1. Brendan Fraser. Did his own stunts to the point that he was in and out of hospital for 7 years for various surgeries, victim of SA from the president of the HFPA, tree fell on his house during Hurricane Sandy, injured his back trying to move said tree, was a cast member of the cancelled Batgirl movie...

  2. The HFPA person was Philip Berk, make it known. Fuck that guy. He's probably done it to many actresses and actors. Glad he got booted out. He's also racist as per his leaked emails. It must have been so terrifying to have someone with so much power come after you like that. He controlled everybody's careers.

  3. To top it all off, the internet scrutinising his weight. Protect this man at all costs, he is lovely to his fans and hopefully no dodgy skele will come out of his closet

  4. I vaguely recall something about a divorce and the payments to his ex wife he could barely afford after his career was derailed. Or was that someone else?

  5. Brendan was a client of a architecture firm I used to work for. The head of the firm was one of the worst people I've ever had to work for..and even he said Brendan was a stand-up lovely guy. He's an incredibly accomplished photographer and a really great dad.

  6. Yes, it’s so sad. Heard his performance in The Whale is being considered one of the best of the year, so I’m really excited for him!

  7. Okay so I read this thread last night and I’ve been thinking about him ever since and I just found this video and I’m crying, you’re going to be crying and I’m so happy for him!

  8. She would sing at a bar my grandpa bartended. He said she was such a sweetheart, but the saddest person he’s ever met

  9. The story of her saving her son’s life by using her last strength to put him on that boat breaks my heart every time.

  10. The theory is that both she and her son were in the water, and she managed to get her son on board but was too tired to pull herself up after. After she drowned, he was rescued. I try to think that she would be relieved and happy to know that she saved her baby.

  11. It's so unbelievably sad. I can't deal with the thought of my parents dying, even as an adult. I can't imagine what that must be like for a little kid.

  12. Wanted to say her, too. What a crap sandwich her life has been. I’m stunned by her will to live. I don’t know if I would have opted out if I were on her shoes, but it most certainly would have crossed my mind.

  13. Wow! I remember one day people on twitter were putting a tag in support of her on the trending topics because of the bombing and the next day she was being canceled because of Mac Miller's death.

  14. a few years after also diagnosed with bipolar. not to make any mental health issue seem “worse” than another but mood disorders are incredibly difficult, misunderstood and heavily stigmatized in society

  15. She dated The Weeknd too during that time, then went back to Justin only to face some critics from The Weeknd's fans. Then he released an album saying how heartbroken he was and that he "almost gave of piece of himself for her love" so basically that he considered giving his kidney. Making fans even more furious.

  16. I wouldn't call this misfortune I would call this dating the world's most famous popstar at the time and having a years long toxic relationship with him. That might or might not have included heavy drinking and/or drugs. It's sad for both of them but not unlucky

  17. Which makes it even more impressive that she’s created an empire compared to the other Disney stars her age. Rare Beauty is solid, her music career is solid, and she isn’t problematic that I know of

  18. If Naomi Watts works with a talented director there’s like a solid 90% chance they’ll end up making some career-worst atrocity.

  19. There are a few actors like this lately, but Naomi is the most sustained. Similarly, I hope Amy Adams can get back on track because after 2018, things went south.

  20. Megan Fox. She was harassed by Michael Bay, was bullied by the media for being beautiful, was the first "cancelled" person on the internet (remember the "day without Megan Fox?"), married an old man, gave up her career to take care of their kids, supported her husband financially throughout her marriage, got divorced, started dating an abusive guy and people still say she is a terrible mother because she hides her kids from the media.

  21. BAG really sank his 30 year old d-list claws into her when she was a teenager. It set the tone for men holding her back in adulthood.

  22. I feel like she acts the way she does because her ex robbed the cradle. Just took her youth. She couldn't afford to have fun like a regular young person even before she got married, because the media was ruthless and one small misstep could have altered her career.

  23. She wasn’t just harassed by Michael Bay, she spoke about how it was CONSTANT, like men and woman both would not treat her like a human being.

  24. Christina Aguilera, 2010-2012. Divorce, first flop album, messed the national anthem at Superbowl, the incident at Etta James funeral, got arrested and the media hated her.

