1. Yeah I'm new to darts but with other precision endeavors, I find that using what you know is probably best in the long run. Maybe make 3-5 changes over time as you find out what you like and then buy more expensive gear to suit that, but otherwise why change it up unless you have an obvious issue?

  2. I see a few other people here mentioning numbers of sets in this ballpark (as well as the guy who runs the place I just bought a set from). Why is this? Dart sets are as expensive or more than a frolf disk/set, for example (similar in price, a driver, mid and putter of good quality I assume are about 60-80 dollars). Often, however, people have about 10-20 disks that I've ever seen.

  3. I’ve probably had close to 100 in the 7? Years I’ve been playing. Im not a collector so i buy different ones i want to try and if they don’t work i usually try to sell or trade them and cut down on the collection. Right now i think i have about 15-20 sets. I’ve had 6 sets of my own custom darts made as well.

  4. been playing 6 months and have 5 sets now. Mostly just trying different styles and weights, to find out what works best for me. Very limited local selection to try at the local shop. So buying online is online real option. I am looking for a new set, based on what I think is working the best. But so far undecided what to get.

  5. I have about 15 sets. I rotate them fairly regularly to try and “find my throw”. At the moment I’m trying to commit to use one set exclusively for a whole month before switching, but the temptation to change things up lingers…

  6. 5; but 2 were given to me as they were friend's custom models. I have 2 sets of the darts I've been throwing for 12 years, and a duplicate version of those same darts for softtip.

  7. I really do t know as stopped counting a 2. Drawers and a roller crate ! Like to try lots of different sets of less expensive darts plus around 40 sets of older premium brand darts

  8. Playing for year, having currently 4 sets that I use from time to time, 2 which are close to my heart lol, and 4 more that I want to sell.

  9. I have 4 sets from playing for 10 years, only because I've changed to heavier weights and have a spare set for friends to use. Otherwise I just play with the same set.

  10. About 25 complete sets of three darts, and about 5 sets of pairs (good ones,too, and although I can never use them for much more than opening mail or picking my teeth, for some reason I just can't bear to let them go. LOL). I think I may even have one old wood (shaft?) and turkey feather jobber around here, also (but, only one).

  11. One. Used to have a lot more, gave them all away apart from one set about 9 years ago. Restarted playing darts and even though I get tempted to buy more, I've resisted so far. I can only throw one set at a time, right.

  12. I keep a few on display and the rest I but a rubber band around the barrels and store them in a couple of toolboxes. One for Soft and one for Steel.

  13. 2 sets, was a dealer, would get new high end darts play wit them a bit and then sell them at cost . That was great as I never had much money wrapped up in them. Didn’t make any money doing that but I did in tournaments and blind draws

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