1. Saoirse is such an incredible actress. I’m glad she doesn’t have off-screen drama to distract from her work.

  2. Agreed! I find it's really impressive when the younger celebrities have a recognizable name but maintain privacy and that sense of mystery, especially with social media. It's just natural to want to speak your mind or express yourself as a 20-something year old.

  3. I think it's the other way around, at least partially. Because she's had so much acclaim as an actress (and deservingly so), she's able to more private and still get good roles.

  4. The vast majority of Irish actors choose not to live in the US at all. That probably helps with keeping a low profile.

  5. I just want to say that I don't listen to celeb interviews or anything so I've never known how her name was pronounced. I just started watching an Irish YouTuber and he said her name and I am so fucking thankful I've never had to say it out loud before I found out lol

  6. The Desus and Mero interview he did is my favourite. He's so chill and having the time of his life during the entire interview.

  7. He came to our army base during the first summer of COVID for a meet and greet and people weren't happy when the general hosted him at his house for a dinner party with the high ranking officers so the General then uninvited their spouses like that would make people feel better.

  8. There’s a lot of tea on him on some black websites like an alleged affair with Sanaa Lathan that might have gotten her pregnant

  9. I know he's a Republican and supposedly a homophobe (Bronson Pinchot claims this in his book and it was also Denzel who advised against Will Smith doing a gay kiss in Six Degrees of Separation)

  10. My sister worked with him on The Great Debaters. Said that he was very kind but not friendly and that lots of women would throw themselves at him and he seemed annoyed by it.

  11. I’ve seen a few videos where he’s just hanging out with folks on the street or crashing somebody’s barbecue. Obviously there’s more to him than that but they’re nice to see

  12. Frances McDormand definitely tries to stay out of the eye. For someone who has won 3 Oscars in the past 4 years and who has an equally famous husband, you never hear about her private life

  13. I love the story about Nomadland - that some of the extras in the movie (normal people who were actual nomads) didn’t know she was a famous actress. And after one particularly sad scene where she talks about her husband dying, the extra in the scene with her comforted her afterwards, thinking she was a normal person like him. Only to find out she’s a famous actress and her husband is not only alive but a famous director.

  14. My ex bf served her and her Coen bro’s husband at a hotel they were staying at in austin last year. He said they were very quiet and nice, he also said they laughed at one of his dumb server jokes so lol, that was kind of them.

  15. While I was looking for the article I just pasted in another comment, I found this one, which was interesting, and talked about how she made a very specific and concerted effort to be private:

  16. She and her husband (one of the Coen brothers, can’t remember) adopted their son as a baby from South America over 20 years ago and they seem like a nice family.

  17. Cillian Murphy. He’s the leading actor in a popular tv show, is starring in a huge blockbuster next summer, yet there’s never any tea on him. I suppose it’s because he is really laid back and lives a private life but I’m surprised I never hear anything about him.

  18. He gives off the impression to me that being an actor is truly just a job to him. He does it (and does it very well), gets paid, then goes home to his family in Ireland. He doesn't care about the fame and Hollywood shit.

  19. My fave thing I learned from an interview with him is that he moved his family out of England because his kids were starting to develop posh English accents. I think he's great!

  20. Came here to say this. He’s one of my absolute favorites. It just goes to show that if you actually want to live your life privately, it is possible to do.

  21. 6 years ago I ran into Cillian Murphy on the tube in London when I was 5 months pregnant. As soon as he saw me he jumped up and gave me his seat. I didn’t recognize him immediately but my husband did. I’ve read that he tries to live a low-key normal life and uses public transportation regularly. Super unproblematic!

  22. I love that interview where the interviewer asks him if he knew about the “disappointed Cillian Murphy meme” and he didn’t even know what a meme was

  23. My friends who live in Ireland hang out with him and say he’s just a normal, quiet guy. (I asked to hang out with him when I was visiting and they roasted me lmao.)

  24. Her romantic entanglements got a lot of publicity but she herself is super private and doesn't usually hang out with coworkers.

  25. I know so many people in the food industry who have met her in Toronto and everyone always says she is the sweetest most down to earth person, pretty quiet but very polite

  26. He called the birth and the process of keeping his child hidden from the public eye a military operation. He only addressed having a son after stans stole private pics and went to PageSix to leak it.

