1. ngl lyrical pronouncing tundra players skit-er and three three broke my brain. I literally couldn't focus on anything else

  2. Why do NA mids are JUST considered as "support" to pos 1 carry. They don't farm much and just make space. With carry mostly farming all the time. What a waste of talent for NA mid players -Abed, Bryle. Good for team QC though.

  3. Secret just looks so unorganised and play like individuals rather than a team. They get picked off so often and their pick offs don't seem to work that well either.

  4. I hope NGX SEA will learn from this tourney and wake the fuck up that they need to improve in fucking everything if they want to qualify for the next major. Or they could just ask Gabbi or Raven to replace IYD for a fighting chance

  5. NGX sea was never in the conversation for TI qualification. I would be more critical of Fnatic who clearly have TI ambitions but are still entertaining lackluster captains and coaches.

  6. NGX.SEA is just division 2 worthy sadly, the iyd fans who hyped them up so much when they beat Fnatic who is the most dogshit SEA TI team, T1 was getting ready for their flight so they didn't tryhard in BTS

  7. didn't IYD say that the reason he was the carry of ngx.seaa because gabbi rejected it? as for raven, idk about that

  8. to be fair they not playing with alacrity instead they play with w33ha i am not saying w33 is bad but u know the synergy and gameplay also language barier is hard to overcome in short amount of time. blaming iyd its not a good takes since they r doing great in dpc sea

  9. Are people here really blaming Nisha, the best player on the team? Man, it really seems sumail's fanboys are at the same level as OG's fanboys. This is some "blame Ana to distract people from blaming n0tail" strategy.

  10. Its surprising how people are arguing over why Secret is currently trash. Isn't the answer soo obvious? They literally have iceiceice, whos results have been really bad for years. Last time he won something with DAC with minesky ages ago. Every team hes been on has had dissapointing results. Its also very apparent in game that he loses most lanes and isn't on the same page with the other 4. Puppey's mechanics are actually so good considering his age, yapzor and sumail are playing to their standard as well. Sumail's performance in OG is straight up proof that he isnt washed. Nisha does give off some ti9 mid one vibes, but overall still strong. Puppey has got to stop having sympathy for these old players that cant play (ice3 was never good to begin with).

  11. Is it me or i sense strong chemistry(vectored, 80-20% more ephey-less notail) between ephey and notail? The giggles and blushes all over the place, damn.

  12. what are you talking about lol, Bryle did absolutely fine mid every game except for the one he got handed a horrible matchup - and they won that game. His invo play was very good this game, him and dubu hardcarried the two fights that let TSM get back into the game.

  13. It's really worrying for Secret that they struggled so much versus TSM. Right now I don't see them doing well in the next DPC season. They will have to get way better if they don't want to finish 5-6th in EU.

  14. Cant rely on outdrafts to always win you the game puppey, maybe you need to work on your players

  15. I mean he is originally the carry for secret lmao. During the midone era of secret domination. Just give him a bit he's gonna start popping off again.

  16. lmao, Nisha mid > Sumail mid and Nisha carry > Sumail carry. The team isn't in the same page and it showed in how they moved, targeted and used their spells. This whole series is on TSM being almost as bad with their decisions.

  17. The leagues are great for improving regional competition. They definitely need to be shorter than the ±2 months they are now tho.

  18. I can't believe this tournament... ridiculous TO's flew everyone out, put up a hundred grand, and then we only get one series from TSM and maybe only two series from Secret. What a shitty tournament structure.

  19. Well, if you are unhappy with the tourney, don't watch. Simple as that. If this tourney isn't appealing to you, then you're not their targeted consumer.

  20. Sounds like entitlement. Covid is still a thing so be grateful we even have a Lan in the first place when all other tournament organizers are just doing online and valve itself had to cancel the major.

  21. i'll take a 5-day international tournament than no international tournament. there's only so much games you can squeeze into 5 days. just think of the logistics.

  22. Secret didn't look convincing at all but it's a new patch so it's whatever. Can't believe Timado using manta too early led to their collapse.

  23. As much as I'd like to say it is because of the new patch, it isn't. Seems like Secret know what they are doing in terms of patch and heroes but while playing it isn't translating. I'd love to be proven wrong tho and watch Secret step up and kill it in their playing too

  24. How the FUCK is Timado farming so fast, that Gyro game was insane and now aswell, obv flash farming heroes but still

  25. i have learned to never underestimate terrorblade. he is the dumbest hero and always manages to worm himself out of bad situations somehow

  26. Okeii, I am overreacting, 10k lead min 17 and Secret can't close the game out and will most likely lose this game.

  27. Same man, same. This iteration of secret for me have the same vibe of those cursed allstars lineups back in TI5(?) Really have low hope for them when it was announced, and they havent convinced me one bit ever since.

  28. It's because Sumail hasn't really been a star for a couple of years. Still a good player? Yes, but not nearly as good compared to his opponents compared to when he was at his peak on EG.

  29. He is playing the second fiddle to Nisha's TA. He was the one owning with TA on OG or EG, not the other way round.

  30. He's making mistakes that you wouldn't expect to come from a pro really. Wonder if he/secret is committed for the tournament considering he was streaming a day before the tournament

  31. The iteration of Secret with zai and matu was the absolute peak that Secret could reach in terms of strength. Any changes from that roster are just downgrades. Dominance in 2020 and top 3 at TI10, the highest they ever reached at TI.

  32. I am yet to see this Secret make a come back. They seem only to be able to play when they are ahead and sometimes throw.

  33. you mean bad? Nisha is no longer as good as his past self for a loooong time. If he was as good as his prime during TI10, they could've won it.

  34. Why Virtus Pro was kicked from the tournament? If was because of the war why Team Spirit still playing?

  35. Man I do not care for some of the cosmetic sets in this game. That Chen set is so overdesigned and busy, and the DK dragon form is awful, the green dragon form looks wayyy too much like Wyvern (why the fuck is the green dragon blue I mean honestly why)

  36. I know it's been a meme in the past, but as someone who now hasn't played dota in a while, I tuned in and legit got very confused about which heroes were which

  37. N0tail analysis is amazing I really hope he comes for many more events and is here to stay whenever he isn't playing. Really enjoying his analysis

  38. You can apparently get your Twitch account terminated for saying you're 12 even as a joke. It was big a month or two ago.

  39. I have been nonstop trying Ember pos 1 physical build since the patch. I always felt like Ember doesn't really need the BF to farm and could just go straight for Deso but seems like the pros are proving that you still need it. Regardless, Ember is not a 1v9 type of carry and absolutely need reliable teammates to play

  40. Battlefury synergises with your sleight also, not as much as before since the aoe has changed. But still worth nonetheless. It can be considered damage item for ember instead of a farming one

  41. Man nisha is soo good. Him positioning soo aggressively in the early game, knowing his limits. Really reminded me of Ana ember. I still think secret is pretty lackluster team but nisha is just a beast

  42. That aghs has been there for forever though? It was just trash before because you had to be in melee range to use it. The change to the range makes this item viable

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