1. Yes, he's satirizing all the negative reviews Doom Eternal received from game-critics who didn't know how to play games.

  2. god i love under the mayos content on doom eternal. he helped me getting through doom eternals combat system. and i still use that microwave beam combo for stuff like dread knights and hell knights. huge thanks to him....

  3. Yeah my whole skill set was from his videos. His break down of the usefulness of some “bad” weapon mods changed the whole way I play.

  4. Honestly, I did all that kinda stuff before I ever heard of him. Then I started seeing all those negative reviews and said to myself, "... are these critics even playing the same game?! I'm confused, what the hell are they complaining about? " and then I see all the footage of them playing the game and it's like, "okay, I know I'm pretty bad at this game, BUT I'M NOWHERE NEAR THAT BAD WTF YOU'RE GONNA SAY THE GAME'S BAD BECAUSE OF THAT?!" So when I finally found UtM's channel, I'm like, "THANK YOU!!!!"

  5. Apparently switching weapons and using finish moves is creative nowadays. People are really pretending like Eternal was the first game to let them do that.

  6. Replayed and finished Doom eternal today and i have to say its worth it to explore and you get good shit out of it like the Unmaykr

  7. The pick ups should be in memorable spots. You have to remember that you left a supercharge and a bunch of rockets in X spot to return for them later with low hp, and out of ammo.

  8. His Doom eternal videos are fine but with every other game he completely comes off as unironically cynical towards everything and is just unbearable to watch.

  9. I’ve seen him address this in a tweet along with a list of videos that don’t represent this idea

  10. You know, loved his videos on doom eternal, not on others. Felt like he was criticizing games for being a different game than Doom. Like when he criticised Halo for being slow when it only is compared to Doom. He kind of wants all games to be Doom Eternal

  11. I watched a bunch of his doom eternal videos and thought they were great so I decided to watch his alien isolation video and couldn't even finish it. The criticism was just so off base

  12. He’s addressed this on Twitter, people say this, but he has a whole reply of games / videos where this isn’t true to his take

  13. Yeah I felt the same way about his Shredders Revenge review. Granted it has a few issues but because it's not Streets of Rage 4 it's meh.

  14. My last playthrough of Eternal was about 70% Super Shotgun, 15% Shotgun Grenade Launcher, 10% Rocket Launcher, 5% everything else. I played in on Ultra-Violence like I play all Doom Games, and it worked out fine, beating the game with like 10 extra lives left.

  15. Maxor put this wonderfully: In other games I can choose between stealth, vehicles, or outright combat, yet Doom Eternal asks the question: why not force you to use every mechanic, all the time, without stopping?

  16. I think that’s a really good distillation of what’s special about Doom Eternal. Doom Eternal offers tons of in-the-moment creativity that forces you into more of a flow state with using the various systems, but it does force you to use all, or at least most, of the systems. With the original Doom, I don’t see how it’s comparable in anything but the most basic sense that limitations exist and you have to deal with them. I don’t recall Doom being overly stingy with pickups and weapons don’t have nearly as much rock-paper-scissors design with enemies, which one you use is more related to environment and enemy clustering. The style of game design is really not very similar at all, which doesn’t make either better or worse, but it shouldn’t be surprising that some people would prefer one style over the other.

  17. This was how I felt about Bugsnax, in a way. Though I recognize how ridiculous it is to critique a game for not being the kind of game you wish it was. Still a good game, I just think it's design makes it less interesting than if it had been more freeform. I would suppose that's where the non-satirical negative Doom reviews are coming from.

  18. I never found anything bad with the game. It's challenging, but I actually took the time to learn how it works. Yeah I get killed a lot, but I have too much fun with the mechanics to argue and know I fucked up. My little brother sides with critics these days and I don't know why. Hivemind kills creativity.

  19. I remember a guy bashing the marauder for ruining the games combat flow…while showing gameplay of him attacking it with only the plasma rifle

  20. God the amount of people I see say they hate eternal for straying away from how DOOM 2016 basically letting you only use on weapon (and eternal requiring more effort) always just makes me laugh.

  21. Yep, people act like resource management is exclusive to Doom Eternal but it was a massive part of the originals as well. Assuming you weren't playing on the easy difficulties, scavenging for ammo and using the right gun for each encounter was basically a necessity.

  22. Doom Eternal is fun but it's far too easy to replenish anything you need, there's little stopping you from cheesing out on a couple of weapons (rl+gc) besides a few interactions with demons. Not to mention panic healing with the ice bomb and flame belch.

  23. I stopped criticizing doom after I learned I could just have fun and play with cheats. I beat everything fair and square on harder difficulties, I earned the right to one shot demons.

  24. while i do love the constant strategy on Eternal, part of me prefers the "shoot first think never" attitude Doom 2016 was going for

  25. It's definitely satire. Under the Mayo famously defends Doom Eternal from game critics on YouTube by calling them out for not taking the time to learn how to play the game.

  26. I was watching mayo when he started with his whole doom eternal line up of videos and I was worried when he said there wont be more but I understood it. We cant talk about doom eternal forever.

  27. Yeah I love Mayo. He has a very similar philosophy about games as me: the game should encourage you to engage with all of its mechanics. Too much "freedom" is boring because there's nothing to move you away from finding a dominant strategy. I don't agree with him entirely (in particular I think he's wrong about style systems, although his criticism does point out some serious issues), but he is always fair and always presents his arguments well

  28. Isn't he the same guy who complained that Sekiro didn't "let him play the way he wanted"? I remember watching an awful Sekiro review from a Doomtuber.

  29. I honestly wish classic mode was on all maps, being forced to fight entire horde battles with nothing but the shotgun and a base plasma rifle really brings out the creativity in ya

  30. It's almost like the devs have a vison or idea of how you should play the game so the bad ass you feel like you are is earned.

  31. What the hell does based mean. Can't find a single kid that uses that word and can actually explain it

  32. It describes an opinion you agree with, particularly an unpopular or controversial one. It's often used ironically too.

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