  25. She kind of brought all of that upon herself, she’s always been crazy cocky. Her arrest was because her and her husband chose to drink and drive. The National Anthem flub was due to her lack of rehearsal. I think the fall from grace was actually a good thing for her because she now seems to take her career more seriously.

  26. Charlize Theron. Her father was an alcoholic that shot at her mom and a teenage Charlize. Her mom shot her father in self defense. Charlize went on to suffer a herniated disc, torn thumb ligament, broken teeth, and a relationship with Sean Penn.

  27. Minor celebrity but Joshua Bassett absolutely. Very bizarre and clearly untrue SA allegations against him in 2020 (one was that a fan ran into him and the HSMTMTM cast walking down the streets of NY together and Josh pulled her into a dark alley and assaulted her? But somehow so quickly that the rest of the cast didn’t notice anything) but his fans are young and believed it so he did lose quite a bit of them at the time.

  28. Also, there was the whole narrative that he was a grown man grooming a teenage girl, when he’s literally only two years older than her.

  29. His hospitalization being caused by “stress” due to the Olivia drama is extremely unlikely and I see it get repeated constantly (mostly on tiktok). He was hospitalized for septic shock which subsequently caused heart failure. You get sepsis through an infection which then can cause your body to go into septic shock. Now, stress/depression can make one’s body more susceptible to illness (not eating, not sleeping, improper hygiene, etc). But if his claims are true and he indeed experienced septic shock, it was caused by an infection he contracted prior, not because of his relationship drama.

  30. Olivia team are evil geniuses. I respect the fuck out of Sabrina and him for not immediately putting the truth out there. I'd have been spilling the tea the second I heard Drivers License.

  31. Agreed. The impact this has all had on his mental health as well seems to be awful. I really respect his mental health advocacy/philanthropy in light of that.

  32. FKA Twigs during the period of her relationships with Rob Pat and Shia Labeouf. And in between that having to go through intensive uterine surgeries for her cripplingly painful endometriosis (edit: fibroids, thanks to the correction below) ! Imagine enduring online racist, sexist abuse that makes you believe you truly resemble a monkey while enduring high levels of pain. And seeing shia make a comeback now makes my blood boil.

  33. they've had so many traumatic things happen to them. if i were them, i would have lost my mind, seriously. idk how they can handle it and keep it hidden for so long. i freak out for smaller things.

  34. Tearing up the picture of the pope on SNL, and having it ruin her career, yet she was completely right. A lot of people owe her an apology. She has had a really rough time of it.

  35. Not only was Sinéad O’Connor a victim of abuse at the hands of her parents, she was sent to a Magdalena Home were pregnant or rebellious girls were sent for discipline. She was physically and psychologically tortured by priests and nuns.

  36. Amber Heard. Grew up in an abusive and extremely conservative household in Texas while being bisexual, her father was violent towards her mother and probably Amber herself and had substance abuse issues.

  37. Honestly either. I wrote this with the idea of a train wreck you can’t look away from; some of them are very much deserved but some not at all and are heartbreaking.

  38. I think this is what happened to Taylor Swift in 2016, the tides turned against her and she could not catch a break - really doesn’t matter if for bad decisions or things outside her control - she very nearly got Nicklebacked where it would have been too uncool to like her or her music and destroyed her legacy.

  39. On another note: I’ve never listened to Taylor’s music so not sure what the hype is. Can someone recommend some songs ?

  40. Not to mention what she was going through privately with her mom's illness. Though, if memory serves she acknowledged that both her parents had at one point been diagnosed with cancer.

  41. I always see red remembering her, and Goo Hara as well. she went thru absolute hell with her ex. I believe Hara’s mother is also kind of a shitbag opportunist that tried to get all of her inheritance. they deserved better.

  42. I'm big into kpop now, but only dabbled when "Goblin" came out and I was just obsessed with that mini album. I was upset about her passing for many reasons, including that I wouldn't have more of her music to listen to. But genuinely, no one deserves to go through the kind of high-level harassment she faced daily.

