1. People tend to overrate SEA teams when they look kinda good. They’re good teams for sure but fans are always too quick to judg

  2. Spirit without mira looking much weaker, but still hopeful they can take the tournament. Woulda been a easy win with the full roster.

  3. It seems they put most of effort into kicking VP and cancelling broadcast in russian rather than really doing their job

  4. Sorry you're getting downvoted, it's quite obvious Ammar is playing as a carry and that just doesn't work on offlane, at least not if you have another 2 carry cores.

  5. Chu has to be the worst support player I have ever seen play . What a useless moron. OG would have been better giving a bot the final place in their team. Even Socksha was better than this idiot

  6. I stopped watching game 3. Goddamn that match is so awful, feels like the game 2 drained the young team so bad.

  7. Wouldnt mind seeing changes implemented based on negative pro players feedback. Like Yatoro said, enough of "play like dog, come back as god"

  8. Also this game is a big reason why valve should remove their stupid ass Bo1 & Bo2..only in Bo3 we get to see full potential of teams

  9. OG winning despite Ammar throwing. Just wait till he stops jumping into fountain. Rock Lee dropping the weights vibes

  10. well collapse did his best to drag his team back from the brink but FINALLY og gets a win for their long day

  11. Why would they win the game? AM with 2 lives would probably still lose to troll, and OG had basically 4 cores vs 2 on TS. The game would definitely drag on but there's no guarantee of a win and I would still favour OG

  12. ATF aka. Amar the FSucker is the most brain dead dota player ever. In fact he's so brain dead he should be untargetable by brain sap.

  13. You literally cannot give Magnus to Collapse, or you can't go HG without being dragged to fountain. I genuinely don't see how it's possible to win.

  14. Why is all the hate being attributed to him being a different race?? Can we not like him for just being an insufferable person in pro matches with his all chat in turbo and his dropping mantles? There's nothing racist at all behind my dislike towards him. I just don't like the way he conducts himself in dota games. Again, no racist intentions at all.

  15. Meanwhile the DPC WEU closed qualifier game between Winter Bear and DGG has like 10k viewers. The all Iranian team is very close to winning the first upper bracket match.

  16. i mean everyone who watched creepwave knew that that hansha and ammar are gonna be the next players for eu and they are proving it

  17. man pretty irritated that nigmas bo3 opponents this tourney are … og and tundra lmao literally eu DPC redux

  18. Interesting how i dont see many people talk about how OP and imbalanced 3rd roshan aghanims scepter is compared to refresher shard, literally given a free 6k item compared to a single use refresh. Its crazy

  19. I love seeing ATF or OG lose . It’s become my daily medicine, my weekly energy, my monthly inspiration and my yearly motivation. Them losing is the only reason i’m still alive. I was born to love and enjoy the failure that they have achieved.

  20. Right now, OG seems to have a clear skill ceiling. Hopefully they can bootcamp and by the time the next league/major comes, they will have improved.

  21. The word here is floor ceiling. With a team this young, I think the potential skill ceiling is comparable to that of TS

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