Nigma losing the remaining matches in DPC 2022 season 2 will make them realize something when they didn't realize this for more than 2 years?

  44. Also, is Mindcontrol going aghs intentional ? If not reminded by twitch chat i also forgot the aghs isnt second rupture charge anymore.

  45. Oh shit that's right. That has to be the worst aghs in the game and going for it in a official match is REALLY questionable. If MC knew what the new aghs is, it's a terrible decision. If he didn't know.... It shows he's not up to date with the game...

  46. there is nothing much to discuss, they either kick at least 3 to 4 players or just disband and sponsor a whole new team

  47. Wow didnt realise that Desire is also a professional football (soccer for NA nerds) player. That is such a cool thing.

  48. He's also hilarious if you ever catch him in a game on twitch. I don't think he streams but he's a high MMR player so you see him every once in a while. Very high energy player.

  49. I have the feeling they would've done decent at ti, but yeah, I think they had their chances to qualify.

  50. someone in last thread commented perfectly - Nigma being kept out from TI by South american teams for 2 consecutive years..

  51. If kuroky truly cares about this team he should step aside from captaining role and switch to coach or something, Iltw and mc are just too weak for tier1 scene at the moment, just build around Gh and miracle POS1 NOT FUCKING 2!

  52. Kuro gives Miracle the highest farm priority each game and he fails to deliver each time. It has become a pattern and is definitely one of the reasons why Nigma is so bad right now.

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