1. That pretty. I just ordered my light. I like the gap on the bottom of yours, seems the most likely path of misses is to drop down there so smart design.

  2. Nice! We just bought a Granboard and put it in the house. The garage is where our steel tip board is and it gets stuffy playing in the summer, and cold in the winter!

  3. The front are 5.5” fence slats, only about $2 per 6 footer. Cut them up and stained different colors. They are construction adhesives and 16 gauge nailed to a backer board I screwed into the studs of the wall.

  4. The blades are inlaid on this board. Rarely get fall outs. Once this board is spent I guess I’ll look for the current best in class. I really don’t care about brand, just a quality board will do!

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