1. Along with how riposting is bonkers. It doesn’t give you i-frames, so you just die if you use it in a group setting.

  2. I wish more of the Souls games added stuff in NG+. Different souls and invasions were a really neat idea.

  3. Freja popping up early and scaring the shit out of you in NG+ is incredible and it’s such a shame no other games in the series tried anything like that.

  4. The changing of bosses is a bad idea to me, though. What’s the point of mastery when you’re just going to add fireball throwing buffoons

  5. I thought the magic looked cool, but when I tried to do a magic run I got stuck on the ghostey boys in the shaded woods that you can't lock on to. Any advice?

  6. Hopefully they appear in later Souls games. If I wanna farm this boss 5 times I should have an item to do that. Plus adding in the different rewards for bosses at higher ranks was awesome

  7. the fact they aren’t in any other game is kind of unacceptable haha a lot of replayability is lost in not being able to just rematch bosses on the fly

  8. and the small white sign. No more getting locked out of co-op, and you rarely have to use humanity if you just help somebody out for a little bit... sadly not possible on PC anymore

  9. It's only because DS3 was basically DS1:2 Anor londo boogaloo that DS2 actually feels out of place. Before 3 came out DS1 and 2 still felt cohesive.

  10. While personally i think the first half of the game is horrible i think the 2nd half once things get the ball rolling is phenomenal and some of the easiest I’ve spent on a souls game with leisure (easiest in terms of fun, not difficulty)

  11. I wouldn't say horrible, but yeah, I agree, the 1st part definitely pale in comparison of the 2nd one. I'd say the turning point is around Drangleic/Amana, at least it was for me.

  12. especially funny since it’s usually the other way round with souls games! turning point for me was when i got me santiers spear from doors of pharros (in my latest run at least, quality builds are mad fun)

  13. I sunk more hours into the PvP in DS2 than most other games I've done PvP in as a whole. There was just so much choice with the builds and environments. Having an arena where you could choose to fairly fight other people in a neutral environment was a really fun choice, and it felt awesome to go back and forth between invading unsuspecting Bearers and duelling Bearers who wanted blood.

  14. Technically parrying is the best way to play all souls games, but then again, lots of bosses become very easy with basic parry skill. For example, pursuer, velstadt, gywn, champion gundyr, abyss watchers, etc.

  15. We're essentially told the whole time we're slowly losing our minds but an elevator to a lava lake is somehow too far? It fits narratively whether y'all like it or not

  16. And not just from a “we’re losing our sense on reality” way. Fucking with your sense of place is a huge part of DS2. It makes so much sense thematically.

  17. Yeah I hate how people harp on how "impossible" or disconnected ds2 is....it's supposed to be! That's part of it's charm. Like a dream....

  18. Best armor sets and weapons in the series. Best gameplay mechanics (mainly because bonus rewards for no death and no resting at bonfires also bonfire ascetics mixed with how spells are consumed)

  19. Yeah, having alot of herbs, you can restore your spells almost indefinitely (I think ornifex sells infinite of those)

  20. The Gutter is probably my least favorite level in Souls games. Black Gulch isn't nearly as bad since it's a very short level, and you have a Fragrant Branch for the hidden bonfire.

  21. The DLCs for DS2 is the best stretch of content in the entire series (excluding the shitty optional coop areas lol). All three levels are gorgeous, have unique gameplay mechanics that keeps them fresh, and have incredible main bosses. The only thing I kinda dislike about them is how the main trash mobs are basically the same in all three, but they’re still fun to fight so whatever.

  22. After going through all the DLCs, Crown of the Old Iron King is on par with the Old Hunters DLC. Iron King’s level design and it’s 2 quality bosses of Sir Alonne and Fume Knight make it as good as the Old Hunters. Also Burne Tower is super reminiscent of Snowhead Temple from Majora’s Mask

  23. That's fair. It was kinda lame but they were just leftover soldiers from dead kingdoms. Makes sense they might be really similar. At least they all got a few different weapons and special units for each area

  24. Came here to say this, so have my upvote. I hated it at first because it felt different from DS1 in my hands, but looking back years later some of my favorite souls memories were from DS2, especially the DLCs.

