1. get off the copium kkonas. first phase storm is fine, especially with io. eg aren't good enough and they would've lost the series regardless.

  2. First phase with IO? Sure, that’s pretty broken. But last game was no IO, and left TSM with instant disables they have been running all tournament (shadow shaman). They lost draft that last game pretty hard.

  3. I love the fact that this thread will stay for quite some time (relative to other region grand finals).. somewhat felt rubbing the salt

  4. the way eg cant let go of bulba or else bulba will leak literally all of eg's strats LMFAO. eg deserves this in all honesty

  5. Why did Nightfall go pos 3? Was it really just the money? Because on VP he was beasting last TI as pos 1 (199-66-225).

  6. its natural for a pos 1 to transition to pos 3. Because he understands exactly what a pos 1 wants to do to have a good lane and win the game- he can naturally counter it

  7. TSM have improved a lot, they deserve plenty of credit. Bryle's improvement over the season is especially notable, because he combines very well with Moon's aggressive play/spacemaking 4. Timado becoming a more consistent 1 over time adds the reliability, and we have seen the results work out well.

  8. I can't stand it anymore u fucking know why you're losing but still stick to the same strat and pattern, this way EG won't win shit

  9. First phase storm is just a bad idea, there are just so many counters to it and teams playing against EG definitely will have prepared for it, somehow there must be something about it that EG knows that us viewers don't because I can't for the life of me understand why stick to this pattern of drafting when it has failed in the clutch again and again. I don't know why you sac abed's game like this, when he's shown in the past that he is the best player on your team when enabled correctly. I know they said they draft as a team, but the coach definitely has strong inputs on this and if it's something he hasn't pointed out as a big flaw that's on him.

  10. RTZ has consistently underperformed in games compared to the farm he has throughout his whole career. He used to cover this by outfarming everyone so hard that it didn't matter.

  11. Storm 1st phase in the final map may just be another Bulba's attempt to make a statement to all us redditors 3k scrubs after all those times. And he failed as always lol, thats the "pattern" part imo. Theres no way he cant see it as a human being

  12. You need to chill guys, eg played 8 games and most of them were close. Losing against TSM with new org and all is really not concerning. Especially after they got dumpster from TSM a few days ago. And nightfall owned today, which im sooo glad to see

  13. It was a long and rough day, and you made it to the final map, which you all can totally be proud of. Please keep your head held high and come back stronger. Im one of the #BleedBlue fans, and always will be.

  14. bulba is trying so hard challenging Abed's patience... I wonder if abed will like this if this keeps up... I mean sure, they took abed in EG because he doesn't have that much ego... but being sacrificed time and time and time again... I wonder how long he can tolerate that...

  15. I bet most of us don’t know what their strategy is, why do we presume that they are sacrificing Abed for the game plan. I’m sure you might not have thought that I the first 3 games. They thought of a strategy and it didn’t work. It’s simple to say, it’s common sense or just change it. But, what do we know about drafting. It’s just my thought, no offence, and correct me if I am wrong.

  16. i like how moon said a few weeks/days before about TSM/undying being the new era of NA Dota. and he proved it. Like the storyline is so hype. and TSM is a well known org. Good times for the NA dota scene

  17. Imagine getting paid to cast games that you know might extend to late night and then doing a half assed job because its late night

  18. First picking Storm for Abed just doesn’t make any sense. It’s not like that hero is broken or all of his other heroes were banned. Just terrible drafting.

  19. The fact that EG’s draft remains unchanged regardless of whether Fly’s in the team or the enemy team really shows who’s the real mastermind behind EG. Regardless of whether the draft was the problem in this series or not, all those people who blamed Fly for the drafts when he was still in EG were all wrong

  20. “I blame the draft” on a series where all games were close. How about blaming the 5 that is so shit he can’t lane with his 1 lol. Also timado owns.

  21. Basically the whole game plan of TSM is to stick the Shaman and the Treant together and jump the Storm. If Storm BKB's prematurely, Treant ulti roots him and even if they aren't able to kill him during the root, his BKB times out and Storm realistically cannot stay in the fight any longer.

