1. This. I use some moving average lines and that's all. At least, that's what I've been shown to work and keep things simple.

  2. I am sorry if the words came out in a wrong way , i was just stating what i know so far no undermining you ,just didn’t use correct punctuation 😂

  3. How do you factor in volatility? Like how do you trust supports and resistances in the first 30 mins or trading on the 1 min chart for example? If you don’t mind me asking, I think I’m p good at identifying and using supports and resistances for entries and exits, but sometimes get blown out in volatile periods and when certain time frames tell a different story than others.

  4. This is it, that’s it support resistance is key for day trading. You can get ques from the tape like the spread when your hitting resistance or support usually the bid or ask will keep the momentum and the opposite will get stuck.

  5. I thought this said “snorting all day.” That might be a better way to lose your money, have you tried that?

  6. Indicators really do just cost u money. Took me a year and a half to figure it out. Indicators and my own greed. MM’s/Algos move the price wherever they want based on retails patterns,strategies, etc… The reason 90% of traders lose is because they set us up to lose. We all chase the education. Try to learn as much as we can. The books are good for the basics. That’s about it. Really the only way to learn is to get out there. It’s like fishing. The entire market is the best scam ever invented. It was basically started because the banks were tired of losing money on businesses that failed 90% of the time. They figured out a way for us to pay for it. I’m pretty sure it’s just another system to funnel money straight up to the gov. and the 1%ers. Doesn’t mean we can’t make money. Think about it. If u were in control of the largest financial instrument in the world. Would u leave anything to chance. The 4 market cycles are ascending. That’s when the powers that be let us buy away until they’ve accumulated enough money. Then comes the distribution phase. That’s when like 1 billionaire sells and starts a tumble effect along with the completely controlled and manipulated news narrative that they shove down everyone’s throat. Then comes the decline. $$$TIME TO COLLECT$$$. Then accumilation. They’re basically just waiting for us to get back on board. Forget indicators. Forgot trends. Support and resistance still works. TAKE PROFITS. FREE MONEY. no predictions or expectations.

  7. I was in the same boat. I am reading many books and just two days ago ordered 23 additional one. There is quite some to learn but it does not help that much when you try to put it into practice.

  8. Practice, also have a decent strategy. Ever since I started having a set and specific stop loss and take profit I've sat at around 75-88% win rate. I never change or adjust it. Removes a lot of the emotion from trading when all you have to do is focus on improving your eye.

  9. Reading all about RSI ,MACS ,MA, and so many others made me confused 😐, i am trying different strategies like scalping but the main reason i do not know which coin to choose as volume can also be deceiving

  10. Keep it simple. Paper trade and test out different strategies. I only use rsi and macd to see if it’s overbought/sold and mainly use price action. Everything else was a distraction to me.

  11. Focus on better entries. If you are looking to short don't jump in on the initial breakdown below a level. Wait for it to back test and then get short

  12. Before trading, check for “Negative or positive divergence” on the RSI and MACD. The trend of the RSI and MACD. Not the value itself of either is more predictive.

  13. I’m gonna save you a lot of time and money, you can’t just go into the market and start trading without a strategy that has been tested and thought out for months before you start trading it, you need to learn risk management, psychology, how institutions behave. All these things if you are trading. It you are investing that’s different and I can’t help you with that. But with trading it takes usually 1/2 years for people to start making money, it’s no joke, it’s a skill and it has to be done properly. Message me if h need more advice and I can explain trading to you properly, so many people get sucked in and go down rabbit holes of failure.

  14. Every indicator works within a proper strategy employed by an experienced trader who understands and diligently executes basic fundamentals like price action, order flow, risk management, trade management, etc. Zero indicators work when blindly followed. Most indicators are just transformations of some combination of price, volume, and time which means they aren't actually additional information. You can make up literally almost anything and test it out.

  15. Trade SPY in your head before you make a trade on a stock… MARKET FIRST!!! Look for stocks that have better strength or weakness than SPY, and wait for a breakout on SPY before you trade…

  16. Market makers use indicators against you. All that technical garbage stopped working a long time ago and anyone who teaches you to use that stuff as a basis for trades is likely a scammer fake guru.

  17. I am starting to get that feeling , the question here is how to avoid those fucking whales and be one step ahead, for sure there is way around them

  18. Shorting all day…like this past Friday? It sounds like you babysit your trades and are using like a one minute timeframe.

  19. Well I'm only tracking one crypto and I plotted out a long. Idk when you were shorting but the last few hours it looks like longing is what's up.

  20. The "no indicator, just pure price action" seems to be the new trend nowadays. A lot of big traders still use indicators, u just gotta know how. Bet u all these no indicator guys dont make a living off trading. I trade n own a restaurant and indicators help me a lot

  21. Read the wiki on elliot waves. Separate your indicators (lagging, leading) and use only for confirmation. Focus on following trends and entering at positions of strength or weakness only (support/resistant, parallel channels). Use daily to decide direction, and minute or hour bars for entry exit.

  22. I used to use a lot of indicator come to find out most of them are actually useless Fr Fr. Use the rsi, macd, or volume to keep your chart simple but don’t rely on them too much. Focus mainly on the price action of candle sticks because that’s where the most accurate information is anyways just get used to reading the candles more than relying on indicators

  23. As others are saying, don’t use indicators. Learn basic technical analysis. Aka, support and resistance. That’s all you need to know

  24. Fairly new trader here with a bit of early success. Start at the daily and mark out key support/ resistance lvls. Drop down to 1H and refine the daily lvls into zones. Find trendbreak on 1H at these zones then use EMAs to time entries on 1min/3min chart. Works for me.. For now lol

  25. I have so far only located one VIX 10 minute pattern that I am 80% sure results in at least a .5 pop over the next 10 minutes. Still firing blanks elsewhere....whenever I think I know what will happen, the opposite occurs.

  26. Learn what moves the market"Big Picture", find where relative strength is (who are the leaders/laggards) in a sector. Where is the VIX? In an elevated VIX environment you should be looking for scalps on momentum. LESS TRADES MORE SIZE!

  27. The fucking whales like to get in and liquidate everybody, just like yesterday after the FED meeting , one fucking candle literally liquidate some good amount of both short & longs , we need to know how to follow those whales

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