  27. Yeah, and his wife gets absolutely torn apart by his stans for basically just existing. They have been together for so long now and yet his fans are always speculating that their relationship is on the rocks and even spreading rumors that their son isn’t biologically Adam’s. I feel really bad for them tbh, it would absolutely get to me if I were in her shoes

  28. from what i understand, he slipped up saying he had a child in an interview but tried to cover it but fans had stalked a family members IG and found a pic of his wife when she was pregnant so many knew. i think the first time he publicly acknowledged it was in an SNL monologue and the kid was already like 3 years old.

  29. Leighton Meester. She’s low key and pretty private. People are always surprised to know she has two kids/is married to Adam Brody because she seldom mentions them in interviews or social media.

  30. From my understanding she's pretty private. The only time I ever heard about her in the news was in relation to her brother. Apparently he has some type of disabilities, and she would send money to her mother to help take care of him, but she was using the money for something else. Then I believe Meester actually got custody of her brother. Her career seemed to slow down a little since then, but she seems like a really good person.

  31. I saw her do Of Mice and Men on Broadway (and get “murdered” by Chris O’Dowd). They both seemed very kind to fans at the stage door; main star James Franco stayed for much less time and definitely wasn’t interested in interacting with people like his co-stars.

  32. Daniel Craig. You'd think there'd be some gossip about James Bond but he has an incredibly private family life.

  33. He was dabbling in woodworking and shoemaking for a while. I think his current hobby is just wearing carhartt and looking good in New York.

  34. I remember googling DDL once out of curiosity to see who his spouse was, that could deal with his intensity, and mfw I saw it was Arthur Miller's daughter

  35. Daniel Craig was in a love triangle with Sienna Miller (who was cheating on Jude Law with Craig, meanwhile Law also cheated on Miller with his kids’ nanny), which came out with the phone wiretapping scandal that happened with the tabloid News of the World. Craig and Miller starred in Layer Cake together, v underrated British crime caper film.

  36. Daniel Craig is the nicest!! I used to work at Lowes and he came in when he and his wife were getting ready to build their home in upstate NY and I rang up his order. He was so sweet and chatted with me while I took care of him. He even offered to give me an autograph without me asking. He also laughed with me when I said he was my second favorite Bond after Connery.

  37. A guest speaker at a summer camp I went to knew Daniel craig before he was famous (think 19 yearls old in the uk’s national youth centre). Apparently he was very confident and driven but very reserved at the same time. Doesn’t seem like he’s changed all that much in that case

  38. Daniel Craig bought a House not far from where I grew up, and whilst viewing he went into a nearby pub and bought everyone a pint.

  39. The only DDL tea I know (and don't even know if it's true) is he broke up with Isabelle Adjani over fax when she was pregnant with their child in the mid 90s.

  40. Daniel Day Lewis’ son went to my college several years ago & there’s a rap video out there of his song “green auras” …he got clowned so hard for that one he dropped out lol so that’s tea on his son I guess

  41. Didn't Craig have an affair with Sienna Miller when they were doing a play together then leave his wife and kids years later for Rachel Weisz (and she left director Darren Aronofsky)? That's something.

  42. I do not know a single thing about Bruno Mars. That's a good level of fame - money, success, the perks, but no standom.

  43. This isn’t tea about Bruno at all but I have discovered that most ppl assume he’s black, or at least part black. He’s mixed race for sure (Puerto Rican, Filipino, European), he and Anderson Paak are why I like to refer to Silk Sonic as “the Asian American representation we need” lol

  44. a few years ago there were rumors of him cheating on his then gf (chanel malvar) with rita ora and possibly writing when I was a man for the same ex

  45. He used to pretend to be an Asian girl on the internet… this is public knowledge (as he said this during a standup) but he also finds it a turn on to be called the n word during sex… yah not great stuff

  46. Pedro Pascal. He has been in quite a few popular franchises, but hasn't had any public relationships or controversy really. There have been rumours, but nothing confirmed.

  47. He and Lena Headey seemed to be quasi-dating but never acknowledged they were in a relationship; they were very chummy back in the mid-teens. His personal life is definitely a mystery, which is fine with me.

  48. The Farmiga sisters. Vera seems absolutely looney on talk shows.. I’m surprised there’s not more about her out there.

  49. In 2013 Taissa cut in front of me in line at the airport in New Orleans (it was a super long line) and pretended not to hear me when I said Um excuse me and when we got to the front she got sent to the back of a longer line bc it was the pre check line and she didn’t have it and she was PISSSSSSED LMAO

  50. I love love love LOVE Vera Farmiga. She's funny on her insta too, cheeky captions and what not. I love that she a little eccentric because I would never expect it from her. And she is also a FUCKING ROCKSTAR of acting. How she did not win 6 Emmys for her 6 years on Bates Motel is beyond CRIMINAL.

