1. Thank you. I cannot wait for the tone deaf gala to be even more tone deaf by having a bunch of millionaires compliment that asshole.

  2. Don’t downvote me but wouldn’t that hint Nicki Minaj is definitely going, wasn’t she really close to him? Can we just uninvite her for being a rape apologist?

  3. Can they have more "specific" theme. This is to broad. The reason Renaissance theme was a hit, because it was easier to understand it 🤣🤣🤣

  4. 2023- what a year to celebrate a fatphobic, misogynistic pathological rude liar. Yikes. What s 2024 then? Galliano- eternal circles of antisemitism and racism?!

  5. The thing is a full no name, grey sweatsuit would be SUCH a statement to make. They're afraid of the power you would wield.

  6. The theme could literally be just wear all black and ppl would show up in white. Like guys please at least try 😭

  7. I mean the theme is for the exhibit itself; it’s not necessarily the dress code for the event. People certainly do follow it in honor of the exhibit but it’s not required. The dress code is just generally black tie.

  8. I've been saying this for years, but Anna Wintour or whoever else in charge of ogranizing the Met Gala - even the bouncers who are at the door on the night itself, even - need to start getting strict about guests not turning up not dressed in theme. And I mean, proper, "school principal policing the school dress code" strict, because there are far too many guests who are serial offenders of this, yet somehow still manage to blag an invite year after year. Like, you show up on the night and you're not dressed accordingly, then the doormen should straight-up refuse you entry. If you do it again, then you're banned indefinitely - no ifs, no buts. I mean, you have all these resources at your disposal and you're invited to what is essentially one big fancy dress party that's for charity and you still just show up in something you could wear to any other red carpet event? How dull and unimaginative are these people?

  9. I wonder if there will ever be a “me too” moment over the things he has done as well as his creepy “bodyguard” Sebastian.

  10. Right like??? Lol seems they’re really trying to make the theme easy to follow. Half of the attendees still won’t get it though

  11. I don’t know how that will work because the celebs are dressed by designers. The designers are the ones that buy the ticket and choose celebs to dress in their designs.

  12. I LOVE Mugler, that'd be an amazing Met. My dream is to own a piece from Mugler and LaQuan Smith, I'd love to see a bigger spotlight on different designers

  13. If I were a male celeb I would kill to be dressed by Mugler. His style is so unique compared to all the other fashion giants and I love the military kind of androgyny aesthetic.

  14. I seriously hope they don't do Mugler any time soon - you know half the attendees would be dressed in those generic cut out bodysuits.

  15. The only guarantee from the Met Gala is that majority of celebrities won’t be on theme and if Zendaya’s attending she will be and have one of the best looks.

  16. Everyone complains about celebrities not following the theme, but didn’t they used to wear regular red carpet gowns up until a few years ago? Also, I feel like people treat the Met Gala differently now compared to how they used to, but idk exactly what happened.

  17. This is what I have found via multiple fashion/journalism sources: Met Gala is not strictly a theme party. It has morphed into that because that is what got them a lot of attention. I guess there is competition between Vogue Met Gala and Vanity Fair Oscars Party and Anna/Vogue realized they could compete if they leaned into the costume ball aspect.

  18. You know what I think Zendaya gave way to the Met Gala being a major social media event because of her fits trending. Maybe also Rihanna prior to when she hosted.

  19. Issey Miyake would have been a more practically doable choice. Brands could put their spin on the iconic Miyake pleats.

  20. Or try Mugler or Yohji Yamamoto… maybe Iris van Herpen. I want some truly out of this world looks lol

  21. i’ve commented this before on the met gala megathread, but the theme could be “wear RED. ANY SHADE OF RED” and 90% of these celebs would come wearing all black

  22. It’s literally the SNL Celebrity Jeopardy skit where Alex Trebek has to beg them to just write anything in order to get a point and they still fail.

  23. the fact that that cat had two servants and a personal bodyguard. wonder if they're still on the payroll, but considering they flew her to ibiza for her birthday it's more likely than not.

  24. So the theme to stick to is gonna be: Diet water, bedazzled coat hangers and a side of racism. Got it.

  25. Honestly every time I see the looks from fashion shows these days I'm shocked by how well Zoolander predicted the future.

  26. Who I think would be in the guess list: The Kardashian: Hadid sisters Blake Lively (as usual) Euphoria cast members ( my guess Sydney and Jacob for sure. ZENDAYA WILL NOT ATTEND for the 3rd year in a row, unfortunately, ) 2022 singers like Harry Styles, Jack Harlow, Lizzo, Olivia Rodrigo, lil nas X, Taylor, Billie and the others Actors like Chalamet Tiktok influencers like the Damelios and Rae

  27. Taylor Swift didn’t attend even when Blake and Ryan were hosting… I really want Beyonce and Gaga but lets see!

  28. If you want a deep dive into what miserable asshole Karl is listen to Maintenance Phase podcast on his “diet book” ie don’t be fat.

  29. So many interesting themes they could have picked and they picked… Karl Lagerfeld? What a terrible choice.

  30. I have a soft spot for him thanks to Dlisted. Michael K. posts about Kunty Karl were hilarious, especially the ones about Choupette, the cat he stole from a friend.

  31. So many designers that were far more innovative and far less racist than him could have been honored if they were dying to do a designer exhibit this year. At this point I would prefer AI generation to come up with the themes going forward.

  32. Can we just talk about Blake’s hair in this photo?! Wow it’s gorgeous. Do you think a a dark brunette could achieve this colour?

  33. they've done it before, usually influential fashion icons or designers. 2001 was jacqueline kennedy: the white house years, 2007 was poiret king of fashion, 2011 was alexander mcqueen, 2014 was charles james, 2017 was rei kawakubo/comme de garcon, 96/97 were christian dior and gianni versace.

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