1. This is exactly how I feel. On one hand, obviously it's a cash grab as with everything else in life. But they still made a decent mobile game that to me truly feels like diablo only I can play it anywhere(that has wifi). Not everyone has the goal of maxing every all equipment with 5 star gems and all that.

  2. It makes me sad. I really enjoyed playing it. But there’s just a big gray cloud over my head the whole time knowing that I’m not someone who can afford to play this game at the level I want.

  3. Nah, but I'd like to see ONE though. And with people spending somewhere around 10000 dollars without getting one, my chances as F2P don't exactly make my happy parts tingle.

  4. Agree completely. This blows any other similar mobile game out of the water. If the price for that is cosmetic purchases and a couple neckbeards buying gems, fine with me.

  5. It can be both. It's perfectly valid to like a game for the mechanics and the polish while being highly critical about the monetization. I've personally uninstalled because I don't want to support such a predatory system, but I'll admit that the game itself, for all of it's negatives, is still pretty fun - and I can't fault anyone for finding enjoyment in playing it.

  6. This is the logic i can get behind. I pretty vehemently hate Diablo Immortal. But i'll admit it's fun, a beautiful game with some nice story. Part of what makes me dislike it so much is fueled by the parts i appreciate about it.

  7. Probably one of the worst ARPG's ever made, actually. But you're probably looking at shiny graphics and don't care about actual RPG elements like a good modern mobile gamer.

  8. Objectively it's a pretty good game IMO, they've made a lot of improvements over D3 and I'm honestly more excited for D4 after playing Immortal. Obviously the monitization is disgusting but the game itself is decent.

  9. I think it's really fucking fun. Am I gonna spend money on it? No--at least not in it's current state. I might consider it if they make the monetization more reasonable. But I've never been interested in playing any game competitively, so for me f2p is just fine.

  10. Evil. It just doesn't hurt you when you're not spending money. But realistically, no one should play a game that only revolves around fishing whales and being predatory P2W.

  11. It’s both. That’s the point lol. They can’t give you a shit game and try to charge you. They give you a free fairly good game (maximize exposure) and then they tax you the longer you play. But p2w in general is different for all players. If you’re just playing casually, you won’t care that others can be so much “better” than you in 1/20th of the time. The more you want skill>$, the more upset you will be. The reason people care so much is because this is a beloved franchise, I never got into Diablo so I’ll gladly drop this game when I hit a pay wall, but for others, they just wanted another Diablo game and they got p2w instead lol. And it’s not even cheap. I understand the stance of both sides, but honestly, I feel like those who are upset, care more about the game in general. Everyone just says go play something else, but that’s easy to say when you don’t care about the franchise.

  12. I'm enjoying the game, I might never get bis stuff, but I enjoy killing things and the story. I'm a minnow, I bought the boon (for one character) and the bp, might just get those 2 each time they are up cause I feel I should support the devs how I can.

  13. I'm saying fun but then again I have bought two chests and can't remember what I got besides gem's but I didn't care because Im having fun and just glad to play

  14. I think part of the problem with the anti-DI crowd’s position is that it’s so melodramatic. I don’t know why people can’t just say “I don’t want to play this game because I don’t want to spend the money necessary to achieve my in-game goals.” Or, even more simply, “I don’t want to play this game because it’s not fun to me.” Why does it have to be the huge moralist decision? “Wrong side of history?” Playing a video game? Get real.

  15. Or so you hope. This is exactly what everyone was saying a decade ago when this model was starting to take over the mobile market.

  16. Demon”s. Evil demons. They all carry loot. Loot that perpetuates the game addictive tendencies. That never seemed suspicious to us? 🤔😂🔥👿

  17. This game is my second disappointment this year, after lost ark cash grab mechanics. Even lost ark was pretty playable than this...

  18. I recently started doing pvp and had a lot of fun. Is that a bad idea if I'm not planning on spending lots of money on this game?

  19. Yes and no, despite CR and stat line advantages being capped in PvP, you'll definitely come across whales who curb stomp you - you can usually tell who is whaling due to their abnormally high HP pool.

  20. It was a fun game with a garbage monetization strat. I finished the story and now I'm back to grinding d3 for fun because grinding in DI is just not fun or rewarding in my opinion. I haven't spent a cent and I enjoyed the story experience.

  21. It's a good mobile game regarding quality and depth AND comparing to the alternatives. When I bought my "gaming" phone I was looking for Diablo clones and honestly the only one that hit the threshold being playable/enjoyable offline was Titan Quest which is just a port. The PC version isn't even worth mentioning, it's a zero effort port, literally just an emulator probably. Even funnier thing is how it takes 26 gigs while D3 is just 16.

  22. You aren’t a special snowflake having fun, the design of games like this is to start you out f2p, give you all the resources you need (think of how many free gems and crests and hilts they are throwing at you!) then as you play longer slow that down so you start needing more and more until you start buying it. Like of course they design the pipeline to be fun

  23. Its not the P2W aspect that's depressing to me, I grinded to Paragon 19 and the game tells me you are above server paragon level so gives me xp debuffs. How can you make a grinding game like OG PC Diablo series into something that discourages you the grind? Not able to go in dungeons solo is a let down too, as you can't always find a player in early morning.

  24. I'm having fun with the game and haven't spent any money - I got the BP and starter bundle for free with google rewards credit (I consider that F2P tier lol). I've gotten decently far into the game without spending any of my own cash. If I hit end game and end up giving up on the game I think that's still fine. There's been plenty of "AAA" $60 games that I only played through once.

  25. It's super dope until end-game, then it gets annoying because you're actively prevented from playing it...but up until then it's a blast.

  26. I was thinking the same when I started. I knew it was a cash grab but it was fun so I played. Now im level 56 and don't feel like playing anymore because of the obvious p2w. Great game when I had fun tho :)

  27. Here is the thing. Blizz is testing the water right now. The more this types of games are supported the more they feel they should do it more often. The risk of supporting it now, is having future games (like Diablo 4) riddled with disguting mtx. Sure a lot of people are melodramatic about it, but it is a real problem in the hobby.

  28. The game is good the monetization is evil so just dont buy anything or just get the BP and use what it gives you for the rifts. You get several legendary crests in the BP which is like $5 i think? Thats not that bad really plus you get some BP exclusive cosmetics for your gear and crafting materials etc

  29. I personally like it so far, but only level 30. The painfully obvious attempts to get me to buy something - which are ingrained in the game mechanics - is pretty disgusting and annoying to me, but besides that, it’s a good experience so far.

  30. I'm going through the story, the game plays well... I don't personally care for P2W... it's no use fighting it, as long as people are willing to drop dollars... why would companies not do it? Only aspect I wish P2W didn't effect is PVP. Other than that... let the whales, be whales.

  31. When I'm playing it, I'm having fun, but that fun is overshadowed by a looming sense of dread that I'm gonna be forced to pay money to keep going at some point.

  32. I was super addicted to a mobile game for a while; they are really cunty for bringing this to the mainstream western market dressed up as diablo.

  33. Just wanted to say I'm a bit confused to. But right now I like it. Love being able to play on my pc and my mobile. Would love to see more games do this.

  34. The insane absolute zealous trashing of the game by the butt-hurt min/maxing bipolar hardcore fanbois ruined it for me. Now I feel like shit playing it.

  35. This game was not on my radar. Never played any Diablo game, don't play phone games. But because of all the outrage it made me curious enough to check it out.

  36. I don't think you know this but back in our time all gear and items in diablo can be farmed by just putting in some time.

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