  43. Damn! That's a lot of death in one family. I never liked him ever since the first season of real housewives when it's obvious he is cheating on his wife and he mistreats her but now I understand why he is the way he is

  44. supposedly one brother (during a military training exercise I believe?) was attacked by a shark and the other incorrectly entered the water, to help him, hitting his tank on his head

  45. And he was very good friends with one of the Frasier execs, who died with his wife in one of the planes on 9/11, and Leigh-Anne also attempted suicide while pregnant (I believe as a response to his request to break up) and lost the baby. Dude's been through hell.

  46. For the British among you- Katie Price. It seems I’m always reading about her car exploits, which, are completely her own fault, driving without a license etc. But she’s had other stuff go wrong in her life. Miscarriage, 3 (?) failed marriages, didn’t her mum have cancer?

  47. Yep. She also got a lot of shit online for putting her disabled son in a care home/assisted living when he turned 18. People called her a bad mum for not continuing to look after him herself. For all her faults, I always thought this was so unfair and sexist, as nobody called out Harvey’s dad (think his name was Dwayne something?) despite the dude never bothering to even show up or be any part of his son’s life.

  48. justin bieber from november 2012 to november of 2014 tmz was on his ass for a new scandal every week it seemed

  49. Also Justin Bieber from like June 2018 to 2021, public breakdowns every week, yummy flopped, his publicity tour with Hailey just didn’t work… he was down bad

  50. Even before knowing the R Kelly scandal I always skipped it when his part came on 😭 ruined the vibe of the song. I wish Justin released a solo version of the song

  51. I’ve seen a lot of speculation (nothing backed with facts) that behind the scenes he’s advocated for a few women who weren’t being treated or paid fairly . Cant say if it’s true or not , but the fact that it’s hush hush makes me think it has some truth to it and he’s just a genuine dude who doesn’t need ass pats for being a feminist .

  52. olivia publicly lied about firing shia, i think it’s fair that she was exposed and definitely not a victim

  53. Lily James - breakup with Matt Smith, rumored affair with Armie Hammer, pap pics in the park with nose candy, and pics with Dominic West all within a couple weeks.

  54. It’s wild how much it’s changed perception on her. Before I thought she was super vanilla and twee. The west pics really made me think twice! Unfortunately I doubt we will never quite know what happened there.

  55. Her whole miscarriage thing was around that time like 2003 or 4. Not only did she have 2 miscarriages basically one after another, during her second pregnancy she was a guest on Ellen and was forced to drink champagne to prove she wasn’t pregnant..and then she ended up miscarrying. disgusting.

  56. Louis Tomlinson. He dealt with years of Larry conspiracy theories and being told he can’t sing, then One Direction broke up as he felt that he was hitting his stride. Right after the band ended his mom passed. Right after he released his first solo single, his sister passed and he canceled all promo. When he finally announced his first tour, it was canceled due to Covid. The dude never gets a break and has dealt with so much personal tragedy, but always has a great attitude towards his fans.

  57. I'm surprised barely anyone said Michael Jackson AND his sisters. He grew up poor in a large family. He had to watch his dad rape his sisters & beat his mom. His brothers used to bring and assault sex workers in the same room he sleeps in. He and his brothers got beaten by their dad to perform from since he was 5 or 6 years old...to the point Michael in his adult life couldn't face his father without throwing up. He had vitiligo. His hair caught on fire during a Pepsi commercial which is where drugs and painkillers were introduced to him- which he later became addicted to. He had to wear wigs. Not to mention the media hounding him throughout his career.

  58. Yeah, they really cop it. Like, sure, their music is what I'd call "commercial rock" which is probably "not cool enough for serious rock fans", but the amount of crap they get seems pretty unreasonable.

  59. If politicians count, Boris Johnsons entire term as PM was ludicrous. Gets his dream job after years of playing 4d chess, waiting for the right time. And Covid hits LMAO. No less than:

  60. But this is all self imposed…? She didn’t accidentally imply for years she’s Spanish. It was intentional and it continues.

  61. This may be controversial, but Ariana Grande. Not commercially, but her personal life has been tumultuous. Her concert was the venue of a terrorist attack, her ex overdosed, failed engagement… I don’t follow her career but that’s just a few.