  51. All I know about Jodie is when she was those cute pajamas with her wife on an award show (Golden Globes?) and that she's S T I L L a friend/supporter of Mel Gibson 🙄

  52. I know this is going to get me in trouble but idk. I never really saw anything special about her.

  53. Miranda Cosgrove. Highest paid child star in 2012 (I think that was the year), star of her own show that was insanely popular, basically everyone knows her name……but I haven’t heard a single scandalous thing about her in the press. For a child star who is now a young starlet and in the reboot, she seems so chill and unproblematic lol and I absolutely love that!

  54. Jennette talked about her a fair bit in her book and it was all very complimentary. She seems very down to earth and nice

  55. I falsely feel like she's constantly in the news bc that meme of her looking at a computer is all over Twitter whenever a big news story happens.

  56. She guested on a recent episode of her iCarly reboot costar Laci Mosley’s podcast Scam Goddess and legit came across so sweet and amazingly well-adjusted for a former child star.

  57. She dated a guy from Big Time Rush during her iCarly days, and I remember her being spotted with Noah Centineo before he blew up on TATBILB.

  58. I met Miranda in Paris back in 2013 at Versailles. She was super lowkey and very soft spoken. She was visiting a friend who was studying abroad there I think and said it was her first time there. Very wholesome!

  59. The most scandalous thing I've heard was from Jennette who says... Miranda cussed a lot. Lol. Jennette also implies Miranda also had a dysfunctional family in the book.

  60. The only tea I’ve ever heard about him has come via his association with lonely island, and even that is very tangential to him. I’ve never heard anything about him or his wife Joanna Newsom outside of interviews they’ve done, which are few and far between.

  61. If you're interested in Andy Samberg the person, watch the episode of Finding Your Roots he was on. It's a fantastic episode - Andy talks about how private he is with his family but explains he's going on explicitly because his mom, who is adopted wants to know more about her birth family. It's very sweet, and it's one of the best white guest episodes (the episodes with white guests and black guests are so manifestly different they're almost different shows at a certain point).

  62. I've seen him walking around my city on multiple occasions, and it's always wild that he just...lives here? Bought a house, if I remember correctly.

  63. He was in Minnesota recently filming and my friend bumped into him. She and a friend were actually talking about ST and turned around only to see him standing right there. She said he was very kind and was happy that they enjoyed the new season lol she said he seemed to expect her to freak out and appeared relieved that she kept her cool and didn't draw any attention to him.

  64. She was...everywhere in the tabloids of the '00s and it very much affected her mental health. She's very public about having a mental break

  65. She’s quite often in the UK tabloids, I certainly know who she’s married to (James Righton from the Klaxons) and how many kids she has. She also dated Rupert Friend for years inbetween Jamie Dornan and her husband.

  66. Amy Adams! She’s incredible, but she always chooses roles that are quieter and all the emotional stirring is internal, so she never gets the recognition she deserves.

  67. All I know about her is her mother came out gay when Amy was a child and was actually a pro-body builder. She seems to have a great relationship with her still.

  68. Oscar Isaac. He blew up so much this year thanks to his Marvel show and the Emmy buzz, and TikTok is obsessed with him. But I've never seen any gossip on him or even pap photos. Maybe it's because he is happily married and seems to have a normal boring personal lives.

  69. keanu reeves but i don’t think we hear much of him because he’s very private and genuinely seems like a good man like he’s been in the industry since the 80s you would have at least expected something major about him to come out by now which hasn’t

  70. True! How does an actor of his status fly under the radar so well? It helps that he doesn't try to draw attention to himself (and no public social media also!). Most Hollywood celebrities have lots of bravado and expensive tastes; therefore, his personality and lifestyle seem really humble and simple in comparison to those of other movie stars.

  71. Pretty much any celeb that doesn't have social media as most "tea" is just overanalyzing every little post and/or interaction on social media lol

  72. I wanna ask though, does that make them a recluse? Because I see that term being thrown around a lot when it comes to celebrities that don't use social media (ScarJo, Adam Driver, Elizabeth Olsen, Robert Pattinson, Emma Stone) or talk about their personal lives in interviews, even though they're clearly active in their work and social lives. I just feel like that word has become more and more overused to fit someone who wants to keep their personal life private instead of an actual recluse that never goes outside.

