1. Dubai where exactly and are Audience allowed ?? I really want to watch in the arena once and now I’m In dubai but don’t know where they are having this event . Someone help .

  2. Gamers Galaxy Twitter announced few days ago that there won’t be live audience :( they did tweet about Pubstomp locations though

  3. Team Spirit are just insane. I don't think any other team has shown this much dominance after winning TI, they just walk over all the other teams.

  4. Probably a bad idea but open to feedback today looking to get better always. Would love to hear some and use it to get better. (Please try to be nice)

  5. Love your casting my man, but are they gonna pair you up with Black^ every single game?, Love Black too btw, just want someone like Lacoste or Ephey to co-cast with you <3

  6. My man, you'll always be our SEA/CN boi and you know we got your back. Just some feedback, you seemed a little off today, and you fumble for words at a time. But maybe thats just the first day jitters. Im sure youll find your groove in the coming days.

  7. After watching some of your casts today I have some feedback that I think is nice. You are a better caster when you're not biased towards one team. If listeners can tell you are rooting for one team, it takes away from your cast. This has sometimes applied to you when you cast china games but I didn't see it today and it was refreshing. This is common across all sports casting. To throw out a NA reference, unfortunately like Kyle, no one wants to watch Kirk Herbstreit cast Ohio State besides their fanbase.

  8. loved your casting! maybe there was just something that could be improved with the audio. maybe just volume? or maybe needed some equalization or compresssion

  9. Nigma is probably the only team that can beat Team Spirit right now. Helps that they have the GOAT midlaner, Miracle just doesn't auto lose lane vs TorontoTokyo like the other mids to

  10. Does anyone have any spoiler free links to the games? Dotavods Reddit hasn’t been updated yet - not sure if they are covering this tourney

  11. It's really strange to me that this TO flew in teams from all over the world only to have them play Bo1 group stage. Really dumb format.

  12. NGX.SEA got alot of lucks in their pocket. Basically a tier 2 team, got promoted to div 1, invited to this tournament because of their own tournament, not eliminated because of VP dq. I think TSM deserve that slot better than this team

  13. well since their org is the one supplying the prize pool i dont see the problem with using it to let their teams get experience.

  14. I feel like there's gotta be some way for IceFrog to eliminate TA from the meta. That hero is THE hero at the professional level of dota, any team that picks it can barely ever lose the draft.

  15. Did you know that at one point (a very small period of time) they were the best team in SEA (won a BTS Pro Series pre-TI10 with T1 and Fnatic in attendance)

  16. It’s crazy how out of all the Boom matches today, Jackky hasn’t been the highlight. Goes to show the depth in caliber of the team.

  17. If the games are more even and if jackky is given traditional hard carry heroes and yopaj plays the spacemaker, jacky is one of the most efficient carries in sea. Guy farms really fast

  18. Games tend to finish real fast so he probably wasn't well farmed, although I think he did a great job with Kunkka

  19. I like how he makes excited monkey noises and the spectator is clicking everywhere to try and find what notail is watching

  20. I'm not really suprised that EU been performing bad. EU has been on the decline since Nigma went garbage and only had Secret as a top-tier team. People have ignored it because of OG winning 2 TI's, but remember that they won nothing else during that period.

  21. Didnt really watch much EU this season, but did ATF always that greedy? Like his team is losing, his lane was stomped and like 0/3 at that time, and he was buying midas.

  22. Yes, he's either gonna carry his game or absolutely be trash, but you can say the same with OG in general. Growing pains for a young team perhaps

  23. skem captaining was already top tier last season, but with Tim's also calling the shots, Thier movement became so smooth but aggressive. Fbz too is stable, and let's not forget the idol lol, he just straight up bad ass.

  24. I predicted Boom would dominate Group B, but I didmt expected to be THAT dominant. They were literally smurfing the games.

  25. Yep, they now know who FBZ is. I commented that FBZ is the same tier as Collapse or Fiath Bian but got downvoted like crazy, now they know.

  26. Really sucks that the major didn't happen. The matchups between Liquid, GG, BOOM, PSG.LGD, and RNG would have been fun to watch.

  27. He played on DC for quite a while including their second place TI6 run. Probably learned a lot of it then.

  28. Ikr. Fbz has been one of the most stable offlane for years. It's just his Indonesian teammates held him for the last 3 years. Happy for him now.

  29. Man ice ice gameplay is so weird, he is so smart when it comes to the game but it always feel like he is not a game changer at any point, even back in EG as well.

  30. Ukranian ORGS like NaVi & WePlay cut ties (navi said they cut ties but WePlay we dont know i guess its similar) with ESFORCE Holdings which manages Epic Esports Event & RuHub which is basically the pillar of Dota 2 RU Broadcast. This tournament vendor is WePlay so thats the answer

  31. Is it only me cause i couldnt find the stream... Go to twitch dota2 didnt find it, go to esports category still cant find it. Went to liquipedia and went to the twitch link.

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