1. Can we just take a moment to appreciate some of the character animations. The Barbarian especially, and I think the Sorceress holding a book and wand: real attitude to the movements.

  2. The animation and models in general are top tier. Art department living up to the Blizzard standard of carrying the entire company on their backs.

  3. these are the things that will carry the whole game - the visuals, combat, animations. they are so good. i hope the rest of the game is at least average

  4. I dislike the whole “attack as a bear or attack as a werewolf with one click idea” it degrades the idea of what shapeshifting is. I hope it’s fluid because it just sounds like a gimmick

  5. I can honestly say I haven’t really seen anything I hated other than the stat system and Item icons from when the game was first shown. I’m curious if any of that has changed.

  6. I think it is looking awesome. Really hopeful. I really dig the style the game has as well, very dark and uses a neutral color palette which really further helps set the mood

  7. I think we will get deceived regarding the darkness. There are still plenty of arcardish elements from Diablo 3 present, that will take away from the immersion. So far it looks like a skin on Diablo 3.

  8. No news means they're likely waiting to time the announcement of predatory monetization with something else major like a release date.

  9. just show us the itemisation already, if items are like diablo 3 then it will just not have any long lasting depth

  10. I'm not a fan of the "everything that happens before level cap doesn't matter" philosophy seen heavily in D3. Sure sounds like that's the case here as well.

  11. a great thing with diablo 2 is that you can find very useful uniques fairly early in the game - like baal dropping a stone of jordan or nagelrings popping up early. I wish it would be something they consider for D4 instead of the case where the best item is always from the endgame

  12. That's the issue with RPG games as a whole, though, especially in live service. The majority of people that buy D4 will probably play through (or even just partially through) the campaign and then quit the game. Hardcore players will stick around for end game content and the gameplay goals between those two modes are very different.

  13. I made a long winded post a while back about this. To me this is inseparable from the way itemization is implemented. I suggested items should level with your character, otherwise it just becomes a race to max level because items become redundant. I think they have mentioned that legendary powers can be removed from items and crafted in to new ones, so this could be a workaround of sorts.

  14. I'll believe it when I see it. I'm 100% on the fence about this game and I will wait patiently for reviews. Not a cent of my money will be spent if it has pay to win whatever or any hidden bullshit loot boxes.

  15. i like how the first 20seconds, everything they say isnt even related to endgame. Items and levels are completly different topics.🤔

  16. Supposedly the campaign ends around lvl 45, but max level is 100 and paragon max is 200 and starts accumulating at lvl 50. So the end game, which they're defining as starting after you're done with the main campaign, does still include a lot of levels.

  17. My hype is at 100. But please don’t let the endgame items just be more powerful versions of weapons we get at lower levels .

  18. Real bad omen that after 3 years we still don't know much / anything about itemization. If it's like d2 then we good

  19. I really hope the millions of dollars they spent on A/B testing to milk the most money out of addicts really pays off for them. 🤮

  20. Aside from the fact that I think d3 is currently the best Diablo game, I think everyone should appreciate the decade of experimenting blizzard has had with d3 end game to see what does and doesn't work and will hopefully give us an extremely fleshed out and fulfilling end game this time.

  21. Yes, diablo 3 might not have as much grinding as diablo 2 and not as much story but it has a really solid end game.

  22. Remains to be seen, they’ve made vague promises that it won’t be but.. I wouldn’t take their word for it. Personally, I’m waiting until I see some proper reviews (not the Day1 puffpieces from the established gaming press).

  23. To promise nothing in a trailer where your are supposed to promise everything and more, makes me think there will be nothing.

  24. to say nothing in a comment where you think you're saying a lot, makes me think you have nothing to say at all

  25. Oh god it looks good. Curse them for how good it looks honestly I’m gonna be like a moth to a flame… they better do it justice!

  26. I just hope we also get the old classics and that they are actually good as well. A good mix of old and new.

  27. were they showing diablo 3 or 4 in that clip? are they really not gonna being back light radius? i thought the whole big issue with diablo 3 was that it completely lost its tone… so… they didn’t listen at all?

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