  62. I don’t know if Justin Trudeau counts as a “celebrity,” but the poor man watched his mom have public bipolar episodes and the media was not kind about it, his dad died of cancer, and his brother whom he shared a bday with on Christmas died in an avalanche. Then he had to deal with Covid, his wife got sick during the first wave, then he got sick. Still came out everyday though for a year to give updates. Say what you want, about his politics, but the man’s been through a lot.

  63. Also has had at least two attempts made by right wing yahoos to assassinate him which keep being fanned by hacks like Pollivere. I am always impressed with how PMJT hasn’t really let his tragedies ruin him. Their favorite attack at him of being a rich boy drama teacher sis so oxymoronic. If he was so rich and spoiled he could have picked an easier job than teaching. It says a lot about him as a person. I’m not really a lib more NDP myself but I can appreciate good leadership and Trudeau has managed that while being slandered intensely.

  64. George Michael. First he got busted in the toilets. Then he drove into a Snappy Snaps while baked. Then he fell out of a moving car on the motorway. Then he got really fucking ill. For a while there, it was just one chaos after another, ending with him dying on Christmas Day. George, you daft twat, I miss you

  65. It makes me so sad to think how much time he had to spend pretending to be someone he’s not too. Seeing Fast Love on TOTP was absolutely seminal for me, as someone who came from a deeply religious and homophobic family it really opened my eyes to freedom of expression and sexuality. He’s a hero to me.

  66. Sinead O’Connor - grew up with an abusive mother, her parents were in a nasty custody dispute, dealt with lifelong physical & mental illnesses, sent to one of the infamous Magdalene Laundries, faced worldwide hate for telling the truth about the abuses of Catholic Church, involved in a nasty custody dispute with her daughter’s father, and lost her son to suicide.

  67. One for the indie music fans (I know you’re on here): Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes. Around 2015-2017 he got sick with a cyst on the brain, his older brother died, he was falsely accused of sexual assault, and he got divorced. Then 2020 due to go on a comeback tour which was postponed due to the obvious. He’s now been on tour non stop to make up for the delay and does not seem to be doing so well. Not to mention he’s been battling with addiction for years and, if rumors are to be believed, Phoebe Bridgers broke his heart.

  68. I’ll preface and say I was a huge BE fan in the mid-2000s—I think Conor is hugely talented. That said, I feel kinda iffy on the Phoebe Bridgers dating rumors. I know they collaborated on a project and were friendly but if it turned into something more…oh man, he’s 14 years her senior. Not to mention a huge fixture in that world. Given her experience with Ryan Adams, I have a hard time looking beyond the age difference and honestly overall power imbalance (during that time) to sympathize with Oberst.

  69. I don’t have a lot sympathy for a dude messing with someone a whole generation younger than him. I’m happy she has moved on with someone her age.

  70. Chester Bennington. Victim of CSA and dealt with lifelong mental illness and addiction. His best friend Chris Cornell commit suicide a month prior to Chester eventually taking his own life.

  71. Michael Jackson. Abused and forced to work as a child and attacked by the media and several health problems.

  72. If someone ever puts the E! True Hollywood Story on Lauren Chapin (Kitten from Father Knows Best) back on YouTube, I highly recommend it. Her story is a story of triumph, but when you see everything she had to triumph over...holy shit.

  73. I know she isn’t as big a celebrity as people are mentioning here but the first one that came to mind was Lauren Goodger recently (from The Only Way Is Essex).

  74. I wouldn't even put her in that category. The general public may be perceiving things as going wrong for her but reality is different to what we see in the msm and social media. Also the things that are happening to her are not tragedies she's just not being received well by everybody... which is just reality for most of us.

  75. Mel B - ended up in an abusive relationship for a decade, struggled with alcoholism, attempted suicide, was cut off from family, lost all her money, attacked on social media for her appearance on big fat quiz (that she tried to get out of), blackmailed by her ex, lost her dad and wasn't able to say goodbye to him

  76. Curious about Brendan Fraser. If there is so much live and support for him and he is proving his chops with the Whale why can’t there be a movement on social to re-make him? Social can destroy people and it can promote and elevate people so why can’t we collectively re launch him? What does it take?

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