  73. Benedict Cumberbatch, Olivia Coleman, Cate Blanchett, Oscar Isaac, and Natalie Portman. Honestly most of the most serious actors don’t have a lot of tea. My guess is they are just more private people and want the media to focus on the work. A lot of the British actors also seem to be way more private than Americans, my guess is because laws are different in England and the paparazzi aren’t as bad. Tom Hiddleston comes to mind. He’s been really private after the whole TS debacle. Also Frances McDormand. I remember reading once that she resides in a small US town somewhere and lives her life like a regular person, not a celebrity. She also doesn’t like doing award shows and interviews.

  74. Oscar Isaac has no SM of his own but you can see a lot of his ‘real life’ by following his wife on Insta. They do seem like a really cool, chill little family who just travel and hang out with their friends a lot.

  75. I think Cumberbatch became even more private when his crazy fans bought into the conspiracy theories that his wife wasn't really pregnant, that she trapped him, etc, etc. He was a pretty big deal online at least before he got married. I think having to deal with those crazies made him step back.

  76. I was just reading about Frances McDormand and posted this link in another comment but in this interview (which is super rare for her to even give interviews), she asks the author not to tell people where she lives:

  77. Alexander Skarsgård's longtime relationship was outed on a Swedish podcast recently. They basically said it was something everyone (in Stockholm arts and media crowd) knew but never spoke of. Which then turned into something everyone spoke of. Kinda crap move I'd say. He is very private, much more so than his brothers (but by Hollywood standards the family is generally private and very much ordinary people when home).

  78. To this day, I don't understand why Alex is not a bigger star. The man is a tall drink of water and he can actually act, unlike a lot of the other hunks in Hollywood. His last movie The Northman was supposed to be a huge success but it had a meh reception. I think he just needs to do a big franchise movie and then he will be as big as Cavill or Hemsworth.

  79. i mean…she starred in two major Blockbusters last year and beat out tons of other actresses for those roles. plus Killing Eve had/has a pretty substantial fan base and she got a lot of accolades for her role

  80. Yeah I really liked her in The Last Duel, and she’s certainly gotten a lot of acclaim recently, but I wouldn’t say she’s popular or famous in the eyes of the general public. Maybe internet-famous but even then not one of the more popular ones.

  81. Killing Eve was HUGE when it first came out and got her a rabid fanbase and put her on the awards circuit, which she deserves, because she is incredible. she’s been working consistently since her late teens but she’s really blown up in the last few years. I think she’s the most versatile actress of her generation and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

  82. Ed Sheeran. He is super famous and pretty recognizable, yet I never hear anything about him or his personal life. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough?

  83. My co worker’s girlfriend is close with Ed’s wife so they go out to his compound occasionally for the weekend and hang out with him. It all sounds quite normal and boring when the trip reports come in

  84. The only thing I ever read about him was the fact that he bought a lot if houses in one street. But that's not really interesting tea.

  85. Depending on the definition of popular, amongst ~B list celebrities, we know almost nothing about the personal lives of Alexis Bledel, Ed Helms and Kerry Washington. In a totally different category, none of Jeff Bezo’s kids names besides the oldest one have ever been revealed.

  86. And hilariously, whenever he does tell on himself in interviews, it invariably turns out that he was 100% better off keeping his mouth shut.

  87. He's interesting because he used to be the opposite. Very much in the public eye even before TS. At that time he also had a more frantic, seeming people-pleasing energy. Now he seems really settled and happy with Zawe Ashton. Which is lovely for them both.

  88. I’ve always said he’s a genius by way of how he makes his money. That’s the career I’d like to have. Make absolute dogshit films while having the time of your life with your friends.

  89. Elisabeth Olsen stars in one of the most popular franchises and she as Wanda Maximoff has craaazy stans yet she manages to keep a very low profile about her private life, i totally respect that. Also Emma Stone, apart from her dating Andrew Garfield days, has kept her private life pretty guarded generally despite also being an A lister.

  90. I just found out she’s only 5’4” and I could have sworn she’s an Amazonian goddess with the way she carries herself. I love her. ❤️

  91. Considering K-Pop stars are some of the most famous and followed people on the planet, as well as pumping out the most content, it’s WILD how little we actually know about any of them. Like the BTS members are some of the most famous people in the world right now and are CONSTANTLY putting out content (before the break) and we don’t even know how many siblings some of them have.

  92. Powerful K-Pop companies pay a lot to keep their artists protected from the paparazzi, and the west doesn’t care enough. Doesn’t stop the fans though.

  93. That's because most of them are very tightly controlled by their record companies. There is a lot of stuff they are not allowed to do including dating, drinking or partying etc. It all pretty bleak if you ask me.

