1. i got my key, and i would imagine the majority of people that got the key arent saying anything either because they dont want to get anyone upset, they are busy playing, or they just dont want to discuss it.

  2. "Some users may experience delays connecting to the site, particularly if they have been refreshing the page repeatedly - this is down to our anti-DDoS protection trying to reduce load on our server - but you should be able to get into the site after a couple of hours when our protections will lift their restrictions on your IP. This will generally only be an issue for users who were repeatedly spamming F5 on our pages, however. "

  3. Its not true anyways. I checked on my work computer and my phone, both of which haven't ever connected to the site and it was offline both times. You can however still access the site from time to time by... well... F5 spamming. Even so you cant login oce you get there.

  4. I was able to enter their website for like 10 seconds, and it said there were no more keys available. Or they haven't even released the keys yet, or im out of luck..

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