1. To anyone who still says the Roe decision doesn't matter here, that we shouldn't be protesting or bothering our elected officials.... This is one thing we warned about.

  2. i was moving here scheduled like a year back due to work stuff.. but i was coming from TN, and i knew even before that shit got overturned that this was going to be a sanctuary place.

  3. And there are Republicans who try to argue that healthcare should be left up to the states, not the patients and doctors, and certainly not the federal government because healthcare isn’t … … interstate commerce.

  4. And protesting our own politicians, who have done everything correctly to keep it free here is still dumb as fuck.

  5. Texas has a population of 30 million compared to our less than 6 million in Colorado. So now we as a population 1/5th the size of one of the largest and most populated states in the country, get to shoulder the brunt of their failure to provide adequate health care services to their citizens.

  6. I grew up in Florida and my college roommate was from Alabama. There's a town called Floribama on the border between the two states. The county on the Alabama side is a dry county and there are several liquor stores along the border on the Florida side. I wonder if pro-choice/anti-choice borders will be dotted with abortion providers soon.

  7. I moved to Colorado from Florida on Monday. I don’t believe Florida will stay a safe ish place for abortions for long. Governor there is already putting in place restrictions and says he will be putting in a lot more. He’s going to try and run for President so he is all in on culture wars right now.

  8. Wait isn’t there a bar called Floribama that sits on the border? Or is it just on the Florida side? I went there on Spring Break in college but that was so long ago I can’t remember

  9. It’s already happening in Idaho. Our planned parenthood moved their clinic from Meridian to Ontario, Oregon (border town) months ago. We cross the border for weed all the time. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  10. So Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and others sued us for legalizing weed and "straining" their cops. Can we sue states that made it illegal for straining our healthcare?

  11. Pardon me for being naive as it's been over a decade to 20yrs. 3 women I know that had abortions through planned parenthood had to pay for it, $350-$450 out of pocket. Probably more now. Are you saying this should be state funded? I could agree with another commenter, that this would save tax payer costs in the long run, as long as its only valid for lower incomes. Other wise there could be women all over the place getting abortions left and right, (as long as they were deemed healthy enough since their last). That could get expensive. I'm a pro-choice woman btw.

  12. Seriously, FUCK republicans. Fuck you, fuck your self, go fuck each other and maybe preferably make this make you never fuck again so you useless scum stop reproducing. The level of hatred I feel in my heart for stupid fucking Republican voters has never been so strong as it is now.

  13. I work in a clinic. LOCAL people keep making appointments then not showing up for them or letting us know they aren’t coming. And then other non-abortion patients have the audacity to yell at me for not being able to get them an appointment for 2-3 weeks while we’re trying to help the whole rest of the damn country

  14. Any word on how the protest 'counseling' scene is? I hesitate to make a whole post of it to avoid a high profile, but a single comment in a comment storm is probably fine.

  15. It's not just the out of state patients - the management at PPRM (planned parenthood rocky mountain) is either incompetent or malicious and is driving away their staff by constantly denying raises, offering non-competitive pay meaning no one applies to positions, leading to further understaffing and burn out, and more.

  16. Literally just went to PP for my first abortion and had to wait 2 weeks for the appointment. Workers said 80% of their patients are coming from Texas.

  17. A single person has almost no influence on their state's abortion laws. It would be ridiculous to hold them personally responsible.

  18. As Abortion is health care, any artificial constraint on a procedure can hurt the mother or put her life in jeopardy, which would be a violation of the hippocratic oath in my mind, but if a medical professional could comment, that would be nice.

  19. What if the out of state resident is too young to vote or pay taxes? Back of the line still?

  20. At first I feel like this is wrong, but in the end I can’t really argue against the logic you used. I will say that it’s mostly impossible to turn Red states due to their voting laws. Honestly, I’m just sad we are at this point.

  21. Everyone attempting to use this service from out of state should have to mention their political party and how they previously voted. Democrats: You did the right thing and were still punished. Please enjoy all the services that Colorado can offer to you .

  22. The compassion we need right now is to focus on improving and opening more clinics that are pro abortion. I get your anger, but I hope you can put some of your energy into funding more real Healthcare clinics, staffing, and non profits like the CO Doula Project.

  23. Honestly, I'd rather there be no contact (scolding is for children & doesn't work on adults, see: masks), but there should be 2 queues. One for CO residents, one for non-CO residents. Moved here but haven't gotten your CO license for residency? You're considered a non-CO resident.

  24. Assuming people's beliefs based on their party affiliation and even who they voted for is pretty ignorant. Many republics are against abortion, but they still hate the democratic party, so they vote republican.

  25. Medical care is offered first-come, first-served; with accommodations for triage that may shuffle things a bit in an emergency situation

  26. Concerning in the short term, but in the long term, clinics in the state can feel confident in expanding their practices without worrying about being criminalized.

  27. That’s really unfortunate that there are wait times… I’m grateful to live in a state that allows people to get what they need done.

  28. Except meth heads certainly aren’t who is getting abortions. Especially those having access to travel interstate. So check that part of your mentality about abortions.

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