  22. his bkb usage in all fights was so bad man, he constantly blink into shaman's face, dont use it, and get instantly hexed, idk how you can excuse that

  23. Can someone explain me how bulba is still their Coach drafter? Like did he purchase the team or something? Does he gives incredible head? He is fucking terrible and they never replace him

  24. No kidding. Even Nightfall who played bad as offlane (understandably given the switch) is now performing way better than him and has more impact.

  25. Idk why they still not kicking Bulba. They've been picking the same heroes over and over. Give them new set of heroes, and if they still play poorly then they need to disband or change roster.

  26. what was Bulba even thinking when he first pick storm spirit without revealing TSM's supports? did he assume that they will not pick heroes that counter storm?

  27. They also didn't ban treant in game 5 and let shaman through. I feel like EG always sacrifices their midlaner in drafting.

  28. not bad, considering your offlaner only played a couple of the games. EG as a team improved a lot during winter DPC. To me, they are the favorites going into season 2. Only challenge will be QC and TSM. They will be going to the major.

  29. He is too greedy for an offlane. First item armlet and he is building a refresher for mars. No utility items even a Lotus Orb

  30. popping bkb to start a fight against treant is always uncomfortable, kinda understand why Abed is conservative with his bkb, He needed atleast linken against Shaman if they really wanna start with Storm, or they could start with Mars anyways

  31. Abed is EGs win condition. He sucked of course they would lose. RTZ is non factor as a carry it seems since the Singapore Major

  32. Abed and crit are the win condition. But they'd sacrifice their games if it means giving last pick/lane advantage to rtz or their new offlaner who's really a carry

  33. Nah. There's still 2 majors in later months and major scales in term of DPC point. 3rd major will carry more points.

  34. Saberlight dancing after that one clash while the other four are focused is so funny. (It's even more funny when they won, the other four are celebrating in their bootcamp while he's just there sitting.)

  35. Abeed needed a linken and a bkb this game or weirdly enough a manta style. The tree destroyed him both games. Pop bkb? Get overgrowthed, dont Pop bkb? Get hexxed. Maybe first picking storm isnt the way to go Bulba u fucking moron

  36. Finally someone who talks with some sense. He is basically hard countered this game. 3 BKBs vs Disruptor and Mars also a factor. They basically shutdown 3 of EGs heroes.

  37. What destroyed abed is getting firsrt phase storm against TSM who showed they caould destroy his storm with treant/ss. It's such stupid drafting

  38. Last year in DPC season, EG was 4-0 against Undying with longest match barely past 35 mins. Undying sticked together. EG kicked 2 players.

  39. I really hope Abed leaves EG and comes back to SEA, maybe he could finally play anything other than Storm, Ember and Lina

  40. aint no way hes coming back to sea.. sea dota is full of talented teams and players really really hard to get TI points.. NA much more easier. only 3 teams performing.. NA region for him is easy TI slot

  41. Imagine playing with some of the best players on the biggest teams consistently for the last 7 years and winning 0 Valve events while being hyped up as a Tier S carry

  42. Abed always seems to lose steam to me and can’t clutch out after a long day or tournament. Still an amazing player just something I’ve noticed. Ggwp to TSM, was happy to see them get into Dota and a big first win!

  43. Probably because of the heroes he gets to play. If his mid hero isn’t revealed too early pretty sure he’s fine. I think the better observation here is during clincher games, EG for some reason always first phase their mid.

  44. What an awesome series! Congrats to TSM, Moonmeander and the entire team. So great to see an organizations faith rewarded almost immediately.

  45. It’s hilarious that Fly, the player who would know EG the most, actually coached TSM for the regional finals.

  46. RTZ proved time and time again that he cant carry in a clincher game. Bulba kept picking Storm on Abed thinking like it's some sort of a cheat code. At this point, it really makes you wonder if the team is better off without one or both of them. GGWP to TSM!

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