  94. i feel like actors in general tend to avoid getting their tea exposed, especially those who are smart enough to stay off of social media or only post moderately. how often do we hear anything about saoirse ronan, margot robbie, emma watson, even zendaya… here and there something but its mostly really quiet!

  95. I think that whole shit storm about Jodie Comers BF being a supposed Trump supporter (which is bullshit btw) turned her off social media. She used to be pretty active on Twitter but quit after all of that and now uses her IG for promotional posts only. She also never takes her bf to any premieres or is seen with him in public. I can't blame her, because her fans are kinda crazy. They even put her parental home address on Twitter i think?? She learned her lesson the hard way. Also i think most celebs like to stay under the radar. The celebs who have an actual talent (like JC who is imo the best actress of her generation), don't need the publicity.

  96. Nah I feel like she and her husband are papped weekly. She discusses her husband and their old Clapham house where they lived with friends a lot in interviews.

  97. Viggo Mortensen is this guy for me. Dude nails it in whatever project hes in, then seems to disappear until the next project. Read a few interviews that make him out to be a very down to earth guy so it tracks.

  98. Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst. I never heard controversial things about them. They are so private (particularly Jesse), they didn't publicly posted their wedding pictures.

  99. Amanda Seyfried used to be messy, including her very messy origins with her now-husband. She seems to have settled down and lives a low key, drama-free life now though. I like her a lot as an actress and person, but she and her husband are jerks for what they did to his ex-wife. (Read Lainey's blind).

  100. Most of the name mentioned are just celebs who are not attention seekers and private ,and half celebs are sort of like this.

  101. IDK, I feel like there is stuff out there about her but her PR does a good job at burying it. I am in no way in her fandom but still I've heard so many rumour about her illness, how she ghosted the girl who donated a kidney to her, how she has/had substance abuse issues and all the drama between her, Justin and Legolas etc. But I guess by Disney star standard, she is pretty low key.

  102. For all his rabid fans and deux moi’s obsession, I’d actually say Chris Evans. He’s visible but who knows what’s really going on. People just throw stories out there seemingly based on ZERO like Selena Gomez. He hasn’t been linked with anyone definitively since Jenny slate save for the brief lily james hookup. There are only unconfirmed rumors and stale tea. Dodger is the only one with the actual inside scoop and he ain’t talking.

  103. I think it’s because any substantial Harry tea gets almost completely buried by fan made myths, fan fictions, and headcanons that get passed off as tea. The same goes for k pop groups too, for instance, regardless of the groups fame level. The only way to get good info on either is to know where to look, easier said than done though. In short, it’s because of the nature of his fan base.

  104. I think we do get tea but we are over saturated with fake stories from his fans, people tend to just not believe anything. Pros and cons to having an insane fanbase I guess lol

  105. I’m sure I will get she’s not that popular comments but I feel like I basically know nothing about Carly Rae Jepsen despite her being one of my faves

  106. Pedro Pascal. My man really doesn’t let much get out. Like good for him having a circle of friends and family that are beyond tight lipped but damn my gossip loving heart weeps

  107. I read an essay Oscar’s wife wrote about this super long documentary (I guess that’s the right word) she made about him and it was really incredible. They basically decided it was too personal to ever release and just shelved the entire thing sadly

  108. This makes me think of a quote years ago from Elijah Wood (another who flies under the radar) where he said if people want to be seen, they'll be seen. He said Hollywood celebs know where the papazarri are, for example and will sometimes deliberately engage for the popularity.

  109. Matthew Gray Gubler, I suppose? The most I know of would be the taylor swift thing from... 2014? He seems like a genuinely chill person though, so not surprising 🤷‍♂️

  110. JLaw seems relatively under the radar for how famous she is. Yes there was the phone leak but she was one of many people and nothing about it was out of the ordinary for a 20 something woman.

  111. I was under the impression that she kind of purposefully fucked off after the phone leak. She has spoken pretty openly about how victimized she felt and still feels by having her privacy invaded and her intimate pictures shared without her consent. I got the vibes that she wanted to withdraw from the eye of the storm and lead a more private life.

  112. Beyoncé is notoriously private. I enjoy celebrities who don’t feel the need to tweet their every thought.

  113. I am not completely sure, but most of the Star Wars main actors (Adam, Oscar, Pedro, Harrison, Mark, Daisy, Ewan (except the cheating)...). I might be forgetting people/stuff tho.

  114. I’m sure Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac outed Harrison Ford as being her weed dealer way way way backs

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