1. Price action has become a buzz word in the trading space as of late. I think it's being used as a counter to trading based off technical indicators which exploded along with retail trading in the late 90's / early 2000's (MACD, RSI, Stochastics, etc.)

  2. Price action, as name implies, is the action of the price, that you see on the charts. You are trying to gauge indeed which direction the wind is blowing. Which side is more strong buyers or sellers? -Since nothing else moves the market but imbalance between buy and sell orders.

  3. You summarized the white noise I have been witnessing from couple of decades of chart watching. Nothing else. 👍

  4. What I find funny about the quoted statement...is that I don't think people who say to not do that, realize reading price action IS a subset of technical analysis. Lol.

  5. Price action is better when combined with understanding the psychology of the stock market. You start to think about who would want to get out and is trapped or where the selloff/buyups might occur.

  6. It's the total shit my friend. Until you have seen VPA. Then of cause you notice that VP and MP are even more fun. Then you notice that SD is even better and then of cause OF and DoM rule your thinking.

  7. It's about candle structure. Is there price rejection at a certain price? Is price bouncing off a certain level? Is price making a rounded bottom thereby lending momentum to the upside? Are we trending up? Down? Etc.

  8. I use my chart and DOM only. I look for support/resistance and trend lines which is technical analysis using only price chart, at least I always thought so.

  9. I agree with another comment that said it is kind of an industry buzz word as of late. I'm no expert but I think most people (youtubers and people here and in wsb) are referring to where the price is relative to previous price and what action it is taking. For example: the price action reaching the prior days highest price but rejecting and heading downward as it hits the high. The price action showed that the market was not ready to pay that high of a price so the price went down.

  10. Price action is just another way to judge a trend and the strength of that move. For example, u cant see it but an institution puts in a buy order at $100 well when the price comes doen to 100 u will see large green candles follow because they will exhaust all sell orders in thst range, so the price shoots up, hence price action. There are literally over a dozen ways to explain the same thing, but price action is really telling u the asset is moving in a certain direction at a certain pace. So u would assume a trend would follow in the same direction as a strong price action

  11. Basically, price action trading involves trend analysis and how it interacts with various levels of resistance and support to determine which other levels of support and resistance will hold and which ones will fail. Nothing is absolute but the odds definitely tilt in your favor when you can read price action.

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