1. I think Team Spirit is finished, it's hard to keep a team together when 3 of them are russians and 2 are ukrainians, and those countries are at war. Sad to see it, they were great to watch.

  2. What in all the F***?! There's a small NA Touney called [Royal Jelly Covenant: NA] going on this weekend and there's literally ZERO coverage. No Twitch or Youtube streams! While the teams are not big, the casters are quite popular (Rkryptic, Brax, SirActionSlacks, SUNSfan, SyndereN). Where is the NA LOVE?!

  3. Yeah! Rooting for T1 and BOOM! However, I'm a bit anxious with T1 winning against Team Orca and Lilgun. T1 have a weird standing with both teams.

  4. When Tundra beat Boom in the upper bracket I thought about Boom and T1 winning from the lower bracket in their respective tournaments. It's a weird feeling like you've already envisioned it happening because you know they are capable.

  5. Meanwhile Goon Squad dropping a game to Wisla in DPC tour 2 CQ, making it 1-1. Honestly not a good sign for them.

  6. Rooting for boom, i dont think team spirit gone bad its just Mira is not here, i believe he is the play maker of the team who can enable collapse godlike laning.

  7. DPC is good actually if you really think about it. If 1st major wasnt canceled, we are supposed to have 4-5 Valve LANs (3 major 1 minor 1 TI). And DPC in the middle of it to ensure we have pro games all year long.

  8. Wait there has to be more love for Yopaj's Doom bait and the situational awareness he had there, it was awesome, I kinda want to see it from Collapse's perspectice

  9. I would like to see Doom's perspective in that bait, yopaj slight of fist him first from fog i think then his illu just showed up thats why doom thought it was the real hero.

  10. People trashing fbz in the previous match thread. Here you fucking go. This is fbz. No touches with no service, but when he does get it, it's done.

  11. People tend to forget that Jacky is just a new carry for boom, this tournament maybe is the first time they see each other personally. That's why skem always said they still learning, because Boom carry went from Palos -> Tino -> standin.Mushi -> Jacky.

  12. Yup. Same here. Followed them since neon days with there weird drafts. I remember skem likes playing nature's prophet and japoy's Puck with dagon (run & gun) playstyle. It's like the enemy don't know what hit them. 🤣

  13. To be fair, T1 is the only team that can beat Boom beside Tundra with Saksa's MK, which will be banned for sure if Boom manage to reach the grandfinal tomorrow.

  14. Not exactly a LAN. But PSG.LGD with xiao8 won DotaPit. A couple months ago. Replacing their best player, who's regarded as the best player in the world as well. On the midlane. Played bara from midlane. Remember?

  15. LGD were the gods of cutting creeps, delaying the game, and activating their carry with great fights. T1 adopted it and played with it for a while. Boom with their catch and map read has mastered how to counter these slow drafts so teams who lose lane gets chased around and picked off one after another. A surprise to see that happen to TS but Boom is just playing on their comfort and they will just dominate that way.

  16. Torontotokyo has been an underwhelming mid laner after TI no 🧢. The guy just never wins his lane and always relies on Yotaro or Collaspe to carry his shit and bring him back into the game.

  17. very true. I'm happy for Boom, they have defeated the world champions. But at the same time, everyone knows that Team Spirit's head might not be fully in this tourney with what happens at home. Plus, they play with a standin. Regardless, this is a great experience for Boom. As a team, they really lack international LAN experience.

  18. I got to agree, these can really be the factors why they're not in their best form. I was hoping for a really good series. (rooting Boom btw)

  19. Can't really judge Spirit conclusively this tournament, Mira missing + new patch + the situation in Eastern Europe is not a good combo

  20. That early game from Spirit was absolutely perfect, felt like they made all the right adjustments in laning

  21. Today games average duration was 36:13 mins, and the last day of WEU division I average duration was 38:43 mins. I don't see the difference.

  22. Spirit are definitely missing Mira’s playmaking potential in this tournament. The early/midgame fights feels like they’re constantly the ones getting jumped which isn’t a shock as rodjer has mostly been playing more passive heroes

  23. This is why I like about international dota…any team can beat each other. Hope valve remove their shitty regional tournament

  24. It's not a new 'Meta', Spirit picked Doom and Disruptor so they flexed Tide to 4 and picked Viper to counter TA and DK instead, It wasn't like they came into the game thinking we're gonna pick Tide 4.

  25. Holy shit. DPC havent even start yet this patch already seems so fcking stale. Same mid same carry same support. Damn. I miss carries like Slark, PL, Spectre, Alche, AW all those.

  26. lol ephey confuse about skem called yopaj Japoy, its like his previous IGN name, and current name just a mirroring from that

  27. I kinda miss chinese teams now. They always bring a different kind of spiciness on international tournaments

  28. SEA and CN teams is like a brothers now with a lot of CN-SEA tourney and well known fact that T1 is LGD's scrim patner. CN learn SEA aggressiveness and SEA learn the discipline from CN playstyle. Basically you got a CN reps live inside of top SEA teams now, albeit not on LGD-tier.

  29. It's a common thing to do here in the Philippines and I assumed that it was common as well in other countries, but maybe there are cultural differences.

  30. Methodical shit from Boom. Rarely you see something so disciplined from SEA. I DEARLY hope that Boom 2-0's Spirit here. But if they lose the series, I'm happy still.

  31. he is playing at this top level at least 3 years. difference is his previous teams were not tier 1. you can check his aegis steal clips from 2019 or so if you dont believe me.

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