  25. Yeah I sometimes feel bad for spamming them, mostly because I don't feel like having to fight these enemies again

  26. I really don't think the throne of want had anything to do with the flame. The flame exists, the cycle exists, but this is a moment in between the ebbing of the flame. It is a distant future that the fire will go out again.

  27. Adaptability isn't that bad. It is not more of a tax stat than vigor or vitality or whatever, and allows more distinctions between agile, fast characters and heavy armored knights, whereas Ds1/ER endurance makes the categories irrelevant. This plus the armor scaling participates to the insane build variety of the game.

  28. To ammend the above comment tho, Adp and agility are way too obscure mechanics and the fact you need to check tables on wikis to understand how it works is the real problem here

  29. The atmosphere and story of DS2 is the best. In ds1 you’re still in the fading light of the age of gods, and you make the choice that starts the first non god induced age of fire or dark. In ds3, you are bringing a conclusion to the world and you’re a part of that finale. In DS2, no matter how strong you become, you’ll end up just another nameless monarch in the cycle. That’s the true dreary spirit of the souls franchise. That’s also what makes the blessing of the crown so special; you can escape the cycle, but what path can you personally take that changes anything at all with your new freedom? It’s so exhilarating to think about.

  30. I prefer the pacing and combat system of DS2 by far. I enjoy the element of strategy playing the game well requires - you can’t just run in and spam attacks and then spam roll away. Attacks that have weight feel better, and require you to think about your next move, unlike newer From games where you can just spam roll away from everything.

  31. Absolutely agree with you on the strategic gameplay. I always laugh my ass off when people start hating on Iron Keep and such XD bro, plan it out and you do it 3-5 times tops and you're through :D

  32. The Nexus is very beautiful it also has one of the more memorable / unsettling moments in a Souls hub area. Once you've killed over half the Archdemons in the game when you return to the Nexus the theme music switches from this:

  33. wait, really? what do you prefer about it, and do you think it's worth tracking down vanilla for someone who loved sotfs?

  34. I like the despawn mechanic for giving you an end point to farming/warmups. It says, "Okay, that's enough, now get in there."

  35. There was strong sense of the world in regression from the fact that eventually, the world will be empty. You will be alone in it.

  36. It's really interesting how I thought of the despawn mechanic as making the game much easier and less stressful because I could always brute force my way through an area one enemy at a time but at least at the time people HATED it because it supposedly made the game much harder by creating an essentially finite amount of resources.

  37. The gutter is the saddest tale of cut content in gaming history, and the bustling dwarf town would've been the best thing from ever made. From the scaffolding in undead burg, the entire story in bloodborne, the entire game in dark souls 2, fromsoft have some of the most troubled developments of any company I've ever seen lol

  38. It's ambiance is extremely unique and calm among the Soulsborne games and I love it. It's the only game where I felt "alone", and in a good way. Also DLCs omg

  39. “Quality over quantity”, sure. But people just aren’t ready to accept that DS2 has quality AND quantity.

  40. The lack of world layout cohesion makes the game more exciting to make progress through because you never know what kind of thing you’re going to see next. Most compelling first playthrough of any Souls game as a result.

  41. Iron Keep is a good area! it just requires patience, as long as you take it slow and just fight one or two knights at a time, otherwise you WILL get gangbanged

  42. When they fired all the Alonne Knights that were working in Drangleic Castle in vanilla they had to go home to live with their parents in SotFS.

  43. Lmao I was walking in there like it was my own backyard while playing Sotfs the first time, I could'nt believe how bad my memory had gotten until I realized what they had done.

  44. PvP has the best culture and the PvP hotspots are the most practical in the series. I was really hoping Elden Ring would have an arena

  45. After hundreds of hours of DS2 I still can't parry worth a damn. I can parry like a golden god in DS1. Cursed muscle memory.

  46. I'm the opposite, I can parry like a God in dark souls 2, sure I don't parry 100% of the hits, I still get hit sometimes, but I do parry like 85 to 90% of hits (from regular enemies that is)

  47. It's the best dark souls game. Even parts fair and broken for all classes and abilities. Accurately rewards you for your investment (except for the blue sentinels and BoB covenants), has dozens of build combinations, and has an amazing story.

