1. I'm on the edge myself. Waiting for the update before I decide if it is time to quit or not. I've had fun, swapping back and forth between wiz and necro caster has helped alot to keep the interest. However the lack of real progress starts to wear on me, it is all just the same with no actual real upgrades or increased difficulty. CR illusion is all pretty much.

  2. I feel you. Same here. The game was great first couple of months. But I'm so done with the same bounties, Iben Fahd's sanctuary, running dungeons for a a very skin chance of getting a decent set. Last few weeks it's felt like hard work just to login. I went 4 days without playing, logged in yesterday, and felt the same. The major update doesn't inspire me.

  3. You would think games could last at least a few months before dying out especially by AAA companies but sadly they care more about what they can make in those first months

  4. I stoped playing at paragon 100 having also other characters lower paragon, I was inmortal in all the leaderboards, legend in pvp… and for what I read people is now paragon 250, there’s 0 chance I come back to grind all those lvls now, they would need to offer me to lvl up automatically to the server lvl to start thinking about it no matter how good the game become. And the lvl will only continue growing, and getting lvl is nothing compared to getting gear and other things. It would take months before I can actually start playing normally again if I start now, nobody will do that

  5. Game hasn't even been out for 6 months though. At this point the game needs an insanely in-depth revamp to stand a chance.

  6. You are right, but a service game of this size and budget should just be better…at least I expected way more service :(

  7. I was extra excited when I heard about it. Never played Diablo before so I was going into it fresh without having nostalgia. Got to level 30, got bored and Uninstalled...

  8. I left the sub but reddit still shows me posts that are popular. I'm not going to block them in case a huge great update does come out. I'd totally play again if they made anything interesting and rewarding feeling in the future.

  9. I stay in lots of subs of games I don't play anymore. Just to kind of see how it's going. I'd rather brush across a thread and spend five or 10 seconds then patching up and logging i in and wasting an hour or two. Just keeping my finger on the pulse of it I guess.

  10. Oh god I quit a long time ago. Nothing is rewarding about that game. I stay in here to see peoples post to see if the game is getting any better. Every time I see these new events and new log in rewards I just laugh at how bad they are. Most free to play games have crazy good log in rewards and events to keep people playing to spend money on their game. Then there’s diablo immortal, offering scraps for daily log in rewards lol.

  11. I uninstalled the game when I discovered that it was totally p2w and that the progression would be mainly by paying. A shame. After this game, I will never buy a blizzard game again.

  12. Quit awhile ago, kinda lost now. The number in my bank account is no longer red and just keeps growing. I’m not sure how I’m ever going to get it back to that bright red where the nice lady at the banks calls to check up on me every 3-8 minutes.

  13. There is no reason for them to make the game better....once diablo 4 comes out DI will be forgotten.We will get small things here and there in order for them.to get some cash flowing.The big part of monetization was done already.Anything beyond that is pretty much obvious cash milking.

  14. If they can figure out character progression merging mobile gaming with Diablo, the game will be successful long term, otherwise I worry about any real success with DI. D4 is going to take a significant portion away from the game, they will really have to find a way to appeal to new players.

  15. Well said, speaks right of my mind. I am Para 217 now and hoped Blizzard would give us some more content on a regular basis but well… I don’t regret the time spent either and will come back for sure when there’s a reason to.

  16. I'll quit once I experience become an immortal until end of reign, and having at least 1k resonance for the wings so that I fully experience the game.

  17. That is simply awesome mate! Please update us with what you have for lunch tomorrow, and what youre gonna do in the weekend!

  18. These reasons for quitting could have been noticed, read or seen in the first month or two; but at least you're at that point now. Good for you. As others have said though, nobody really cares for an uninstall speech.

  19. This game is still basically brand new... only been out for 3 months lol I'm sure we'll be getting many many updates in the future 😉

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