  48. Goofy little thing but I love the way torches work in DS2 with lots of dark areas you can light up and make easier the next time you go through. So much more satisfying then just holding a torch in your off hand or casting a light spell or wearing the sunlight maggot.

  49. Ds2 rides the line between reflex and strategy the best. It’s not twitch reflexes like bloodborne/ds3, but it’s not molasses slow like demon’s souls and ds1.

  50. There’s so many in here I agree on, at least to some degree so it’s hard for me to pick a new one I’m willing to die on. That said, I might argue that DS2 is the most FUN Souls game. I still prefer other games in the series for their lore and atmosphere but the gameplay and build variety really make DS2 so easy to go back to. And I didn’t realize until I decided to platinum all the games how much of a joy it is to play this game. Hell, when I started the journey I thought 3 was way better than 2. But now 3 is the only Soulsborne/Sekiro game I haven’t platinumed and I just don’t feel the urge to go back to it.

  51. Demon of song is the best designed beast boss. This is based on my initial reaction upon seeing it. Never been more disgusted and amazed at the same time.

  52. Negative hill: having really bad boss runs with enemies that are almost impossible to run past without killing is annoying. I honestly prefer the health decrease upon death, punishment by waste of time is pretty lame.

  53. It's the same as the other games, there is no good reason to like dk1 and dk3 but not dk2. The only reason is the circlejerk

  54. This. Until a month or so back I never knew what ADP did. Never leveled it and I beat everything. It was hard but manageable with a good shield and lots of rolling practice

  55. I find it more consistent than DS1. It actually gets better in the second act, rather than becoming a chore. Yes the bosses are the weakest in the series but in terms of a grand adventure it's only just been surpassed by Elden Ring (which really feels like DS2:2).

  56. Honestly, I have always greatly appreciated the adventure DS2 gifts us and even with Elden Ring, DS2 feels dreamy and it feels like the adventure feel is the number one focus and the world degrading is the second that wraps it all up very nicely

  57. Royal Rat Vanguard and Authority are not great bosses, but are still pretty good bosses with a slight puzzle component, and don't deserve the malignment they often receive.

  58. Royal rat authority is 50/50 for me, if I die before I can take out his 4 little toxic rats, then the boss sucks, if I can take them out and take the boss himself out without taking damage, then this boss is really cool

  59. That people on this subreddit mainly try hard to show that it is not that bad all the time. On the one side of the coin you have overblown hate, and on this side you have overblown love.

  60. I've come to like ADP. Not being able to dodge roll easily makes for an additional way to limit and challenge yourself if you're into that. Plus how much you choose to level it up just adds to the progression elements that I love in this game.

  61. That it's not as good as people in this sub make it out to be, but also not as bad as people in other subs make it out to be.

  62. Buying covenant items by going into NG++ is a godsend and whoever got rid of it was smoking something he shouldn't have.

  63. That seems to be a common issue for people in 2. They wanna rush through when this game is almost designed to punish that playstyle. No invulnerable fog gate walks here, you gotta gamble or clear the road

  64. Adaptability should have been the norm going forward, teaching players to use rolls as a positioning tool instead of an intangibility button. Intangibility when dodging should be an investment in a game that's meant to be played with patience and care.

  65. Interesting area yes, the enemies are very much a middle finger. I kinda liked the boss. They were weird but unique.

  66. The combat isn't as methodical as people like to claim it is. It's just slow, weightless, and floaty but people enjoy the game so they make excuses for it.

  67. As much as I love ds2 and it's world design this is just false. It starts out with the most open paths but besides dlc entrances, shrine of winter (which is awesome) and the belfries those paths are entirely linear from that point on, and those paths never connect to each other. And no game of the series comes close to the quality of area preparation and foreshadowing than ds1. Showing areas from different points in progression like lower parish, sens fortress, Anor Londo, blighttown just from the starting area and in a way that makes sense is just unparalleled. Though even ds3 has ds2 beat in this aspect showing the cathedral from the undead village, village and farron and basically the whole map from vordts arena, and Anor Londo being slowly revealed from all sorts of areas, and archdragon peak shown in the distance. Meanwhile in ds2 there is harvest keep elevator lol.

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